How To Make a Gemini Man Miss You

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Males born with this astrology sign are hopeless romantics and they’re usually all about grand gestures.

But learning how to make a Gemini man miss you, needs thinking about.

Naturally, they want a romantic partner who gets them and understands them- their humor, their need for freedom, their adventurous side, and their intellect.

They don’t just want a partner, but also a best friend for life.

A Gemini man can appear like the perfect partner. In fact, they sometimes seem too good to be true.

They are communicative, incredibly romantic and they’ll make you feel like the luckiest girl alive.

However, as always, there’s a catch.

The attention span of a Gemini isn’t that great and they’re incredibly picky with choosing their romantic partners.

In fact, you may be wondering what precisely you can do to make a Gemini man miss you?

Something that is overlooked by the majority of women is the fact that men think differently to women when it comes to matters of the heart.

A Gemini man has a hidden emotional need that gives him a constant feeling of never being able to give himself completely.

Once a woman understands this craving she can make him ‘click’ in a relationship and he will naturally want to prove to her that he loves her.

Someone who has studied this emotional need in a man is relationship expert James Bauer who has developed a program that has helped countless women.

Learning how to access a man’s desire for achievement is the key to him wanting to be with you.

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How To Make a Gemini Man Miss You

Change Your Routine

Routine isn’t exactly a Gemini man’s best suit and if you want him to miss you, you should try to mix things up and even change some aspects about yourself.

You could, for instance, change your hair, your makeup, your outfits, whichever you please.

Some people just naturally thrive at the element of change, and that’s what the Gemini man is.

It’s where they get their sociable and adventurous nature- they love change.

By changing some aspects of yourself every now and then, you’d be giving the Gemini man something to anticipate when you do see each other.

Every time you go for a date, the fact that you change things about yourself and spice things up a little is enough to make him want to see you.

If you’re already dating a Gemini man then you could even suggest a spontaneous trip on your next date. This would likely catch him off guard, and he will delight in the excitement of visiting a new place with you.

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Educate Yourself

There is nothing that astounds a Gemini man more than a woman that’s full of knowledge and intellect.

You don’t have to have been to university, just be aware of topical issues and interested in things that are going on around you.

A Gemini man is naturally an intellectual individual and they tend to have a broad knowledge of a lot of things.

This will probably be on topics as diverse as sport, politics, and current affairs.

Despite their adventurous exterior, they’re not as shallow as you think.

They thrive in-depth, substance, and intellect and that’s what Geminis adore the most in a potential romantic partner.

They want someone who gets them as well as for their thirst for knowledge.

They want a partner that’s smart and knows what they’re talking about when he’s telling you something, and not just a woman who agrees and nods.

To make a Gemini man miss you, you need to get his mind, more than any other part of him.

You know what they say, if you have his mind, the rest of him is yours.

This is why, you need to understand his hidden desires, which you can find out more about here in His Secret Obsession.

You shouldn’t act surprised if a Gemini can talk with you for hours if he finds that you’re someone with depth and substance, as he finds that quality rare especially in a romantic partner.

If he enjoys talking to you with knowledge and intellect, and he knows you get him, his mind is officially yours. A Gemini man will miss you if he knows you’re that woman.

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Why Is It Important To Spend Time Apart?

It is important to occasionally spend time apart because doing so tests the strength of the bond between you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You know what they say, nothing makes a person miss you more than when you spend some time apart.

With a Gemini man, it’s important you sometimes give your crush some space to allow him to recharge, or else, you’ll eventually run out of fresh things to talk about.

Deep conversations are important for a Gemini man, so he doesn’t just settle for small talk with anyone, especially you.

To make him really miss you, you need to go into your own individual spaces.

After all, how can he miss you when you’re constantly with him all the time?

It’s completely healthy to spend some time apart in a relationship and go spend time with your friends and family.

You can also use this time to do your hobbies and interests.

Spending time apart will make him realize just how much you fill him with life and love when you’re together, and he’ll miss the stories you’d eventually share when you get together.

This is why spending time apart also makes a Gemini man miss you – so your conversations will be full of life on your next proposed date.

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Be Unavailable, Sometimes

What can I say?

Freedom is in the nature of a Gemini man, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to let him get away- just like that.

The way to make a Gemini man miss you is to think that he’s your last focus.

In fact, it’s best if you’re completely focused on your own life and you have so little time left to worry if he misses you or not.

This isn’t some mind game, but it’s just how Geminis are wired, similar to the nature of a Sagittarius. If you want him to miss you, you have to make him think that you don’t.

Focus on your career, go on an adventurous trip, try a new hobby. Whatever it is, you should sometimes be unavailable.

The moment when they realize they’ve had enough freedom and you seem to be okay with giving that to them, that’s when the Gemini man comes back.

Don’t worry, if he loves you, he’ll always come back.

A Gemini guy is also a natural hopeless romantic, remember? They just can’t stand to be in one place for too long.

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Be Lighthearted And Carefree

The humor of a Gemini is lighthearted, so if anything, Gemini doesn’t go along with people who are stiff and tense.

They want someone to go along with their silly and crazy adventures, and someone who won’t hold them back.

Their worst nightmares are people who are overly serious and who don’t know how to lighten up.

Getting him to commit to you must come from it being his idea!

If you come across as too serious, too quickly will possibly drive him away.

To get a Gemini man to miss you, you need to get along with his humor.

He tends to be someone who likes practical jokes and revels with somebody who can make him laugh and not take themselves too seriously.

If you’re lucky, you’d even have the same humor as a Gemini.

Life, in general, can be serious enough, and they want someone to just laugh with and joke around- someone that can also be their best friend and life partner, all at once.

Below is a YouTube video that I found which may give you some more tips on making your Gemini crush miss you.

The video is presented by a leading relationship and dating expert, hope you like it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, above are the 5 significant ways on how to make a Gemini man miss you.

However, the key to making him want you, and only you are understanding his emotional hidden need and unlocking his passion.

Listen to relationship expert James as he explains A Man’s Secret Obsession.

A Gemini man, especially Venus in Gemini, is incredibly romantic. Once you understand him he will do everything to show you just how much he adores you.

One of the most sought-after signs in the zodiac for a relationship, their attention span is just really something they need to work on.

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