How To Get a Gemini Man Back After a Breakup So He Never Leaves You Again

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

If you think you have lost the love of your Gemini man and you want him back, there is a very specific way to do this using astrology as a guide.

Maybe you have had a bust-up, or you just think he is losing interest in you, but learning how to get a Gemini man back after a breakup, and into your life needs planning.

All guys have different personality traits depending on their astrology zodiac sign.

You can use this in order to get a Gemini man back if you have recently gone through a break-up.

The Gemini male born between May 21st – June 20th comes under the astrological sign of the twins and this is something that signifies that his life works better when in a pair.

This guy craves to be with a partner, but the relationship must blend well with his characteristics.

A breakup in a relationship can be caused by many things, but if you want to get back together with your Gemini crush you need to be honest with yourself and understand what went wrong.

This article will give you some tips to work on, but if you are looking for a quick fix the following will be of interest.

Amy North has spent many years studying the power of subliminal thoughts and how a man’s mind can be changed by carefully worded messages sent by text.

Sounds way out? I thought so too until I saw how many women had been helped to get their Gemini man back after a breakup.

You, like me, when going through the trauma of a breakup may feel down and depressed.

But you just need to remember that the good times you shared with your guy can be recreated once you are prepared to be open-minded to other possibilities.

This is when I discovered a program by relationship expert Amy North that creates a chemical reaction on the emotions of a man when reading these text messages.

If you would like to know more, you can listen to a video in which Amy explains Text Chemistry.

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How To Get a Gemini Man Back Into Your Life After a Breakup

To get a Gemini man back after a breakup, you need to relight the fires of desire that he once had for you.

Follow the tips in this article to re-create the bond you once shared.

Don’t Get Too Emotional

While Gemini men are usually quite well balanced, they are not good when it comes to emotional outbursts.

During a breakup, it is very easy for you to get emotional about the situation but this could push him further away at this moment in time.

If you can detach your emotions in order to speak with him in a logical way about things, that is ideal.

If, however, you are not in that place right now, you need to take a step back.

Let out your emotions by yourself or when you are with friends.

Avoid seeing him for a little while, until you are sure you can talk to him without getting angry or bursting out into tears.

Being emotional at this point is only going to make things worse so make sure you have a clear head before you start talking to him again.

Once you have thought things through you will have a plan of action to remedy what has gone wrong.

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Make Him Laugh Again

Gemini men are known to be very charismatic and sharp-witted.

The likelihood is that during your relationship, you spent much of your time together laughing.

It is really important that you get that back again and this might involve becoming friends first.

When you are friends, you can share jokes and you can use your personality to remind him of what made him fall in love with you in the first place.

In addition to making him laugh, don’t bring up the breakup or anything negative.

The great thing about becoming friends first means that there is no added pressure on the situation.

Become a little mysterious so that he is intrigued to find out more about the real you.

You are much likely to get a Gemini man back if you are positive and happy around him.

Breaking down the barriers of what went wrong can sometimes be rectified by simple text messages sent with the words that work.

Getting your Gemini man to reconnect to you could be simple.

If you want to know how! listen to Amy North in a video entitled Text Chemistry.

Be More Spontaneous

When the opportunity presents itself to meet up with your man it is important that you try your best for things to be fresh.

A man with the personality traits of a Gemini can easily get bored in a relationship if there is too much routine.

Show your Gemini crush that you are more spontaneous and making a life together will be a lot more interesting.

Surprise him with days out, fun activities, and things that perhaps you didn’t do together previously.

When he sees that you do not follow routines as strongly as before, he is more likely to want to be in a relationship with you again.

Of course, you must always be true to yourself, but showing your independent side will raise his interest.

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Get a New Hobby Or Interest

One of the characteristics of Gemini men is that they quickly get absorbed into anything they find interesting.

When you too have a new hobby, he is going to see this as very appealing.

It could be joining a gym or a club, but it will show you are not totally reliant on him.

Something like this shows that you are not mourning over your split and instead are taking steps to move on with your life and this is one of the ways to get the Gemini man back.

He wants a woman in his life who is quite similar to him and this means being independent and having many things that keep you busy.

Perhaps show off your new hobby via social media and you can guarantee that your Gemini ex is going to take notice.

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Look Good And Flirt

When you have established a friendship with him again, it’s time to take things up a notch to get the Gemini man back.

A guy born with this astrological sign like a flirt, and looking good is something that all guys are going to notice.

Perhaps give yourself a makeover, try a new style, or do something that makes him take notice for all the right reasons.

Maybe you know that he loves a certain outfit on you so next time you see him, wear it.

This alone should be a big hint that you are interested in something happening.

Some casual flirting will remind him of your history together and you should know by his response to your flirting if he is also feeling the same way.

Texting has now become the modern way to communicate as long as it is done in the right way.

If you want to send the right message check out the video by Amy North on Text Chemistry.

Tell Him What You Want

If you have been doing all the other steps above to get your Gemini man back, he should be ready to give things a go again at this point.

Just play it cool and don’t try to push the pace by doing anything that may seem like pressure to him.

Gemini men are very straightforward so it’s time to just come up with how you feel and suggest a trial reconciliation.

Don’t make this long-winded and don’t make it sound serious. Just ask him if he wants to start casually dating again.

Whatever caused the breakup in the first place needs to be understood.

Remember, to have a look at the video by Amy North in which she explains the wording that can be sent by text to make your Gemini guy start to obsess over you. Text Chemistry.

If you prefer to watch and listen to a video rather than read, I came across this YouTube video which you may find helpful.

It gives some more insights into the characteristics of a Gemini guy.

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Final Thoughts

You now have all the tools you need to get your Gemini man back so it’s time to start working your magic.

Something that you do need to keep in mind is that not all relationships are the same and not all relationships are savable.

If he isn’t falling for the above tips, ask yourself if he is a man that you really need in your life anyway?

Sometimes, just accepting that things are not meant to open new doors of opportunity.

You are a uniquely beautiful person, and there is someone out there for everybody.

If you haven’t done so already take my tip and listen to Amy North, as she explains in a video the way to mend a relationship after a breakup. Good luck!

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