How to Win a Virgo Man Back After a Breakup

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Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Breakups can be hard, but even if you’ve gone your separate ways there is still hope for reconciliation.

How to win a Virgo man back takes patience and effort, but it is possible if you follow the right proven path.

While winning him back won’t happen overnight, following a few key steps may help you re-establish your connection and get him to open up again.

From giving him space to reigniting the spark of romance, this guide will show you how to win a Virgo man back after a breakup.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Be Patient: Learning how to win a Virgo man back after a breakup takes time.

A Virgo man will need time to process his emotions after a breakup, so don’t expect him to come back right away. Give him the space he needs and be patient with him.

2. Show Respect: Virgo values respect above all else, so make sure you are respectful of his feelings and decisions during this difficult time.

3. Listen Carefully: When your Virgo man does open up to you, listen carefully and try to understand where he is coming from.

This will show that you care about his feelings and can help build trust between the two of you again.

4. Apologize: If you were at fault for the breakup, apologize sincerely and let him know that you regret your actions and want to make things right again.

5. Make an Effort: Show your Virgo man that you are willing to put in the effort to win him back by sending caring text messages like these.

The Best Way to Win a Virgo Man Back After a Breakup

Sowing seeds in his mind with properly worded texts can go a long way in helping rebuild your relationship with a Virgo man after a breakup.

Like any other loss, breaking up with someone you hold dear can be a devastating experience.

The end of a significant relationship can cause a lot of pain, confusion, anger, sadness, emptiness, and even fear.

Are you struggling with the above emotions? Are you wondering how to win a Virgo man back after a breakup?

If yes, I would like to help you win his love back.

To be able to regain the affection of your Virgo crush, it is critical that you take time to understand what has led to him walking away.

Did you have a row over something stupid or maybe you have been trying too hard to get a commitment from him?

You, like me, know only too well that a Virgo man can be stubborn and likes to take things at his own pace.

Learning how a Virgo guy behaves in a relationship and the kind of woman he wants, is the crucial first step in rekindling your love.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, always remember, you once shared fantastic times together, and by recreating those memories you can re-kindle the flames of desire.

The most important thing is finding a way of staying in touch so that he knows you care, but also that you give him time to realize how much he misses you.

Something that I found that has worked for many women in your situation is Text Chemistry.

This is a program that has been developed by dating and relationship guru Amy North.

Amy has created a technique of carefully crafted words, that can be sent via text, that is absorbed into the mind of a Virgo man, making him realize how much he has lost in the breakup.

Sounds way out? I thought so too until I spoke to women who have successfully used this system to repair their broken relationships.

Decide for yourself if this proven technique holds the key to your future happiness with your Virgo crush.

Amy has prepared a short video in which she explains the power of Text Chemistry here.

For instance, Virgo men love to take things slowly, particularly in the affairs of the heart.

Rushing him and pushing him to accept you back will worsen the situation, and that is not what you want.

I will give you more insights into Virgo’s man characteristics to help you decode his actions.

I will also tell you how you can write meaningful text messages with the help of the Text Chemistry program by Amy North.

How To Get Your Virgo Man Back After a Breakup

Being aware of Virgo’s inner personality can help you to successfully navigate the process of winning him back.

Although Virgo men tend to have different characteristics, they still have common traits.

For instance, Virgo men can be stubborn, unrealistic, and very analytical.

They are usually cautious and want to feel in charge of any situation that they find themselves in.

This is the reason why things have to be taken slowly.

Chasing after him is not a good idea because it takes away his natural instinct to make his own decisions.

You need to find a way of keeping yourself in his awareness so that he misses you and spurs him into finding ways to get you back.

Your Virgo crush might want to take things slowly because he wants to figure things out before he can commit again.

He might also want to take things slowly because he is afraid of getting hurt again.

Another defining trait of Virgo men is that they can be shy and reserved.

They tend to keep their feelings under wraps. This makes it difficult to tell how he feels about the breakup or getting back together.

Using the subtle techniques of text chemistry will allow you to sow the seeds of desire in his mind so that he is the one doing the chasing.

To find out the exact messages that will have him desperate to be with you, listen to Amy as she explains in this video here.

