Ways To Make a Taurus Man Miss You

Woman looking into a mirror wishing her Taurus man would miss herIf you have fallen for a handsome, charismatic man born with the astrology zodiac sign of the Bull, then you are probably wondering about ways to make a Taurus man miss you when you are apart.

The thing about a Taurus man is that he can be very adept at creating an air of mystery around himself if he feels he is being pressured to do something he is not yet ready for.

So, if you are feeling he is not as attentive as you would like, read on for ways to make him focus more on you.

A man born between April 20th and May 20th under the masculine sign of the Bull has traits indicating a reserved, strong-minded personality which can make him stubborn. He tends to have high ideals and very much sees himself as the alfa male.

Getting a Taurus man to fall in love and constantly miss you when you are not around, needs to be created, by you feeding his thoughts with ideas of your desire to be supported by him. A Taurus man has a strong desire to be protective of his partner and this need requires to be cultivated.

Taurus man is not exactly the attentive kind, even though he longs for love and stability. This astrology sign in a male has a deep-rooted desire, an obsession, in fact, to be a provider and protector of his mate. However, he is not looking for a needy woman who wants to captivate his free spirit.

A world-renowned guru who has studied this hidden craving in a Taurus man is expert James Bauer who spent years working to understand why this male zodiac sign acts the way he does. His conclusion is that a Taurus man wants to be recognized as a hero within a relationship.

Sounds way out? I thought so too until I spoke to many women who had achieved spectacular results in getting a Taurus man to miss them using James’s method.

Don’t just take my word for it! James has produced a short video in which he tells you the power of his technique. Discover for yourself the simple steps to take to make a Taurus man miss you and want to be with you forever, by listening to this video His Secret Obsession here.

Read on to discover more tips that you can introduce into your relationship, to make your Taurus crush more attentive and totally focused on you.

Proven Ways To Make A Taurus Man Miss You

Become His Closest Friend

Taurus man and a woman eating ice cream cones and laughingOne of the major keys to a perfect relationship is friendship. If your partner becomes your best friend and vice-versa, there is nothing you two can’t overcome.

Taurus values someone who can understand his stubborn nature and most of all, he appreciates if you can share his views and believes.

You do not need to overwhelm him with anything, you just need to be his buddy as well as his lover.

He is always striving for a balanced life, and a relaxed time with his significant other so he can ‘open up’ and confide in you. Just be yourself around him and show him that you can be fun and caring at the same time.

A Taurus man wants a partner who listens and cares about his views, someone who doesn’t judge him and stays at his side no matter what. A woman who is both independent and affectionate without being demanding.

Your Taurus crush could text you all day long about how much they miss you, but in reality, it is only because you are important to them and they know what you want to hear. Do not get discouraged as there are a few things that you can do so that your Taurus man misses you at every minute and every hour.

Give Him His Own Space

Smiling woman in red dress pointing her finger confident in giving a Taurus man some spaceIf you are constantly spending time together, you are giving your Taurus man no reason to miss you.

You both need to have a certain amount of separate social lives so that your relationship does not become monotonous.

You need to have your own interests, friends, and dreams which do not always include him.

Some Taurus men might not like seeing you go out without them while some will be happy and supportive if you have your own time. Make sure he understands how honest you are, and 100% avoid trying to make him jealous.

It is a recognized trait that a Taurus man will want you more if you are less available to him. He will not miss you that much if you get him used to always being there.

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Make Him Miss You Through Your Appearance

There is one simple, and yet extremely effective thing that you can do to make your Taurus man will miss you ardently. Take advantage of your feminine side, always dress to impress him, and wear perfume that you know he loves.

You can spray his sheets and even leave a pair of panties with your scent on them. The moment he finds them he will not stop thinking of you and therefore miss you deeply.

In a way, you are marking your territory and he sure loves that. Your appearance has also a big impact on a Taurus man because he will soon lose interest if you keep wearing your sweatpants and you are neglecting your looks.

Make him remember your last outfit by putting an effort into always looking sexy, beautiful, and tidy so he will constantly look forward to seeing you. A Taurus man will never stop thinking about you if your appearance and perfume are on point.

What a Taurus Man Wants In a Relationship

Couple laughing as he puts his arms around herWhen it comes to love and relationships a Taurus man is one of the most straightforward of signs.

He is looking for stability, affection, appreciation, and a comfortable and even luxurious life next to a loving and understanding partner.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus which indicates a feminine earthside. This tends to make the male both gentle and fierce or strong and insecure.

A Taurus man wants to feel secure when in a relationship with you, without feeling suffocated. He wants to know that he can put all his trust in you and avoid any emotional upsets further down the line.

Understanding these qualities should give you the recipe for a permanent happy partnership, with respect on both sides. Guarantee that you know how to make a Taurus man miss you, by listening to a short video that tells you about His Secret Obsession.

Be Confident

A Taurus will always be attracted to a woman who is independent, strong, and confident. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and does all the hard work to get there.

If you are self-confident and independent you considerably reduce his stress levels which makes him more comfortable and protected around you.

If you have work, or hobbies that keep you away from him for a while, don’t give them up because he will definitely miss you more when you are not there for him all the time.

He will be more confident in your relationship if he sees you are both working hard on your goals and he will most certainly love to see you are fierce, yet the sensitive woman who can still maintain her femininity.

Subtle Text Messages

Smiling woman reading text message to send to a Taurus manSomething that works well with getting a Taurus man to miss you is text messages that contain subliminal meanings that are absorbed into his thinking.

Messages with carefully crafted words that leave a deep impression on his mind.

Care needs to be taken with this because continuous rambling messages will have completely the opposite effect and just make him switch off.

Firstly, when it comes to texting it is also advisable to keep him waiting. He will not have a reason to miss you if you are constantly in contact with him and you should wait before texting him or replying to him.

Secondly, he does like to know everything you are doing when you are away. You can send him every so often a well-thought message or some photos of you to make him feel more connected to you.

You can drive him crazy if you send him a few sexy pictures of yourself but these need to be subtle and in no way cheap or lewd. When you next meet, you will understand how much he missed you.

If you need a little help and want to know the exact subliminal messages to send, you may find it useful to listen to dating expert Amy North. Amy has developed a program called Text Chemistry which uses text messages to raise the passion of a man.

These carefully worded texts have been successfully used to sow the seeds of desire in a man’s mind, making him desperate to be with the woman who sent them. Messages like these have also been used to repair broken relationships.

Be careful, though, not to exaggerate with your texts or photos because you would want him to keep coming back for more not to push him away. Before using this method of text it is advisable to listen to what an expert has to say, and you can do that by listening to Text Chemistry here.

I recently came across this YouTube video by a young woman who tells you more about how to make a Taurus man miss you.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to make a Taurus man miss you is not as difficult as it may first seem. Although he appears on the surface to have complex characteristics, comprehending what he craves from a relationship will give you the key to his heart.

The deep-rooted desires of a Taurus man, and what he really wants from a relationship, can be summed up by understanding a basic need he has. You have to provide the missing ingredient that he craves, and you can do that by knowing about His Secret Obsession.

Looking For More Help With a Taurus Man?

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