How To Get a Scorpio Man Back After a Breakup So He Never Leaves You Again

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Have you had a breakup with the love of your life? and has it now dawned on you what this guy really means to you?

I know how you feel!

It seems crazy but sometimes we take a relationship for granted and don’t realize how much we care about someone until they are gone.

Well, Breakups are sometimes inevitable because couples drift apart, conflicts, and misunderstandings in relationships are exposed, as each gets used to the other’s characteristics.

But memories are stored of the happy times you shared when you first got together, and the good news is that a Scorpio man is also very forgiving.

Provided! he is treated with respect and not taken for granted.

You just need to make sure that it is you by learning how to get a Scorpio man back after a breakup.

For all his seemingly confident and rigid attitude, a man born under this zodiac sign yearns to be with a partner to complete his life.

You, like me in the past, are experiencing the emotional turmoil of realizing that you have lost something precious.

But I can tell you, it’s no good just wishing things will right themselves on their own, if you want him, you need to implement something that gets him back.

This article is going to give you 6 positive tips that I can walk through with you, by giving insights about what you need to do to rekindle your man’s attraction.

Whatever caused the upset, it is possible to fix the Scorpio breakup.

The main thing to avoid in a breakup with a Scorpio man is losing the means of communication.

Sending him the right text messages will allow you to stay connected without embarrassing face-to-face confrontation.

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How To Get a Scorpio Man Back After a Breakup In 6 Steps

As you take small steps towards rekindling the love and romance you once shared, it is imperative that you observe the no contact rule, so that your ex can miss you.

Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder!!

Also, it is best to apologize for any wrongdoing on your part that might have contributed to the breakup.

After apologizing, taking things slowly is critical so that you can work on rebuilding trust.

According to relationship expert Amy North, it is possible to rekindle your relationship by sending your Scorpio man the correctly worded text messages.

Words that trigger his subconscious yearnings for you.

Please keep reading as we delve deeper into the above insights.

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Use The No Contact Rule With Scorpio Man

The no-contact rule is critical after a breakup because it tends to rebuild attraction.

When done effectively, no contact works by making your ex-partner miss you, which will reignite his desire to want to come back to you.

No contact gives your ex the time and space that he needs to figure things out.

He also needs to feel the emotional stress of being lost without you and having time alone remembering the good times that you shared.

Remember, Scorpio men do not like to be pursued and this tactic will actually work in your favor.

If you do not give him time and space, he will never miss you, which can ruin your chances of getting back together.

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If you were the reason the relationship ended, then it is critical that you take time to convey your sincere apologies.

Your apologies should be genuine, which means that there should be no ulterior motive.

Remember, Scorpio men are very astute and quickly pick up on any insincerity.

Only apologize if you really feel you were at fault rather than just saying sorry to get him back because you will just lose his respect.

After apologizing, do not expect him to come back to you immediately because he will want time to convince himself your apology is genuine.

Take Things Slowly

Your Scorpio man will most probably not open up immediately.

Therefore, after apologizing, it is better to take things at a slow pace.

Opening up immediately and trying to move on like nothing ever happened can lead to a repeat of the same mistakes.

Moving things on too quickly can ruin your chances of winning your ex back because Scorpio men prefer to move a relationship one step at a time.

In essence, your patience will be critical when trying to rebuild attraction with a Scorpio man.

If your Scorpio man wants to stay connected but is not yet ready to commit himself to a romantic relationship again, accept to be just a friend.

It is better to accept this than lose all future contact.

Being a friend to your ex would still be a good option because you can call him, text, or hang out together, which will certainly increase your chances of winning him back. Slowly, but surely.

Work On Rebuilding Trust

Scorpio men never trust anyone easily. Therefore, no matter what caused the breakup, gaining back his trust is critical.

As you work on rekindling your relationship, it is imperative that you work on building a solid foundation of trust and respect.

Rebuilding trust may take time, but it is doable if both of you are ready to put in the time and work.

It is important that you let your Scorpio man know that you are sorry if you have broken his trust in any way.

Remember to be on your best behavior, and work on making him feel safe, supported, and loved.

As mentioned earlier, taking things slowly is critical because you will be able to ascertain if things are moving in the right direction.

Speak In His Love Language

Do you know the love language of your Scorpio crush?

According to the 5 languages of love by Dr. Gary Chapman, partners communicate and experience love in five different ways.

They include words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, giving gifts, and physical touch.

That said, Scorpio man’s love language is physical touch.

A Scorpio man loves to have lots of close intimacy.

However, it is important to note that physical touch may not necessarily mean having sex because you’re still working on rekindling your relationship.

With that in mind, physical touch can include snuggling on the couch while watching his favorite movie.

Holding hands, giving him a goodbye kiss after your date, or even putting your hand on his leg during your dinner date.

But remember, do not act desperate or clingy.

Send Him The Right Text Messages

According to the relationship and dating expert Amy North, one of the easiest ways to get a Scorpio man back after a breakup is through text messages.

But only if the correctly worded phrases are used.

The Text Chemistry program structured by Amy will give you insights on texts to send to your ex and make him regret breaking up with you.

In essence, Amy’s program will rekindle your ex’s attraction to you, and make him focus on the relationship and the good times you shared.

Cultivating these deep feelings will make him obsess over you so that you can keep him forever.

Some people find it easier to get info from a video rather than reading from an article.

To help those women looking to learn how to get a Scorpio man back after a breakup I have provided this YouTube video that I found.

I hope this helps to get you reunited with your Scorpio crush.

Final Thoughts

Rekindling a relationship after a breakup may not be the simplest task, but it is doable.

To be successful, it is imperative that you get to understand the character traits of Scorpio man, so that you can find strategies that suit his personality.

That said, we know that Scorpio men dislike needy and desperate women.

Additionally, they admire the patient and trustworthy woman.

Scorpio men like to take their time, particularly before making important decisions about relationships.

Based on the above traits, it is imperative that you observe the no-contact rule in the early stages of the breakup so you can give him time to figure things out.

Also, no contact will make a Scorpio man miss you if he still has feelings for you.

Remember, if you’re in the wrong then apologize to him and then work on rebuilding trust.

It is important to take things slowly and get into his mind with your text messages.

Text Chemistry by relationship expert Amy North reveals to you the magical text that you need to send to your man so that you can unravel his hidden desire for you.

You can click on this link to a video as Amy explains Text Chemistry here.

Remember it is important to take things slowly and exercise patience.

Patience will help you understand the underlying issues in your relationship, as you also give your ex time to put himself together.

Putting into practice the above steps will show you how to get a Scorpio man back after a breakup.

If you practice these tips and take one step at a time, you will slowly, but surely win back the love of your life.

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