Venus in Pisces Man – His Traits In Love and Relationships

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Last Updated on April 14, 2023

Do you find yourself irresistibly drawn to a mysterious man with an aura of mystery? If so, he may be a Venus in Pisces Man.

Representing the romantic and dreamy side of love, these men are known for their intense passion and deep emotions. They are highly intuitive and can often sense what someone else is feeling without them having to say a word.

However, they can also be incredibly complex individuals who don’t always make it easy to understand or get close to them.

Read on to discover more about the Venus in Pisces Man and, see here, to understand how best to create a lasting connection. 

Venus deals with love and money in the birth chart.

When Venus falls in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, you have a man who is sensitive, empathetic, and intuitively in touch with his partner.

Even dissolving the physical boundaries between the two to become one soul.

The Venus in Pisces man is magical and otherworldly and a relationship with him could only be described as “spiritual”.

The Venus in Pisces Man Key Features


A man with this chart placement is empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, and emotional. His connection with his partner is magical and spiritual.


The dark side of Pisces represents illusion. The Pisces man can deceive himself that he is in love with a partner when he is not. This is especially bad if the relationship is codependent or abusive.

Needs To Work On

  • Commitment. Some men with this placement can be a little wishy-washy, as the fish being pulled in two directions is known to be on occasion.
  • If the Pisces male is looking for anything stable and long-term, he needs to be able to ride it out through thick and thin.

Venus in Pisces Personality

This man loves to be in love. A man with Venus in Pisces is the romantic type.

He looks for soulmates rather than just partners or flings.

While he may fall in love with more than just a couple of his kindred spirits, he is always connecting with them on a deep level and not out of pure lust or ego.

A man with his Venus in Pisces is enchanting and possesses charm.

He is friendly and sociable with an embracing warmth to him. Many will be drawn to him, even if they are not a good match.

On a more intimate level, those who become familiar with the Pisces man know him as sensitive and emotional, he also likes partners who are the same.

With him, it is never about being dominating nor being dominated, he is looking for his equal.

The Venus in Pisces man is elusive and otherworldly, just when you thought you have him pegged, he surprises you. Sometimes this is good, or it could be bad.

It could also be neither or a mixture of the two. It can be just downright confusing.

He is known to be flimsy at times, this aspect is notorious for indecisiveness and not being able to commit.

To be fair, this is not always the case with the Pisces man, rather, it is only the negative aspect of the placement which can and should be overcome- most likely with age and maturity.

The man with his Venus in Pisces placement is an artist. Not always by trade, but Venus in Pisces indicts a creative type at heart.

Falling in love with him is like painting a picture, watching an independent film, or reading a romance novel.

Pisces is a spiritual sign and men with this aspect in their charts are drawn to spirituality.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and deals with transcendence.

This is important to know because when you meet a man with Venus in Pisces, he is likely doing this kind of soul work on himself, even if he is not open about it.

Likely, he draws mates to him that are on a similar path, and who are more reflective in nature.

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Positive Traits

  • Empathetic – Intuitive – Sensitive
  • Affectionate – Charming – Friendly
  • Open – Spiritual – Artistic

Negative Traits

  • Disillusioned – Wishy-Washy – Deceptive
  • Lacking Commitment – Cynical

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What Attracts The Pisces Man?

A man with his Venus in Pisces is drawn to femininity of all kinds.

In a mate, he looks for someone gentle and passive. His ideal partner would be a person who displays traditional forms of femininity.

The Pisces man has many of the same feminine qualities that he searches for in a lover: sensitivity, empathy, and intuition, to name a few.

He is not interested in the alpha male or female, nor is he looking for a challenge or someone to butt heads with.

He is not one for power struggles and might be gone as soon as he came at the first sight of one.

He prefers a mate that is more subdued than strong-willed, but this man is not looking for someone to completely dominate or to take charge of, he is just looking for someone similar to himself- his equal or his other half.

Simply put, the Pisces man is looking for his soulmate, his long-lost friend from another lifetime.

When connecting with a Pisces man with his placement in Venus you might get the feeling that you have known him forever and there is a good chance that you have.

You should know that this is the same way that he feels about you.

However, if neither of you gets this feeling, you should be cautious.

The Pisces man has been known to delude himself into thinking he is in love when he is only wearing rose-colored glasses.

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Understanding the Pisces Man

As you can tell from this article the Pisces male with his connection to Venus may seem complicated and a difficult fish to understand in a romantic relationship.

However, astrology tells us that this zodiac sign is secretly craving a woman who can satisfy his deep-rooted desire to be understood.

Someone who has studied this burning need in the Pisces man is relationship expert James Bauer.

After years of extensive research, James has discovered that a man falls madly in love with a woman, not for her beauty or her perfect body, but for her acceptance of his secret obsession.

If you want total commitment from your Pisces crush, I suggest you listen to a short video in which James explains why it is vital for a woman who wants true love to understand His Secret Obsession.

Most Compatible With

The best fit for a Pisces man will be dictated by other factors or his chat, mainly the sun sign.

Generally speaking, his best match is with someone whose chart possesses a lot of feminine aspects, like the sun sign of Pisces.

Speaking strictly of Venus’s compatibilities though, he is most compatible with partners who have their Venus in a water element sign.

For instance, another person who has their Venus in Pisces will be an excellent match just as long as they do not become so entangled in each other that they lose themselves.

The Pisces man is also a good partner for those who have their Venus in either Cancer or Scorpio.

Both of these signs are sensitive, intuitive, and spiritual as well.

You can find out more about Pisces-compatible matches here.

Final Thoughts

Venus in Pisces is a mystical placement. It aims to dissolve physical limitations and form a union on the soul plane.

The Venus in Pisces man is a sensitive and intuitive lover. He is highly empathetic and in tune with his lover’s needs, to the point his partners lose themselves in him.

To create the perfect relationship with this zodiac sign there needs to be an understanding of his hidden needs and what he craves from his partner in love.

Physical attraction is of course important, but it is the emotional bond that will weather the test of time.

Understanding the Pisces man’s Secret Obsession will not only give you the key to his heart but also a lifetime of making you the only woman of his dreams.

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