When a Cancer Man Ignores You – How To Play It

A woman who has been ignored and is now reconnecting with her man

Last Updated on April 7, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your Cancer man is suddenly ignoring you without any explanation? You might feel confused, hurt, and unsure of what to do.

If this is something that you are currently dealing with, then this article can help.

Here we will discuss the various reasons why a Cancer man may be ignoring you and how to handle the situation when it arises.

5 Key Takeaways

1.  A man ignoring you can be confusing and hurtful but try not to jump to unfounded conclusions.

2. It is important to try to identify the reason why he may be ignoring you.

3. Consider talking to him about his behavior in order to understand what is going on.

4. Emotional insecurity can cause a Cancer man to pull away, so it is important to show him that you care and are there for him in difficult times.

5. Showing patience and understanding may help re-establish the connection between the two of you, allowing for more open communication in the future.

Confused about what to do when a Cancer man ignores you?

Does your Cancer man pull back whenever you try to move things forward with him?

Or maybe your once sweet and caring guy has now retreated into his hard shell and is giving you the cold shoulder?

If he’s ghosting you for no apparent reason, ignoring your texts and calls, then don’t lose hope!

In this article I’m going to tell you the most common reasons why a Cancer man may be ignoring you, and what to do to get him to reconnect.

Let’s get to it!

What it Means When a Cancer Man Ignores You

A cancer man is a sensitive guy. Being a water sign, he’s deeply in touch with his emotions. If he thinks something just does not feel right between you, he’ll likely start to pull away.

Sometimes he doesn’t yet know it consciously, but he’s internally checking in with his emotions to get a sense about you.

He may be in that undecided process where he ignores you for a while to buy himself time to reflect on how he feels about you.

At this stage, it’s not too late.

But how you respond to him ignoring you can be a determining factor on whether he comes back to you, or disappears for good…

Fortunately, his internal process for attraction, desire, and love can be harnessed.

And once you flip the little-known trigger in his heart he’ll feel a surge of desire that goes beyond physical attraction and see you in a whole new light.

Relationship coach, James Bauer explains exactly how this trigger works and how you can harness it in this video here.

Hanging Out Alone in His Shell

Cancer is a famous homebody, rivaled only by Taurus.

Cancer is symbolized by the crab. The crab’s shell is the perfect metaphor for his occasional solo retreats.

Cancerians invented the “stay-cation”. One possible reason for him ignoring you could be that he is enjoying his time at home away from it all.

Sometimes he just needs to unplug from life – no technology, no phone, and no people – and just throw on a good movie and relax a bit by himself.

If this is the case, it is best to give him his space so that he can come back to you refreshed and re-charged. If you can, he will be a better man for it.

The No 1 Reason He’s Shutting You Out

A major reason he may be shutting you out is that you haven’t understood the secret ingredient that he craves more than love, money, and even more than sex…

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By tapping into your Cancer man’s primal drive, you’ll be able to trigger his psychological process for desire and love.

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Man ignoring a woman as they sit and drink red wine

He is Busy

Instead of jumping to any conclusions about whose fault this is, let us try to see things from his perspective first.

The Cancer man has a lot on his plate, mainly because he is always taking on other people’s stuff.

He has a deep feeling about his responsibility in the world and towards others and sometimes he can extend himself too far and wide.

He loves his friends, family, and partner, and sometimes he makes promises he is unable to keep, at which point he scrambles to keep things afloat with others and his own life as well.

You can always reach out to him and see if he is OK, or if he would like any help with anything.

He Needs Space

Because of his sensitive nature, the Cancer man goes through many ups and downs. Being a water sign is like having a roller-coaster of emotions running inside.

In such a stressful world, this man needs time to gather his thoughts and feelings so he can process them.

An upside to having such a sensitive partner like Cancer is that when he bounces back he is only that much stronger, sweeter, more effective, and more willing to love than ever before.

He is Hurt

The crab’s shell is hard for a reason, it serves as protection. If you have ever come across a crab on the shores of a beach, you are probably happy to meet them. But when it goes into its shell to take cover you also do not want to mess with it.

