When a Sagittarius Man Ignores You

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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

When a Sagittarius man ignores you, it can be confusing and even hurtful. You may feel like he’s playing a game or that he doesn’t care about your feelings.

However, understanding the traits of a Sagittarius man can help you make sense of why he might be ignoring you and how to handle the situation.

Read on to learn more about why a Sagittarius man might ignore you and what steps you can take to get his attention back. Also why he needs this special something in a relationship?

5 Key Takeaways

1. A Sagittarius man may ignore you due to his independent nature and need for freedom.

2. He might be avoiding conflict or trying to manage his emotions before engaging in a conversation with you.

3. His ignoring behavior can also be a sign that he needs some space or isn’t feeling emotionally connected to you right now.

4. To regain a Sagittarius man’s attention, give him some space, be patient, and don’t take his behavior personally.

5. Showing your understanding and respect for the Sagittarius man’s need for independence can help re-establish the connection between the two of you.

Ruled by Mercury, the Sagittarius man is usually expansive, thirsty for knowledge, adventurous, and explorative. This man creates an impression of true freedom in every sense of the word.

So, how come he has not been keeping himself free for you?

In order not to scare him off completely, you first need to understand why the male with this zodiac sign retreats into his shell from time to time.

Then, knowing exactly what to do when a Sagittarius man ignores you, will help you, to save face and get his attention back on you once more.

Read on to find out how! To play to his moods so he sees you as the only woman he wants to be with, and enable you to build the perfect life with your dream Sagittarius guy.

What Does it Mean When a Sagittarius Man Ignores You?

The Sagittarius guy goes where his inspiration takes him, leaving many confused by his spontaneous actions.

Believe it or not, there is rhyme to his reason, but it is sometimes difficult for others to appreciate.

He Needs his Freedom

Unlike more sensitive signs that require their “space”, the Sagittarius man needs his freedom.

The difference between the two is that he probably is not at home decompressing, but rather doing whatever he wants with no bounds, or anyone to hold him back.

This does not mean he is out cheating, so please do not misunderstand me here.

It could be something as simple as “going for ice cream” just because he felt like it.

He is spontaneous and adventurous, and if he feels limited in any capacity he will just get up and go with no explanation.

If things become “too samey” or too much of a set routine, it could make him feel he is being caged or manipulated.

The Sagittarius male has a free spirit, so any woman wanting a long-term relationship must convince him that it was his idea to make the running.

Whether you are trying to get a Sagittarius man to ask you out for the first time, or you have been dating and you think he is losing interest in you, understanding his need to be seen as a man, is paramount to winning his love.

Something that explains this hidden desire is a program called His Secret Obsession which any woman with romantic designs on a Sagittarius man should know about.

You can listen to a short video here, and make up your own mind and decide if this is key to your future happiness?

Man ignoring a woman as they sit and drink red wine

He is Off on an Adventure

The Sagittarius man might as well keep his bags packed permanently the way he can just run out the door and go at a moment’s notice.

Some more brave souls have the energy to keep up with this lifestyle, but if you blink an eye, he may be gone before you even get the chance to tag along.

This is just his way and nothing to be overly concerned about. If you do not pressure him, it will only be a matter of time before he recognizes you as a respectable adventure companion and calls you up to go with him.

He is Busy

Sometimes the explanation for the things that drive us the craziest is the simplest. For some, such as the highly sociable and exciting Sagittarius, life may have just taken over.

It happens to us all. In these instances, it can be difficult to keep track of friends, family, loved ones, and even sweethearts.

If this is what’s happening in your situation then you need to make yourself more of a priority in his mind.

This needs to be done with care as you don’t want him feeling he is being manipulated.

Take a look at this short video by relationship expert James Bauer who explains the easy solution here.

He is Unsure of the Relationship

Sagittarius men — unlike the other fire signs — are not quick to jump into relationships.

Do not get me wrong, they like to be in them just as long as they do not stifle their expression of freedom in any way. He more than anyone understands that compatibility is key.

The main thing the Sagittarius man needs to know about someone before shacking up with them is that they are not needy or clingy, that they have their own thing going on and will add value to his life.

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He’s Not Interested

It could be that he is not interested. Look, I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but we have all been there at some point, whether we want to admit it or not. It is just a fact of life.

If your Sagittarius man is not interested and he somehow forgot to tell you this, he may not even be worth your time after all.

But wait, do not be so quick to act just yet. Not until you try out the tips below.

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How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Stop Ignoring You

Ignoring comes naturally to the Sag, even if it is not intentional or mean-spirited. Hopefully, your guy’s reasons are pure. Here are some ways to find out.

Let Him Know You are Independent

So, your situation seems like a bit of a cache-22? Well, I hear you.

You are hesitant to reach out to your Sag guy because he might think you are clingy in doing so, and you also want to demonstrate to him your independence.

What in the world to do? First off, do not get on his case about it. He will only read this as neediness and that will repel him.

Lastly, just show and prove- live your life.

And by the way, just the mere fact that you are not trying to smother him shows him that you are independent.

Give him a bit of time to realize this, he will love you more than before.

Tie this in with providing him the overriding thing he wants in a relationship, and you will have the key to his heart.

Text Him

Not just any update, let him know what you have got going on. What better way to show him you know how to live your own life than to straight-up tell him about it.

But do not be fake or look to gloat. The Sagittarius man will sniff that out in a second and not like it.

Also, do not forget to ask about him. Whatever you do, do not pressure the guy any, or scold him for being off and about.

The Sagittarius male is usually a deep thinker so how does a woman sow the seeds of desire in his mind to make him focus on her?

Before texting a Sagittarius man to get his attention or to try to win his affection back after a row or even a breakup, care must be taken with the correct words that connect with his emotional subconscious mind.

Texting can be fun, but it can also be a massive turn-off for a guy receiving endless messages with no real meaning.

If you want to open a line of communication to stop a Sagittarius man from ignoring you, then you may find Text Chemistry here, a really useful tool.

Let Him See You Out Having Fun

Similar to living your life, but this is more specific. Since he is an extroverted social butterfly, find out where he is going to be and make sure that you are there too.

The goal is to have him see you doing your own thing.

Let him scope out how much fun you have on your own, that you do not need him and can socialize with others; meet and dazzle new people.
This is likely how he met you in the first place anyway, and you should already know that this is his weak spot- fun and interesting people.

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Take Him on One of Your Adventures

This one is all-encompassing, a complete win-win when executed correctly.

Asking him to go out and try something new and exciting will not only pique his interest in the activity itself, it will get him interested in you for being so alike to him, but in your own way.

The Sagittarius man will respect this move. It shows that you are one of him- another free soul looking for some excitement.

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Walk Away

If you have tried any combination of the above and your Sagittarius honey is still ignoring you, it may be time to throw – in the towel on him.

He keeps walking away from you, so you should not feel so bad about doing the same to him.

However, before you do anything rash, make sure you have checked out about His Secret Obsession. Understanding this one thing about a Sagittarius guy is the key to your lover’s heart.

Final Thoughts

The Sagittarius male is a rather likely sign to go M.I.A. and should actually be expected on occasion.

It is nothing to ring the alarm about, honestly, if you know what to do when a Sagittarius man ignores you.

You can either give him some room to roam free for a bit, or you can pull him back in with enticing offers of excitement and adventure. The choice is yours.

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