Taurus Men in Relationships – What You Need To Know

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Last Updated on October 8, 2021

Taurus men in relationships are known for being stubborn and set in their ways. They’re also generous, loyal, and determined to get what they want.

Taurus men need a partner who can help them relax and let go of some control.

Understanding the challenges these guys face will make you less frustrated with him when he is difficult or unappreciative of your efforts. You may even find yourself admiring him more than ever!

What’s it like dating a Taurus man? What should I know?

These tips will help you understand and deal with the challenges that come up in relationships between two different zodiac signs: Learn how to work together as an equal team so that both partners feel satisfied.

The Taurus man is usually a quiet and patient man. He will give you the time to come around and he won’t rush you into anything.

The one thing he does not tolerate well is being ignored, which means it’s important for his partner to show they love often, but do it in their own way.

You’ll need to find out what that looks like before things go bad because if they’re mad at you, there isn’t much that can be done until they cool down again. If this sounds like something you want then read on!

Are you in love with a Taurus man and you’re wondering what he is like in a relationship? If so, please read on.

If you love the silent and strong type, I’m sure you will love the Taurus character.

What’s more, a Taurus man in relationships is loyal, patient, dependable, and persistent, but they are also very stubborn, materialistic, possessive, and self-indulging. A Taurus guy is also very sensible and is usually down to earth, and very practical.

Taurus man desires to date a woman of high standards and not a woman who is after a one-night stand. So, Taurus men in relationships tend to investigate a woman cautiously and patiently.

They love to take their time before making a decision to approach or get into a relationship with a woman. In addition, a Taurus man will not tell you honestly what he feels.

Expect him to be cold towards you before he finally discloses his hidden side.

Taurus Men In Relationships – 5 Things You Need To Know

Taurus Man In Friendship

If you’re looking to form a non-committed or casual relationship with a guy, then a Taurus man is your go-to guy.

Taurus men make excellent friends, which is one of their distinguishing characteristics.

If you have interacted with a Taurus male, one thing you must have noticed is that they have a few close friends as opposed to a large number of acquaintances.

A Taurus guy holds dear just a few people, and those people are often protected and guarded.

One thing you will notice with a Taurus boyfriend is that he will treat you like family. He will also be fiercely dependable and loyal.

Although Taurus men are not very social, they like to host.

They tend to be shy around strangers. However, when a Taurus fella lets you into his life, you will be pampered and treated lavishly.

Taurus men also have a hidden side that few women know about. They have a deep yearning to be appreciated by the woman they love.

This emotional yearning is sometimes overlooked and ignored but is one of the strongest desires a Taurus guy has.

Relationship expert James Bauer has studied this hidden desire in a Taurus man and found it can create true love for any woman who implements it.

James has recorded a video that explains this desire. If you have the hots for a Taurus guy I think it will be worth finding out about His Secret Obsession.

How Taurus Man Behaves When In Love

It takes time for a Taurus crush to reveal his love through words as well as in actions. Taurus guys are very careful about relationships.

If you want to win the heart of a Taurus guy, it is important that you help him make up his mind by being gentle and laid back.

Your Taurus crush desires a secure and sound relationship, particularly when he is pursuing love.

He wants to take as much time as he feels is necessary in order to cement a lasting and faithful relationship.

In other words, the passionate Taurus man wants to spend all his time getting to know everything about you.

Taurus men are traditionalists in nature. Therefore, they can be devastatingly possessive.

In addition, a Taurus lover will not want to give you freedom, which can deny the two of you an opportunity to form a lasting and committed relationship.

Another interesting thing about a Taurus male in love is that once he loves you, he will love you deeply. Taurus men always keep it real.

They dislike artificiality and he will always be honest and upfront with you regarding his feelings.

So, you will definitely know if your Taurus crush is in love with you because he will make you the center of his world.

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When In Bed

Are you wondering what sex is like with a Taurus man? Well, Taurus guys enjoy sex. They consider it as something that should not only be natural but also wholesome and fun.

Taurus men in bed like to take things slowly. So, sex with a Taurus male should not be rushed.

A Taurus male views friendship, love, and sex as inseparable components of a relationship.

Therefore, sex is a natural next step in an ongoing and successful relationship.

If you’re worried that your Taurus crush will have sex with you for one night and then dump you, don’t be. Taurus men tend to abhor one-night stands.

Your Taurus guy will take his sweet time before taking you to bed, but when he is fully turned on, you will not have enough of him.

The erogenous zone of Taurus men is the throat and the neck.

Kissing his neck and running your fingers all over the back of his neck, as well as kissing his throat will definitely make your Taurus boyfriend crazy.

Taurus men are sexually stimulated by a partner whispering in his ear. Not just any old words without meaning but the erotic suggestions that he finds hard to resist.

Leading sexual relationship expert Felicity Keith explains the power of carefully chosen words and exactly how and when to use them.

Felicity has recorded a video that you can watch by clicking on this link to understand more about The Language of Desire.

With regard to the sex position, Taurus guy prefers to have sex in the missionary style, but he does not mind exploring new techniques.

If you like vigorous sex, then rest assured that you will get it from your Taurus lover. Taurus man is famous for his ability to endure even when in between the sheets.

Your Taurus lover wants to please you and nothing gives him pleasure like knowing that he makes you happy.

Taurus men love foreplay. He will want to take his time to please you before making sweet love to you. However, you need to reciprocate the favor, but it is important to know what works for Taurus man.

When In Love

If you want to keep a Taurus male interested in you, it is important to know what works for him. Taurus men are a bit slow on the uptake.

They dislike innuendo. So, be patient if he does not respond to your suggestive remarks immediately.

In addition, Taurus men do not like flirting. So, it is important to note that your Taurus partner will not respond if you flirt your way into his pants.

Taurus guys are instinctively distrusting and anything that seems forced or dishonest can be a turn-off.

To learn how to keep a Taurus man always focused on you listen to James on His Secret Obsession here.

What’s more, if you want to attract a Taurus man and make him love you, show him your feminine side.

A Taurus guy is attracted to femininity and you can never go wrong with a dress that accentuates your curves. Subtlety is key when trying to win the heart of a Taurus man unless he is Venus in Taurus guy, in which case you can be more flirty and direct.

Taurus men may abhor artificiality, but they’re not averse to some glamour here and there.

Therefore, a little make-up, especially lipstick or a cherry lip balm, might be all you need to make your Taurus lover gravitate towards you.

Another critical thing you need to do in order to turn on a Taurus male is to wear perfume.

A fine perfume with a somewhat floral, fresh, and exotic smell will do the magic. Care should be taken though not to come across as tarty.

If you’re wondering the kind of dress to wear on that important date with a Taurus man, you can appeal to his senses by wearing a soft and sensually textured dress or outfit.

He finds pastel shades particularly enticing.

Other than how you look, you can also make a Taurus boyfriend fall in love by making him trust you.

As earlier mentioned, Taurus men are very distrustful and they want to be with a woman they can trust.

So, if you want to win the trust of a Taurus male, confiding in him will make him drop his guard.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to win the attention of a Taurus man and keep him forever, begin by earning his trust and making him feel comfortable around you.

What’s more, always remember those deceitful women never appeal to Taurus guys. So, do not lie to him no matter the circumstances because you will just push him away.

When in between the sheets discover how to turn him on so that he never needs to think about another woman. Listen to a short video as Felicity Keith explains The Language of Desire.

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