Remember, the crab also has pinchers. They look pretty sharp and one would imagine being pinched by them would hurt.

Sometimes it is best to let the crab work things out on its own. When he is over whatever it is that he is going through, he will pop his head back out of his shell ready to play again.

He Does Not Know You Are Interested

The Cancer man is charming, but he can be a bit shy as we all know. Sometimes what is right in front of his face, no matter how obvious, can be blinded by his self-doubt.

The Cancer can be hard on himself and maybe he has done a good job of convincing himself that there is no way anyone like you could possibly want to be involved with him.

He is so good at doing this that he actually believes it. You could tell him right there to his face how you really feel and it will still take a moment for the Cancer man to process it so he can believe you.

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He’s Not Interested

Not everyone is compatible with the Cancer man. He is a unique and naturally caring person in a dog-eat-dog world where everyone seems to be out for themselves.

Not all people will value this in a man and Cancers need to feel valued above all else.

And sometimes we are just not compatible with people for other reasons, be it astrologically, personality traits, or any number of things.

However, a Cancer man can be a great catch so don’t give up on him until you have completely understood the reason for him holding back.

Don’t spend the rest of your life regretting that you let the love of your life slip through your fingers into the arms of another woman.

First, understand what he craves from a special relationship which is fully explained in this video.

What To Do When a Cancer Man Ignores You

Now that you know some of the reasons why your Cancer man has gone into his shell, let us see what we can do about getting him back out.

A couple eating grapes together

Text Him – Make Him Feel Appreciated

The Cancer man needs to feel appreciated to thrive. And as his partner, you probably want the best for him. When the Cancer guy feels devalued, he retreats.

He is not one to go places and be around people who don’t appreciate him either.

Whether he feels underappreciated or his disappearance is for other reasons, the Cancer man could always use more love thrown his way.

It is fuel for his tank, and maybe he was just running on empty this entire time.

Texting can be fun but also if used too often with irrelevant chatter can quickly become boring and self-defeating.

Sending messages that excite and resonate with his subconscious emotions can make him see you as the prize that he wants to win.

Amy North is a dating and relationship expert who has developed a program called Text Chemistry that can help you to become the main focus of your Cancer man’s attention.

Give Him Space

Cancer is a sign of the caretaker. He is a compassionate guy who is always lending a helping hand to others.

Known for his love and involvement with friends and family, it is no surprise that your Cancer might need some time alone to recharge now and then.

Do not be alarmed, just let it be. Alone time is completely normal for this sun sign.

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Talk to Your Cancer Man

The Cancer male needs to know that he can trust someone before settling down. It is one of the signs that look for security in relationships and seeks something long-term.

In other words, he needs to know that his partner is committed to him and their future together.

Open communication and honesty are major components of this in his mind.

If you show him that these are your character traits by reaching out and opening up, he will trust you and he too will open up.

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Ignore Him Back

The Cancer guy needs to be cared for, not because he is helpless, but because he is so caring himself.

The crab-man will shrivel up like a plant without water if attention and care are removed from him for too long.

If he feels that he is not needed, he will not know what to do with himself.

If ignoring him does not make him pop right back up again as if nothing happened, it might be time to do the next thing.

Walk Away

If you are being ignored with no end in sight, you do not deserve it and the Cancer man does not deserve you.

If you have tried everything, including the tips above, and he is still choosing to hide out in his shell, just walk away. Seriously!

Hopefully, he will learn not to take his next relationship for granted.

Final Thoughts

If your Cancer guy is nowhere to be found, he is probably just at home. This sensitive zodiac sign needs to occasionally seclude himself to unwind a bit.

If you are wondering what to do when a Cancer man ignores you, give him his space by all means, but if it has been some days and he still has not returned, it could be time to have an honest talk with the fella.

However, before you consider cutting any ties make sure you have given the relationship every chance.

Regrets can be long-lasting so make sure you check out His Secret Obsession which may hold the key to his heart and your future happiness with a Cancer man.

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