Venus in Taurus Man – The Hidden Truth

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Last Updated on August 18, 2021

The man with his Venus in Taurus is a grounded and sensual lover- one who is patient and attentive to his mate’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

This particular Venus placement makes this guy serious about all of his relationships, so needless to say, he is fiercely loyal and heavily invested in his and your future together.

This all sounds great, but watch out though, because the bull has a stubborn streak.

The Venus in Taurus Man Key Features


The man is affectionate, attentive, sensual, patient, and committed.


The negative aspects of Taurus can make him stuck in his ways. Also: stubborn, forceful, and domineering.

Ideal Partner

The Taurus man is perfect with a partner who is traditional, feminine, intelligent, and peaceful, who is a home-loving person and not too flamboyant.

Needs To Work On

It is great that the Taurus male knows what he wants and is determined to get it.
However, it is not so wonderful if it is at the expense of others.

It will help this man to take into consideration the feelings of those around him versus what he thinks he needs.

The Taurus Man Personality

The Taurus man is often accused of being stubborn, but how does this translate into a Venus placement?

Taurus is a loveable and loyal sign and in Venus, it only amplifies this nature.

While not super outgoing or boisterous in love, the Venus in Taurus man displays his affection in an easy-going, laidback manner.

He tends to be cool, calm, and collected, while still being flirty and charming.

This sign is known for indulging in pleasure, not necessarily in a reckless way- but do not get it twisted, he is a hedonist.

Taurus is a man of the senses- enjoyable sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. Since his Venus is in Taurus, this means sensuality with his lover specifically.

Taurus is one of the most domesticated signs and depending on other aspects of his chart, he prefers to stay at home with his partner. It is never a boring time because another mark of the Taurus is constructing a life of comfortable surroundings.

Venus in Taurus men are usually loyal and committed, they will almost always seek out partners who are looking for something that is long-term. It is a sign of their determination and stubbornness;

Earth signs are famous for long-term planning and goals. Venus represents love and money, so you can be sure that he is investing in all of the right things.

The above sounds prudent and effective, like the kind of man you want around. While he is exactly that, there are negative aspects to the bull such as his famous stubbornness.

The man knows what he wants and is determined to get it, so much so that he can be too stuck in his ways. While it is rare that he will show his hot temper, he can be dominating and forceful.

However, when this is at the expense of his partner, it is never fun.

Taurus man sitting at a table writing with his girlfriend.

Positive Traits

  • Affectionate
  • Loyal
  • Sensual
  • Determined
  • Patient

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn
  • Domineering
  • Forceful

What Attracts The Taurus Man?

The man with his Venus in Taurus is stricken by beauty, not the cover girl type or the beauty that is marketed to us in the western world- rather, being an earth sign, he is drawn to natural forms of inner beauty.

This man still loves a partner who takes good care of themselves though, just nothing over the top or too flashy.

In fact, taking care of yourself is key to attracting a Taurus man with his placement in Venus, especially in terms of health.

Being fit and somewhat in shape will go a long way with him. Mostly, it is about showing that you care about being healthy and possibly also you care about the environment.

The Taurus man is traditional and taken in by a woman’s femininity.

He seeks a partner who is more on the introverted side- soft-spoken and subdued with a gentle personality, someone who likes to spend time at home with him.

The Taurus man can be domineering, and will likely lead his romantic relationships. Therefore, an over-powering mate will turn this man off completely.

While he may prefer someone who is goal-oriented, he is not one for reversing gender roles.

Aside from looks and temperament, the Taurus man seeks an intelligent partner.

He needs someone with a smart sense of humor to banter with, also a good conversationalist, a person that possesses curiosity and has a wide range of intellectual interests.

Taurus is a domesticated sign and there may be a great deal of time spent at home depending on other aspects of his chart.

For this reason, the Taurus man with a placement in Venus is attracted to someone who shares similar interests as him. It could be said: if you can hang at home, then you can hang with him.

For a deeper understanding of the bull, and to gain more insight into his true feelings for you, I recommend you also read our article here on the signs Taurus man is falling in love with you.

Most Compatible With A Taurus Man

The man with his Venus in Taurus is most compatible with laidback partners who prefer to spend evenings at home with him.

Signs that seek out stability in relationships like most earth and water are his greatest matches. He is a long-term guy.
The zodiac signs he is most compatible with are Venus in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

It is important to remember that Venus is not the only indicator for astrological compatibility.

To take into better account a good match with Venus in Taurus, it is valuable to look at the complete natal chart as other aspects play vital roles.

Final Thoughts

Who knew the stubborn bull could be so charming? Well, for one, his partner, who has experienced his high sensuality, loving affection, and positive attention firsthand.

The Venus in Taurus man is looking for relationships he can invest in, because to him, love is for the long haul.

The Venus in Taurus is devoted and loyal, if not sometimes forceful. This is one of the hallmark signs for settling down and starting a family.

For the right astrological fit, he is the guy you want to build a life with.

Important Message From

If you have the hots for a Taurus man and want him to focus his attention on you, then the next couple of sentences may be the most important you read on the internet.

Understanding how this man thinks and acts in romantic situations is key to building his trust. Allowing him to make the running rather than pressurizing him, which may chase him away.

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