Man about to kiss his woman after a breakup

What A Virgo Man Wants In A Woman

A man born under the zodiac sign of Virgo desires a woman who is confident, independent, and patient.

He wants to be with a woman who is not afraid to be herself.

Before trying to win back the attention of a Virgo guy, it is important that you examine yourself.

Do you have the qualities that he desires in a woman?

Have you been behaving like the irresistible woman he wants for a soul mate? These pertinent questions can help you work on your personality.

It is advisable that you find time to reflect and reassess yourself.

Be Patient

You might be feeling empty and lonely, but it is important that you cultivate patience. Virgo men admire patient women.

Remember both of you are still dealing with the stress of the breakup.

You need to be emotionally healthy to be able to have a logical and rational conversation.

Slow down so that you don’t ruin your chances of winning him back.

Try to control the desire to chase and rush him because you may well scare him away. Instead, make him chase you with these tips.

Give Him Space

I highly encourage you to give him space. It might be tempting to visit him, or “accidentally on purpose” bump into him where you used to hang out together but resist the urge to do it.

Avoid calling or sending pleading texts that just make you look needy and dependent on him.

Learn the effective way of texting in this how-to video that can trigger a psychological desire for you.

Space will also help both of you to think things through and avoid behaving in ways you might later regret.

Keep yourself busy and avoid the temptation to contact him.

If you are not around then it will cause him to start to wonder what you are doing, and if you’re okay.

The more time he has to wonder about you, the more likely he will be to want to reach out to you.

If you want more tips to get him to think of you when you’re not around, see our article here on how to make a Virgo man miss you.

Avoid Being Clingy or Needy

It is normal to feel lonely and desperate post-breakup.

However, Virgo men tend to gravitate towards emotionally stable women.

It is important that you avoid acting insecure, intense, and overly needy.

Avoid being dramatic and playing emotional games.

Seek to create healthy boundaries when interacting with your Virgo crush.

Having a sense of independence is certainly sexy. It is a trait that can help you win back the attention of a Virgo male.

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Take Care Of Your Appearance

The pain, anxiety, and stress of breaking up can deter you from taking care of yourself.

However, another effective tip for how to get a Virgo man back after a breakup is by looking good for him.

Looking chic and sexy for a Virgo man can lure him and make him change his perception of you.

You can make yourself appealing by revamping your hair and upgrading your wardrobe. Clothes that accentuate your curves will certainly catch his eye.

Communicate Through Text

The Text Chemistry program will help you gain perspective about what may have gone wrong in your relationship.

You will learn how to compose powerful text messages that resonate with your situation.

You will also be able to write messages that will make him develop interest and deep feelings of attraction and connectedness.

You will be able to reignite romance by sending him messages that speak to his subliminal mind.

Be Open

Virgo guys tend to be attracted to confident women who are not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings.

Do not assume that your crush knows what you are going through without him.

If you want him to forgive you, it is important not to keep your thoughts and emotions bottled up. Be sure to apologize if you are in the wrong.

If you are not comfortable sharing your feelings and thoughts face to face, consider expressing them via text.

Your honesty will go a long way in winning back his attention.

The YouTube video below gives you some more tips to improve your attitude on how to win a Virgo man back after a breakup.

Final Thoughts

There might be multiple reasons why you broke up with your Virgo crush. No matter the reason, a breakup can be confusing, stressful, painful, and hard.

Being alone can trigger feelings of emptiness and make your life seem meaningless.

I truly understand how you might be feeling right now, so I hope the tips in this article will give you encouragement and a way forward.

I would like to recap briefly on how to get a Virgo man back after a breakup. The first secret is to take things slowly.

Remember a Virgo guy doesn’t like to be chased, pushed, or rushed. Do not act needy or clingy because you will scare him away.

Give him space so that he can figure things out and want to see you again.

As you wait for him to re-evaluate his feelings for you, take time to re-evaluate yourself too.

Work on your self-confidence, patience, and physical appearance.

With the help of the Text Chemistry program by Amy North, you can make yourself irresistible through text messages by listening to a short video here.

The program will teach you how to compose text messages that speak directly to your man’s subconscious mind.

Want to Know More Ways How to Win a Virgo Man Back?

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