How To Get a Taurus Man Back After a Breakup

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

If you’re looking to get a Taurus man back after a disagreement or breakup, you’ll need to approach the situation with patience and understanding.

Taurus men are slow to forgive, but they can be won back if approached with care and respect for their boundaries.

With some gentle coaxing and the right words, it is possible to rekindle your relationship and win back the heart of your Taurus man.

Here are some proven tips that will show you how to get a Taurus man back after a breakup.

Breakups are never easy, especially when it comes to a relationship with a Taurus man. These strong and stoic individuals can be difficult to read and even harder to win back.

From understanding his needs, rebuilding trust, and being patient with the process, these tips will help you get your Taurus man back in no time.

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Apologize if you were in the wrong, and take responsibility for your part in the breakup.

The key to learning how to get a Taurus man back after a breakup will depend on honesty.

2. Show him that you are still interested in him by staying in touch via text with emotional words and sentiments like these.

3. Be patient and understanding of his needs and feelings during this time.

He may need some space to process the breakup but don’t give up hope if he doesn’t respond right away.

4. Demonstrate that you have changed since the breakup by making positive changes in your life such as getting a new job, going back to school, or taking up a hobby.

5. Make sure to communicate these words with him via text, so he knows that you still care about him and want to work things out with him if possible.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to re-light the fires of desire, read on to find out.

How To Get a Taurus Man Back After a Breakup – 6 Tips You Need To Know

You Both Need Time To Heal

No matter the reason for your breakup, time can heal all wounds.

Time can give him space to gather his thoughts and it also allows you a space to work on yourself.

It is important at this stage not to throw yourself at him but to give him some time to think of you and make him miss you.

It is also important that you don’t stand so far back that he thinks you don’t want his love again. This creates a delicate situation that can be handled with text messages.

By using carefully crafted words you will be able to sow the seeds of desire without pressurizing him.

You, like me, understand how the trauma of a break with someone you love will cause an emotional shock.

However, if you want to know how to win a Taurus man back you need to think clearly, also you may need some help to make sure your efforts are successful.

A program that I know has helped many women in a similar situation is Text Chemistry.

It has been designed by Amy North who is a top relationship coach.

It provides detailed words, that can be used in text messages, to stimulate desire in your Taurus man’s mind.

This may sound a bit way out and hard to believe, but a Taurus man is known to have an active imagination that is open to subconscious thoughts.

Don’t take my word for it, you can listen to this video in which Amy explains the subliminal power of Text Chemistry here.

Taurus man hugging his girlfriend on the lawn after getting back together

Remember The Amazing Times You Shared Together

Creating a means of communication without the pressure of face-to-face meetings will allow you to bring out the reasons for the initial breakup.

If you can communicate you may be surprised to find the things you took for granted were very important to him.

You can use to your own advantage his need to be validated and loved, and this could work for both situations.

Whether he initiated the breakup, or it was you who ended it, mention particular events from your past that built the foundation of your relationship.

Hopefully, things will lead to a date when you both can sit and logically discuss the past, present, and with luck the future.

You will then be able to tell him he means the world to you, also it will remind him of how fantastic you two were together, and be as kind and thoughtful as you can be.

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Cook For Him And Plan a Romantic Dinner

If you managed to get him to listen, invite him on a date and make it count by giving everything you got.

It can be as simple as cooking his favorite food or making a reservation at the restaurant you went to on your first date.

You have to make sure you look your stunning best and surprise him by looking as if he has never seen you before.

Nothing flashy, or too revealing but an outfit that highlights your best features.

Possibly a new hairstyle and subtle makeup that shows off your vitality.

This is the time to make yourself look even sexier so he could see what he has lost or to speed up the recovery of his wounded ego.

Listen to this short video as Amy explains Text Chemistry here.

This may well be the key that opens his heart and makes him think only of you.

You could possibly buy him a token present, something small but connected with his special interest, or something that triggers a happy memory of you two together.

Since a Taurean man is usually materialistic this will subtly seduce him.

Let Him Know You, Miss Him

If you are honest about your feelings, you have to show him that you are still passionate about him and that you miss having him in your life.

It helps him to know he is still desired and that could light the spark between you two.

It might not work at first, but it sure does help to be more affectionate.

Offer him tender touches and reassure him in every way that he is the light of your life. But do not overdo things and make him feel you are desperate and needy.

If you were the one to call things off but now you realized he is the love of your life, just stay true to your intentions.

Play the romantic card and show him you are strong and mature enough for your relationship. Be cool, and show him your independence.

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Do Not Fake Your Feelings

A Taurus man has a kind of built-in six sense that enables him to pick up on situations that are not genuine.

Be careful not to mess him around.

He can sense if you want him back for the wrong reasons and he will become very suspicious.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? You need to stay true to him and yourself.

If not, the second chance he gives you will be wasted and another one is not likely to be given if you betray his trust.

Be Strong And Grounded

A Taurus man is as steady as a rock and he wants a woman who has the same principles, not a woman who is easily distracted or bored.

Show him you can be trusted and above all, be the woman he can count on at any time.

He needs to be with a woman who is mature and knows exactly what she wants because he doesn’t have the patience for on-and-off relationships.

Show an interest in his hobbies or even become a follower of a particular sport that turns him on.

Here is a great video from an astrologer with more advice on how to win the heart of a Taurus man back, which I think you will find helpful.

Final Thoughts

Taurus men crave stability.

He wants to be in a relationship where he feels he truly loves his significant other.

However, always bear in mind, he is still the Bull who doesn’t like to be pushed or rushed into doing things.

The fact that he deeply craves stability can be an advantage for you.

Don’t lose hope because, in many cases, your relationship could be saved!

If the two of you are currently not communicating then you need to re-open those channels sincere and non-pushy way. This is not easy to do during or after a breakup.

Sending the wrong text message could mean the end. That’s why, in this situation, I highly recommend using Amy North’s Text Chemistry system.

Being a relationship expert, Amy shows you the exact text messages you need to send him to re-establish your connection and ultimately win him back.

Your Taurus crush may actually have wanted you back from the moment he’d lost you, but by being one of the most stubborn of signs could not bring himself to make the first move.

If you play your cards right and use the advice mentioned above, this is how to get a Taurus man back after a breakup. Just make sure your every move is well-intentioned and true.

He will not stop loving you and he will be committed to you as long as you understand and support him.

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