How To Tell If a Taurus Man Likes You

Taurus man looking at a woman he likes while drinking wine.

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Taurus men are known for being loyal, reliable, and dependable. But how do you know if one of these strong and silent types is truly into you?

Read on to discover the five key signs of how to tell if a Taurus man likes you, and your love life could be blooming in no time!


1. He’s always around. If a Taurus man is into you, he won’t be able to stay away. He will want to spend as much time with you as possible and will make sure he’s available whenever you need him.

2. He takes an interest in your life. A Taurus guy will want to get to know all about your interests, hobbies, and passions—because he cares about what makes you happy.

3. He compliments you often. Taurus men are known for their honesty so when they tell someone they think they look nice or are doing something well, it’s genuine—and it means they’re into them!

4. He shows his possessive side. Protective and loyal by nature, a Taurus man who likes someone will want everyone else to know it—and may show this affection through jealousy or possessiveness towards their partner in public situations.

5. He makes an effort with your family and friends. A Taurus man who really likes you will make an effort with the people who matter most in your life—by getting along with your family or introducing himself to your friends at social events, for example—as a sign of respect towards them both (and also towards yourself).

Has a handsome guy caught your eye and you have discovered he was born under the zodiac sign of the Bull?

Does he send a feeling of fluttering butterflies around your stomach every time you think about him?

Do you dream that he feels the same way? but are finding it difficult to pick up on the signs of how to tell if a Taurus man likes you?

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You, like me, have realized that this reserved attitude of a guy born under the zodiac sign of Taurus is sometimes difficult to fathom.

But read on and I will give you some tips on how you can discover if he wants your affection.

The male born under Taurus tends to have a masculine outlook on life, which projects a reserved and even shy character.

However, his guiding planet is Venus which indicates an emotional warmth once he has accepted a new situation.

One thing that is also common with the bull is that he likes to take things slowly, and he does not like to be pushed.
A Taurus man prefers it when a woman expresses her interest.

But in a mild way because he tends to avoid situations where he feels he may be rejected and hurt emotionally.

With such qualities, it would sometimes be difficult to tell if your crush is interested in you or not.

Nonetheless, by understanding his personality traits, you will be able to spot the signs a Taurus man likes you in a romantic way, or he is just being friendly.

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This article will give you insights into signs that a Taurus man likes you. Please keep reading.

9 More Ways On How To Tell If A Taurus Man Likes You

He Opens Up To You

Taurus men are usually very secretive. What’s more, they do not like talking about themselves, and only a few people get to know them in depth.

They tend to be very reliable and conscientious and this is a quality that they also look for in a partner.

If your Taurus crush has been giving you information about himself, he’s probably into you.

He is possibly taking his time to discover more about you, so just act naturally and don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Additionally, if he has been digging deeper and wants to know more about you during your day-to-day conversations, that is a sure sign that he likes you.

Be yourself, so that there are no surprises on your first date.

Taurus man holds a basket for his woman to fill with fruit

He Asks For Your Number

If your Taurus crush asks for your number, he is testing your reaction as to whether you like him enough to go on a date.

Don’t forget he has feelings and emotions just like you, so wants to try to avoid rejection by asking you out on a date.

By asking for your phone number, and you smiling sweetly when you give it to him, a barrier has been crossed between you.

He now knows you are interested in a date, so just be patient and wait for your phone to ring.

By giving him your number you have allowed him to pick the time he calls you.

He will probably choose to call you when he is away from eavesdroppers and feels he will be able to talk openly.

When your phone rings don’t be too quick to answer it.

The fourth or fifth ring will allow you to gather your thoughts and also raise the anticipation in your Taurus crush.

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He May Be Possessive And Jealous

Taurus men are known to have characteristics that can make them very possessive.

If the bull likes you, he will find it difficult to spend time away from you.

I mention this because you need to be aware that by encouraging a relationship you must be prepared to play straight.

A Taurus man is not one who will accept being used, if he likes you he will expect to be your only love.

Taurus men are not only possessive but can also be jealous and insecure.

Therefore, you might notice that he wants to know who you are talking to, or who you spend your time with when you are not with him.

If you have started to date, your reassurance and validation will go a long way in helping him relax.

If you would like to know more about how a Taurus man reacts in a romantic situation, check out a review of Taurus man secrets here.

He Showers You With Presents

If a Taurus man likes you, he will surprise you with gifts, especially flowers, and chocolates. He will be looking for your reaction, so always be careful in how you show your appreciation.

That is his way of impressing you and communicating how special you are to him.

So, if you have been receiving gifts, but he has not expressed interest in dating you, this is an indirect way of letting you know that he appreciates you.

So, be patient and see what unfolds.

He Compliments You

Taurus men are very picky about the women they date. If your Taurus crush has been complimenting you about your personality, and your appearance whenever he sees you, chances are that he has a crush on you.

Additionally, if the bull has been telling you how comfortable he feels around you, he definitely adores you more so because Taurus men can sometimes be very shy.

He Flirts With You

Taurus guys love flirting, particularly if he is interested in a woman.

Therefore, if your Taurean crush has been flirting with you either via text messages or body language, he definitely has the hots for you.

Signs that a Taurus man is flirting with you include touching you on the arm-hand or shoulder.

Holding your gaze while smiling at you with a sparkle in his eyes or complimenting you on your dress sense.

Understanding his flirting technique will give you the confidence to move things forward.

Relationship expert Anna Kovach explains how you can respond if you think he is making advances on you.

Be prepared for his signals by reading Anna’s advice here.

He Introduces You To His Closest Friends

Has the Taurus guy in your life been showing you off to his family and friends?

Well, one thing for sure is that Taurus men love to take things slowly, and they rarely allow just anyone into their private lives.

That said, if your Taurus crush has taken that big step of introducing you to his family and friends, you definitely have captured his interest.

If he has started to introduce you to the people in his life who are important to him then it may also be a sign Taurus man is in love with you.

He Laughs At Your Jokes

Are you still wondering whether the Taurus guy you are head over heels for likes you?

Well, according to psychologist Norman Li, if a guy is attracted to you, he will likely find your jokes humorous.

If a Taurus male has been laughing at your jokes including the not-so-funny ones, it is a good sign the guy is into you.

It may even create a situation where you are both laughing so much that you just fall into each other’s arms!

He Asks Your Friends About You

Have your friends and acquaintances been telling you that your Taurus guy has been asking questions about you?

Are you wondering what it means?

Well, if the guy has been asking about you and telling his friends about you on a regular basis, that is a sure sign he is interested in you.

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Final Thoughts

The aim of this article is to help you know how to tell if a Taurus man likes you and how he behaves when he has an interest in a woman.

By using the above tips, you should have a clear picture of whether the Taurus man likes you and if he wants to date you.

Taurus men are highly secretive, and they rarely divulge details of their life to just anybody.

What’s more, they are often seen as cold and aloof, and such a personality can make it quite difficult to tell if he is interested in you.

There are sure-fire signals that can tell you if the bull likes you including wanting to be around you, opening up to you, asking your friends about you, and even constantly complimenting you.

Be ready to know how to respond by reading Taurus Man Secrets which includes Sextrology here.

Additionally, when a bull likes you, he will most likely gift you, introduce you to family and friends, laugh at your jokes, and flirt with you incessantly both via text and through body language.

If you have noted any of the above signs, then it is important that you tell your Taurus crush that you like him.

By expressing your interest, you will have dispelled his fears of thinking that you are going to reject him or ignore him if he decides to approach you.

Remember it is okay to let him know you are interested. Once you do it, give him time to take things at his own pace because he does not like to be rushed.

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