When a Scorpio Man Ignores You – How To Play It

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Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Let us be real, the Scorpio man is not the easiest guy to date. Those who know this sensitive water sign understand what it is like dealing with his moody nature and sometimes aloof behavior.

It can seem like you always have to put in a little extra effort to make the relationship work – but then he’s gone… Is this the thanks you get?

Well, maybe it is not even about you as a person. However, could it be that you’re not actually providing him with the one thing he craves, that all men crave, in a relationship? You can find out exactly what all men crave soon in this article. (Hint – it’s not what you think…).

If Scorpio man has started to ignore you then it could well be that you’re not fulfilling all his needs. Unfortunately, Scorpio man won’t tell you what those needs are. He expects you to figure it out for yourself.

Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to give you the key to unlocking this mysterious water sign and tell you exactly what to do when a Scorpio man ignores you.

Don’t Give Up When a Scorpio Man Ignores You?

If your Scorpio man is ignoring you, one of the worst things you could do is jump to conclusions.

With the Scorpio, it is not always personal and accusing him of any wrongdoing only adds fuel to the fire. So, here are some things to think about before making any quick decisions.

He is Upset with You

The Scorpio man, while dominant, is not one to pick fights, hop into arguments, or involve himself in combative disagreements of any kind. He upsets easily, and mostly you will never even know it or know why.

He holds on to grudges to the degree he feels hurt by them. But where does his anger go?

Nobody knows because he works through it on his own behind the scenes. Rushing in to apologize will only make matters worse, especially since you likely do not know what to apologize for in the first place.

Let your Scorpio take his breather. Engaging him in conflict is never a good thing. The Scorpio does not use his stinger often, but when he does, it can cause some pain.

He is Unsure About the Relationship

The Scorpio man gets all sorts of slack for being a flirt. Just because the sign is “sexual” he gets labeled as one who likes to sleep around. This is hardly the case. If you know the Scorpio man then you know he is reserved about jumping into anything with anyone, including the sack.

Maybe you want to get into a relationship with him and he is unsure about it. If he feels like you are moving too fast, he will have his doubts, because this guy likes to take things slow.

The best thing you can do is to be his friend, to let him know that he can trust you and that you respect him and most of all his feelings.

Let him think it through. If you attempt to pin him down for an answer or smother him in any way, he will be looking at the front door.

The Difference between “Like and Love”

Scorpio men have a built-in desire for something that is greater than even their desire for love or sex. It’s the reason why men who seem to have everything are still searching for a missing ingredient in a relationship.

You are in a unique position to satisfy this burning desire, and when you achieve this your guy will be at his most content by making you happy. This will lead to a strong desire in him and will create a situation where he realizes he has found his soul mate for life.

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He Is Busy

Believe it or not, you may not even be the reason for him ignoring you. The Scorpio man is extremely active and gets caught up in life from time to time, as we all do. But whenever he does, he tends to ignore everyone around him- friends, family, and even his lover.

So, just remember that you are not alone, and it is not personal. The best thing you can do in this instance is not to worry or toss accusations his way. Just wait it out and let him deal with what he has to deal with, and he will be back a better man.

He is Going Through Personal Things

I am willing to bet that a major reason why you love your Scorpio man so much is because of his intense passion that extends to just about all of life. He has deep-running emotions, which is why whenever he hits a rough patch it gets the best of him.

The downs that he feels are like more intense versions of what you or I feel. They can make him distant, even blowing off his loved ones for a period. The Scorpio, like other water signs, needs time to pull back and work on himself, to lick his wounds.

His reasons for doing this are not selfish, but sincere. He is a proud individual who suffers in silence and does his best not to pull anyone he cares for into his “stuff”.

Sometimes your Scorpio man just needs his space to work things out. Water signs, while sensitive, also have the remarkable ability to bounce back better. A resilient bunch, they are.

He’s Not Interested

It is always the worst to have to come to grips with our love for someone not being reciprocated. But such is life.

If the Scorpio man is ignoring you for longer than a person should for any other reason, then you can be assured that he is just not interested in a relationship.

Not everyone is suited for everyone, and sometimes we think the guy we want will be our best match when he is not for a variety of reasons, including astrological.

If there is no other reason for him ignoring you, then you should let him go.

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How to Get a Scorpio Man to Stop Ignoring You

Now that you know why your Scorpio man has been ignoring you, I am guessing you would like to know how to make him stop. Try out some of the things below.

Get His Interest Through Texting

For whatever reason your Scorpio guy has been ignoring you, chances are he would like to hear something sweet from you regardless. Since he’s not around at the moment getting his attention through texting is a great way to go.

Let him know that you appreciate him and miss him, and hope that he is alright.

Highlight some of the things that make him great, some of the reasons why you like him so much and find him irresistible. If he is having problems with his self-esteem, this will give your guy the boost that he needs.

If he is working through some things, your encouraging words will only act as an inspiration to him.

Alternatively, if you feel your guy is losing interest in you, or worse, have had a row that could lead to a breakup, something more potent will be needed.

Something that has been very successful in re-uniting couples has been developed by relationship expert Amy North called Text Chemistry.

It is a program of carefully chosen words and phrases that trigger the emotions of a man’s subconscious mind, making him crazy with desire for the woman who sent them via text.

Sounds way out? I thought so too until I had so much positive feedback from happy and contented women who had tried it.

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Be Honest With Him

Scorpio men are guarded with their feelings. It is not because they do not have them, but the extreme opposite. Scorpio is one of the most sensitive signs there is, and he does whatever it takes to not get hurt.

If he feels like he can trust you, he will let you in. If you can open up to him and be honest, he will likely do the same with you.

It is at this point that you can have him open up about what is really going on. Whether he is hurt by you or by life in general.

What you may find is that sometimes the Scorpio man just needs some alone time to heal, and if you two are on the same page then he will be grateful for your friendship, love, and understanding.

If you go down this route, make sure you are fully aware of his desire to be seen in the eyes of a woman he loves, his need to have a purpose. This “greater need” in a Scorpio man has to be satisfied before he can truly fall in love.

Take a moment to listen to this video entitled His Secret Obsession, and I think you will agree that understanding this vital thing about a guy is the bedrock of a stable relationship.

Give Him Some Space

Like we talked about a bit above, the Scorpio man is the type of guy who needs to disappear to work on himself, heal, reground, and recharge from time to time. So, sometimes the best approach to take with him ignoring you is to do nothing.

Perhaps shoot him just a simple text letting him know that you are here for him whenever he is ready.

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Give Him a taste of His Own Medicine

So, your Scorpio guy thinks he is slick? Hold on a minute, because two can play at this game. If your Scorpio is the type to pop up whenever he needs something, only to disappear again, then stoop to his level – give him the old cold shoulder.

I bet you he will not like it very much and now he knows how you feel. Hopefully, now he can apologize, or at the very least stop ignoring you.

Walk Away

Finally, if you have tried everything without getting the response that you had hoped for, this might be a good time to say goodbye with your dignity intact.

If nothing has worked then it is probably an indication that the relationship has run its course. It is always better to realize this sooner than later, without throwing all of your time and energy into something destined to fail.

Face it, you owe it to yourself, and you deserve better.

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Final Thoughts

There are tons of reasons why the Scorpio guy goes M.I.A., and none of them are likely your fault. If it is truly him, and not you, then you have nothing to worry about with you Scorpio honey.

But if it is you, well, at least he is letting you know, if even in the most passive way possible. Just don’t walk away from the possible love of your life without testing if His Secret Obsession is the one thing keeping you apart.

This is why knowing what to do when a Scorpio man ignores you can either make or break the relationship.

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