When a Taurus Man Ignores You

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

Being with the sensual Taurus man can feel like a mystical experience, almost as if the two of you were made special for each other.

Eye contact can promise so much but then quickly vanish making you feel you have imagined it.

So, it is rather confusing when he talks in the long term about his dreams, hopes, and aspirations — especially when these visions include you – only to have your guy go missing out of the blue.

Is it possible you are not providing him with the main thing he needs in a relationship? Check this out, as it may be the missing link to your long-term happiness.

But if you know what to do when a Taurus man ignores you, it is possible to win his attention or to recreate his interest and bring his focus back onto you.

What Does it Mean When a Taurus Man Ignores You?

Where did your Taurus guy disappear to? While it is easy to jump to the worst-case scenario, there are several possible reasons for his disappearance, such as the ones below.

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He is at Home

You would think that if he were at home that he would be easy to get a hold of, right? Well, not necessarily.
The Taurus man is a domesticated being, as well as a hard worker.

He appreciates his time off, and for as much work as he put in, he values relaxation too.

Though, sometimes he values it a bit too much, to the point where he can become lazy on his day off and over-indulgent in whatever he has lying around in front of him.

These men get lost in their couches easily. Check in with your Taurus man before he sinks all the way in, and you have a job to fish him out.

He Has Lost Himself in His Own World

Taurus is a hedonistic sign, and this man loves sensualities, sometimes to a fault. He is not particularly a player, to the contrary, he seeks the stability of a long-term mate.

So, sex with multiple partners is not exactly what we mean here.

It is a fact that he gets lost in life’s enjoyable things.

It could be anything from spending time in the outdoors, laying around on his bed, playing video games, to using substances and alcohol.

He may not have a problem necessarily, but Taurus guys are known to do these things to excess on occasion, and sometimes blow off the people they care about in the process.

He Needs To Have a Purpose In Life

A Taurus man tends to see himself as a provider, he needs to feel that he has a purpose in life, and you need to make yourself the center of his waking thoughts. This video explains how.

Most men love competition and Taurus, represented by the bull, is more competitive than most.

He wants a challenge in life, and you can provide it with the flick of a switch in his emotional reaction system.

A switch that lights up his imagination, to see a future relationship with you as the opportunity he so desperately desires but needs you to trigger the process to prove that you are what he wants.

Sounds complicated I know, but then a Taurus guy can appear complicated unless a woman knows how to make him the happiest man in the world by providing him the challenge he craves.

Without this challenge it makes he feels lost. The modern-day man is more likely to drift away from a commitment to one woman. The reason? It feels fake!

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to this short video by relationship expert James Bauer who explains what a Taurus man really wants from you, and also how to make you the only woman in his life.

He is Busy

Taurus is a sign of ambition. In his mind, he knows what he wants and will work hard to get it.

These men paint their ideal life on the canvas of their minds from a young age, having worked it out to a “T”

They will ultimately get these things because the stubbornness of the Taurus will not allow them to settle. Chasing dreams is commendable, but it takes up a lot of his time.

Or maybe he relaxed a bit too much and fell behind, only now working overtime to catch up.

We all get busy from time to time, and it could be more than likely that this is why your Taurus man has not been around.

You Hurt His Feelings

It is easy to hurt a Taurus man without even realizing you have done anything. While he is not overly sensitive, he can be jealous and unwilling to let go.

At times, the Taurus man can be emotional, for an earth sign anyway. Plus, his stubbornness will allow him to hold on to grudges endlessly.

If your man feels slighted in the least bit, it is nothing for him to give you the cold shoulder for a minute- or a lifetime.

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He’s Not Interested

If your Taurus honey has been ducking out on you without so much as a word, it could be that he is just not interested and scared to admit it.

But why not put it to the test first? Before coming to this conclusion just listen to a video by relationship expert James, as he explains a Taurus man’s secret obsession here.

Why just wish and hope for your fairytale ending, when you can have your fairytale dream starting right now?

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How to Get a Taurus Man to Stop Ignoring You

It could be as simple as an apology to gain your Taurus guy’s confidence back. Let us take a look at all the ways to get him to stop ignoring you below.


If your Taurus man is distant because he is angry at you for something, apologizing may just win him back- even if you do not feel that it is warranted.

Relationships are not fickle to him. He is cautious in love and deliberately picks a mate with who he can see himself settling down.

It is important to him that he receives security through love and can rest assured that his partner is on the same page as he is.

On the flip side, if he feels that his partner is someone who has no problem hurting him, then he has no problem forgetting about her either.

Even if you feel you are right, or you have no clue what you did to upset him, if you want him to stop ignoring you, you may just have to bite the bullet on this one and be the bigger person.

Surprise him with a Gift

This should be an easy one because the Taurus man is not only materialistic, but he is also sensual too.

Material items speak to his heart, but this gift could even be you- wearing something special for him and showing him a good time.

But be careful not to overdo it. Remember your Taurus guy loves a challenge.

A relaxing getaway weekend is something your Taurus can go for as well. There are numerous ways to get back into his good graces by gifting him things.

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Text Him

Although the occasionally lazy and over-indulgent Taurus man may not seem like the space cadet type, he does lose himself now and then.

Perhaps a nudge is called for. Wake him up with a text, “Hey, remember me?”.

Get him off his couch and back into your life. He may even thank you for looking out for him later.

Texting can sometimes be tricky. Short texts to the point can be misinterpreted and long rambling texts can just be a big turn-off.

If you want your Taurus guy to gel with you or even get him back after a breakup, you need to draft your texts with well-thought-out words that stimulate his subconscious emotions.

Something you might find helpful in this regard is Text Chemistry, a program by relationship guru Amy North that can guide you to proven phrases that will trigger his desire for you.

Sounds way out I know, but I also know this technique has been very successful for many women just like you in finding true love with a Taurus man.

What have you got to lose? Decide for yourself if Amy’s video Text Chemistry holds the key to your future happiness.

Just Be Patient

I know, I know, this is one that you probably do not want to hear. Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing.

Taurus men need time when it comes to love and relationships. Expecting him to jump in when he is undecided is unrealistic when dealing with a Taurus.

He needs to be 100 percent in before he gives 100 percent. In his mind, this is a serious decision not to be approached lightly.

If you give him his space and respect his timing, you will have earned his trust and appreciation for life.

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Walk Away

No man is worth being this upset over or having your self-esteem crushed by it. If you have tried the above tips and nothing seems to work, then it may be time to just move on from your Taurus.

Going to lengths any further for a guy who does not seem to appreciate you, will only drive you crazy.

If you tap out now, you can keep your sanity and dignity and find a man who knows your worth and respects your efforts.

But before you jump to this decision make sure it is not you that is the problem.

Are you 100% that you are providing your Taurus crush with everything he craves in a relationship?

Check out His Secret Obsession before finally closing the door on him and maybe having a lifetime of regrets about what may have been.

Final Thoughts

The Taurus man is serious and ambitious, going out and kicking butt and taking names on the regular, which can take up a lot of his time as you could imagine.

Or maybe he is doing nothing, just hanging around the house and indulging.

But hopefully, you will grab his attention back, now that you know what to do when a Taurus man ignores you.

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