Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

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Woman resting her head on her hand while she wonders if a Scorpio man likes her.So, you’ve come across a kind, sweet, loveable Scorpio man, and you’re curious if he likes you enough to take things to the next level.

Fortunately, I am here to help!

Keep reading so that you can identify those sneaky subtle signs a Scorpio man likes you.

The male born under the astrology zodiac sign of Scorpio has a tendency to be laid back and reserved, especially if he really likes someone.

This may sound a bit odd, but a Scorpio man likes to play it safe until he is sure of his ground.

This article will show you how to ease him into your world.

How To Spot The Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

Men in general are pretty bad at hiding their attraction.

The Scorpio man, however, is concerned with saving face. After all, he needs to maintain the status quo among his social circle and strangers alike.

When he likes someone his approach is much more clandestine, yet just as powerful as an overt approach.

What Scorpio men lack in impulsiveness and competitiveness they make up for with intentional acts and self-control.

Understanding the complex characteristics of the Scorpio male will take you into a world of intrigue.

It’s not as if he goes out of his way to be complicated, it’s just that he tends to take his time in getting to know new people and new situations.

Someone who has helped scores of women understand the complexities of Scorpio is relationship expert Anna Kovach.

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Scorpio – The Scorpion

smiling woman with pencil to her mouth watched by a Scorpio manThe sign of the scorpion certainly has a reputation among astrologers.

It is a watery, fixed sign, meaning that Scorpios are likely to have lasting and strong emotions.

But it also takes time to build up those emotions and establish intimacy with others.

This bodes well for relationships, as Scorpio natives are some of the most loyal, hardworking partners you can find.

Building an emotional connection is paramount in capturing a Scorpio man’s full attention which will allow him to make the running.

Most people view Scorpio as the sex symbol of the zodiac – and they are not wrong!

Not only does Scorpio rule the sex organs, but also these natives tend to explore intimacy and passion in relationships through physical contact, which includes lovemaking.

However, their intensity and passion pour over into other aspects of their lives as well.

To create a solid foundation for a long-term relationship, there needs to be both give and take on each side.

Ruled by Mars, Scorpions have strong desires for power and control.

You may have even noticed your Scorpio crush is always steadily at work or focused upon one thing.

That’s because he’s determined when he sets his mind on an objective.

Chances are that he is truly enjoying whatever he’s engrossed in.

Scorpios are also master manipulators, keenly observant, and very secretive.

Sure a “bad” Scorpio may try to control or emotionally overpower others, but a “good” one will use that power much more responsibly.

In a romantic setting, this means Scorpios generally put out subtle hints of an attraction.

While this may be seen more in women, Scorpio men are more proactive.

Still, they desire a degree of emotional security (being a water sign), so they are cautious of forming attachments.

You will likely be courting a Scorpio male for a while before he deems you a worthy partner unless you appreciate what makes him tick in a romantic way.

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The Scorpio Male

Man holding a bunch of flowers behind his back as a surprize for the smiling woman in front of him.A male Scorpio will act very differently to a female Scorpio, mainly due to Mars being the ruling planet. Men are more likely to act out Mars energy than women.

But because Scorpio is a water sign, any action will be more secretive and power-preserving as opposed to the impulsive, loud, often regretful Aries.

His drive for power will lead him to take control of his life.

Psychic Reading

Just watch him command his friends from a distance with only a few words or a gesture.

This is not to say he isn’t confident, just that the Scorpio energy operates under the radar.

His hidden ambition may cause him to pursue a career as a researcher, scientist, detective, or another profession that requires attention to detail and high focus.

The Scorpio man is fiercely loyal to his woman as much as his projects.

Passion bleeds into his romantic life, and he loves learning everything about his partner. (Think of all his dedication, loyalty, and curiosity focused on you.)

But not so fast! Even though they share the passion of Mars, their watery, fixed nature gives them respectable patience when it comes to dating and relationships.

Relationship coach Anna Kovach explains how to bring a Scorpio man out of his shell in Scorpio Man Secrets here.

With the basics out of the way, how can you really tell a Scorpio man is interested in you?

The Subtle Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

Without further ado, here are a few signs you can look for to know whether that Scorpion hunk is into you.

He Checks You Out

It would be disingenuous to say a Scorpio doesn’t appreciate good looks.

You HAVE to look, dress, and act your best with him. Remember, if you are to be his woman, he’s going to think about how you contribute to his image.

If you catch him looking you up and down, you have probably passed his “looks test.”

He Makes Eye Contact

couple holding each other before kissingWhen a Scorpio man locks eyes with you from across a room and gives you that sexy George Clooney look, you know he is interested.

Think about it: a Scorpio usually has his own agenda on his mind.

He may be interested in you, but be so preoccupied in his own world that what’s on his mind takes precedence.

So when he makes such a blatant move (for him), you can be quite certain he likes what he sees.

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He Asks Personal Questions

A Scorpio usually acts towards his goals.

If he takes you out and asks personal questions about your childhood, where you grew up, etc., he’s not trying to be a creep!

His goal is to get to know you, and who you are on a deeper level.

Scorpio’s watery element needs emotional security before committing wholeheartedly.

Asking personal questions helps gauge whether or not he should seal the deal or continue looking for the one.

If a Scorpio man likes you he will ask questions.

He Avoids Manipulating You… For Now

Sorry to say, but any Scorpio native is going to try to dominate you at some point or another.

But if you notice he treats you a bit differently or is not as controlling as he is with other people, he respects your individuality.

Believe it or not, Scorpio men are actually turned on by women who are capable of exercising their own feminine power independently.

He wants to see (and value) who you are first… before he steers the boat later in a relationship.

The YouTube video below puts into pictures some of the signs a Scorpio man likes you.

I hope this article has now made it easy for you to recognize the signs your crush is hot for you.

Final Thoughts

Scorpio men can be pretty intense. While some will be shy and not let you know their true feelings right away, others will be bold and direct.

Regardless, you will likely feel an intensity in his energy, especially if he likes you.

If he is trying to arrange dates with you, offering compliments, or just flat out expressing his attraction for you, take the hint and make a move!

He may not do so again to save face.

if it goes well and the two of you start dating then you may want to read our next article on how to make a Scorpio man fall in love.

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