How To Get a Cancer Man Back After a Breakup

Man with chin in hand looking fed up with woman in background after suffering a breakupBreaking up from any relationship can be emotionally devastating. Even if you have only been dating a short time.

This article will give you ways to get a Cancer man back and make him want to stay with you.

I’m sure, you like me in the past, will be feeling isolated and alone.

Wild thoughts and vivid images are constantly racing around your mind as you try to figure out what was said, in the heat of the moment, to trigger the breakup with your Cancer man.

Sometimes things are said in frustration, which is out of character, and which causes an outburst of anger. Or possibly, an accusation made in haste, but now bitterly regretted.

Whatever the reason for this fallout, understanding his astrology star sign characteristics will help to show you how to get your Cancer man back.

Always remember, there must have been a strong attraction when you first started dating and he will have memories of the good times you shared.

If you still see a future with your Cancer crush, you must find a way of keeping thoughts of you in his mind without begging and losing your self-respect.

Continue reading to discover more about why a man born in the star sign of Cancer acts the way he does and how you can use proven techniques to get him back.

Ways To Get A Cancer Man Back

man kissing a woman in a straw hatThe zodiac sign of Cancer is closely linked to the Moon making it one of the more emotional star signs.

A guy born in the water sign of the Crab will usually be controlled by feelings rather than logic when faced with situations regarding affairs of the heart.

The strong influence of the moon which also controls the tides, makes your Cancer crush a sensitive but also a very intuitive guy.

This can also make him moody, and when faced with a decision, put up invisible walls around him to stave off being hurt emotionally.

Breaking down these hidden barriers is the key to him seeing you as someone he has an emotional bond with. Someone who will understand him and want him for who he is.

So, how can you put yourself in a position of letting him know you still care about him but still give him enough the space to miss you?

Here in this article, I will give you some valuable insights. Please keep reading.

If Only He Could Read My Mind!!!

A system that you may like to consider is text messaging. Not just ordinary garbled messages that can be annoying, but carefully crafted words put into sentences with subliminal meaning.

These messages are absorbed into his mind making him fantasize about you.

Leading relationship expert Amy North has developed a program that has helped scores of women, just like you, to re-spark the romantic chemistry with their Cancer man.

Getting your guy to re-focus his attention back on you is the first step in winning him back.

Amy has produced a short video that explains why and how her system works so successfully. I hope it can also work for you. Click on this link to Check out Text Chemistry here.

Once You Have His Attention

Cancer man giving flowers to a womanWhile Cancer men appreciate assertive women, who speak their minds and know what they want, they’re not too fond of pushy women.

So be sure to be patient and avoid trying to force your Cancer crush into a relationship.

A cancer man can be a bit of a dreamer and is looking for romance with a future rather than a one night stand.

He will tend to thrive and relax when he has assured himself that you also have the same loyalty standards as him. Getting him back may require a mind shift on how you think about the relationship.

This is where you need to be completely honest with yourself! Was the breakup caused by him losing interest in you? Or was it caused by a silly disagreement that led to words being exchanged that were said in temper?

Don’t Try To Make Him Jealous

Don’t make the mistake of trying to get your Cancer man jealous. Avoid making reference to other men as by nature Cancer men are incredibly loyal and this will have the effect of pushing him away.

There must have been a reason why you or he called a break? Is it possible that you were making him jealous without realizing it?

As a Cancer man is always looking for security and reassurance, it makes him sensitive to unintended actions. The only way to get a Cancer man back after a row is to get him talking about his feelings.

This is where Amy North’s system of messages sent by text can break the deadlock and open up communication between you again.

Amy has crafted words that will suit most situations regarding a breakup. To get your Cancer crush thinking only of you watch this video here.

Arrange a Meeting

couple laughing as they sit at a table and the girl feeds the man a piece of cakeOnce you have broken the ice with the text messages you can move on by suggesting a meeting.

Somewhere very casual like a café where you can talk, but definitely not a rowdy place where you may be interrupted by other people or friends.

It’s also well worth finding subtle ways to touch your Cancer man, such as lightly touching the back of his hands when you’re talking.

As a Cancer man enjoys physical touch, it’s a great idea to give your man a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, each time that you meet him. As you already share a history with your man, he’ll be sure to pick up on your hints.

Cancer men appreciate when women are assertive, so don’t be afraid to show your Cancer man that he’s on your mind.  As he’ll be far more likely to ask you out on a date if he thinks that you’re still 100% smitten with him.

Talk About Your Families

Cancer men are devoted to their families, so if you want to win a Cancer man’s heart you can’t go wrong asking thoughtful questions about his family members.

Especially if you enjoyed a long relationship with your man and you’ve met his parents and siblings.

By showing a Cancer man that you genuinely care about his family, he’ll start to understand that you care deeply about him and the people that matter most to him.

You can also thaw a Cancer man’s heart by mentioning your own family. Most Cancer men want to date a woman who has a strong bond with their family members.

If you share kids with a Cancer man, invite him to spend time with your kids in order to restrengthen your bond.

As an example, you may want to attend one of your kid’s soccer games together or to plan a fun family day out at your local beach.

Ask For His Help

woman with her arms around the shoulders of her Cancer manCancer men often enjoy gardening, building, and working on cars, so if you want to boost your Cancer crush’s confidence, ask him to help you out with a small task.

As an example, you may want to ask your Cancer man to help you assemble a piece of furniture.

Cancer guys take great pride in being handymen. Just remember to show genuine gratitude when your Cancer man helps you out with small tasks.

Always a winner is offering to cook a home-cooked meal for your Cancer man in order to show him how much you appreciate his help.

Prepare a Surprise Meal For Your Cancer Man

Most Cancer men prefer home-cooked meals over expensive restaurants. So, your Cancer man will really appreciate enjoying a meal you have prepared especially for him.

You’ll also win extra brownie points with your Cancer man if you cook some of his favorite foods.

Get Your Cancer Man To Focus On You

Now that you have used Amy’s system to re-established your relationship with your handsome hunk born in the star sign of Cancer, you need to learn how to hold on to him.

I recently discovered a program that has been developed by relationship expert James Bauer who has identified a deep desire in a Cancer man. Understanding this one facet of your guys’ character will make him totally committed to you.

James has called this program His Secret Desire because it explains the need a Cancer man has from a woman in a romantic relationship.

If you want to make sure there are no future misunderstandings, that may lead to a breakup, I recommend you listen to James here on a short video.

Building a solid relationship with a Cancer man needs some understanding. I came across this YouTube video that hi-lights his personality traits. You may find it worth a look if you want to know more about how he reacts to situations of the heart.


Final Thoughts

Over the years I have learned not to take everything on face value. Sometimes things said in the heat of temper, or one party getting the wrong end of the stick can lead to a breakup. Always try to find a way of discussing the situation rather than just walking away.

There was an attraction between you and your Cancer man when you first met, so you need to discover what went wrong. Text Chemistry may give you the answer to opening his heart and strengthening any future relationship.

Hopefully, this article will give you the confidence to move forward in re-creating a perfect partnership with your Cancer crush. To avoid any future breakup’s I suggest you watch the short video by James as he explains the hidden need in your guy in His Secret Obsession.

A Future With a Cancer Man??

I hope this article has given you enough information, but if you need more help in deciding if a Cancer man is for you Click this link to our homepage.

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