How To Get a Scorpio Man To Chase You – a Fun Guide

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Are you a woman between the ages of 22 and 55, and feel you may be falling in love with a man who has bowled you off your feet?

Your heart is fluttering when you think of him and you have discovered his zodiac birth sign?

If you want to know how to get a Scorpio man to chase you, this article will show you.

The truth is that a Scorpio man is attracted to a woman who understands his seemingly complex characteristics.

These can be understood by knowing all you can about how his astrology zodiac sign affects his thinking when it comes to romance and affairs of the heart.

Scorpio men, like most men, are initially attracted to a woman by physical appreciation but what they want in a serious relationship is an emotional connection with a soul mate.

Someone who not only looks after herself but is also a woman who can become his best friend.

I’m sure, you like me, crave that unique connection with the man of your dreams, and how you can achieve this is through understanding the Scorpio man traits and characteristics.

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6 Effective Ways To Make A Scorpio Man To Chase You

In this article, I am going to give you insights into how to capture the attention of a Scorpio man so that you can make him chase you.

At the end of the article, I have also included some helpful tips you can use to make him keep chasing you once you know that the Scorpio man likes you too.

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  • Let Him Do The Chasing

Do Scorpio men like to be chased?

Well, one thing you need to know about the Scorpio man is that he wants to be sure that a woman is right for him before he can start pursuing her.

That said, Scorpio men prefer to do the chasing.

Therefore, if you want to find true love with a Scorpio man, give him the opportunity to make the first move on you.

That way, you will be sure that he is indeed interested in you.

However, as you wait for him to pursue you, do not act hard to get. Give him signals so that he can know you are interested and open to a relationship with him.

In her book, “Scorpio Man Secrets”, Anna stresses that the best way to put a Scorpio guy under your spell and make him chase you is by not showing him you’re too eager to be with him.

In other words, it is important that you show him an interest in a calm way to avoid chasing him away.

  • Dress Up For Him

The sexual Scorpio is a very visual creature.

He appreciates a woman who looks good and can spark his interest. If you want to dress to impress the Scorp then choosing clothes that are both classy and sexy is a great way to seduce him.

Avoid being too revealing. However, you want to dress ever so slightly provocatively to get his mind wondering enough to turn him on, but not too much that he thinks you’re cheap.

Wear an outfit that accentuates your curves, but do not put all your cards on the table.

Wear something that exudes an air of mystery.

The idea, to make him chase you, is to wear clothes that will attract his attention but also keep him guessing as to what feminine charms lie below the mysterious exterior.

However, be sure to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident and good about yourself.

If you make your Scorpio crush curious, he will want to get close to you and what to know more about you.

To appeal to him even more, be sure to dress in whites, purples, and blues, these are colors that he relates to.

  • Ask For His Help

According to an article on Love Panky, most men find the damsel in distress quite irresistible, and Scorpio man is no exception.

That said if you want to know how to get a Scorpio man to chase you, make him feel like he is your knight in shining armor by asking for his help.

In her book Scorpio Man Secrets, Anna Kovach also talks about acting like the damsel in distress if you want to know how to attract a Scorpio man.

The secret behind this tactic is to awaken the protector in the Scorpio guy.

You will certainly earn some points for making him feel like your hero.

That said, the next time you need assistance with something, call on him, but do not act clingy or needy because that might be the last time you get to see him again.

Think of something ‘girly’ that you may want a man’s help with, and then watch how his chest swells as he willingly steps forward to help you.

  • Be Responsive

Another effective way of making a Scorpio man chase after you is by being responsive when he begins to show interest.

However, the response does not have to be instant because you do not want to sell yourself short by making him think you are desperate.

For instance, if he reaches out to you via phone call, you do not have to answer immediately.

Perhaps you can even let him hang up just to see if he will call you again.

When he calls you back, be sure to answer. If he does not call you back, wait for about 1 to 2 hours before calling him back.

If you want to get a Scorpio man to take you on a date, then you need to be open to him and let him know he has a chance with you.

At the same time prove to him that you have a life outside him.

Make him crave for you by not giving him all of your time.

  • Be Truthful And Loyal

A Scorpio man is usually truthful and loyal, and his desire is to be around an equally truthful and loyal woman.

It is imperative to note that a Scorpio man is not the kind of guy who forgives and forgets, particularly when deceived.

Therefore, if you want to know how to make a Scorpio man chase you, the secret is, to be honest, and loyal.

Trying to be someone you are not might push him away forever.

Likewise, cheating on him will make him quickly lose interest in you, more so because a Scorpio man can have very jealous tendencies.

That said, strive to build a sincere relationship with your Scorpio partner, in which you can talk about anything and everything, and he will want you by his side forever.

  • Stimulate Him Intellectually

Scorpio men usually have a sharp mind, and they are particularly interested in women who are intelligent.

That said, you can never go wrong exciting his mind with meaningful conversations.

Make your time with Scorpio worthwhile by engaging him in conversations that pique his interest.

To be able to keep up with his intellect and renew his attraction towards you, it is advisable that you do research on topics that he loves.

For instance, with his inquisitive brain, he loves to read detective novels because he likes solving mysteries.

Therefore, try to keep yourself up to date with the things you know he is interested in, but be sure to express your own thoughts and ideas on these topics.

Remember that no matter the nature of your relationship with a Scorpio man, being able to practice any of the above tips will have him chasing after you relentlessly.

To complement what you have just read, watching the video below will give you more insights into how to make a Scorpio man chase you.

Final Thoughts

Are you head over heels for a guy with a birthday between Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd?

If yes, I hope this article has enlightened you on how to get a Scorpio man to chase you.

To be able to make a Scorpio male gravitate towards you, it is important that you get to understand how he reacts in romantic situations.

In this article, we have been able to hi-lite some of his traits, and we’ve seen that he loves to do the chasing when things are right.

You just need to know, a Scorpio man is drawn to intelligent women, and that he tends to thrive on honesty and loyalty.

Using the above tips as a guide, you will be able to shape your relationship with your Scorpio crush into what you want it to be.

Additionally, you can never go wrong with Anna Kovach’s guide on Scorpio Man Secrets which includes Sextrology.

The program will be highly instrumental to your relationship because it will help you to not only unravel the mysterious Scorpio guy but also build an intimate and thriving relationship with him.

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