How To Get a Sagittarius Man Back After a Breakup

Tips to get a Sagittarius man back after a breakup

Are you are going through the early stages of a breakup but you want your Sagittarius man back as the loving guy he used to be?

You have to be honest with yourself and look at all possibilities as to why the relationship has fallen apart.

It takes two to tango! as the saying goes.

This article will explain 5 tips to get a Sagittarius man back after a breakup and also how to repair any emotional damage.

While shining a light on what went wrong can initially create some emotional turmoil. Having a clear picture of what needs to change, on both sides, is the best place to start.

Whether a couple has just drifted apart or if the breakup was caused by an indiscretion by either party the hurt is still the same.

You, like me, know the despair of feeling alone and possibly regretting the things that were done or said that brought about this parting of the ways.

But don’t give up too quickly I am going to give you some proven tips on how to get a Sagittarius man back after a breakup.

A man born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius has characteristics, which I’m sure you know, makes him fun-loving, and always looking for adventure. These traits make him attractive to women but lead him to become quickly bored.

His free spirit is something that cannot be caged, and he will always rebel and look for new adventures if he feels boxed in. Is it possible that you were putting pressure on him to commit? Or inadvertently taking him for granted?

Whatever the reason for the breakup it is important that some form of communication is maintained so that you don’t drift further apart. A Sagittarius man hates needy women so pleading for reconciliation will lose his respect and fall on deaf ears.

However, there is a program that has had great results for the scores of women in a similar situation.

I recently discovered a study by a leading relationship expert named Amy North who has developed a series of messages that can be sent via text.

Amy’s program can be adapted, depending on the situation, to send messages with subliminal meanings that are absorbed into the mind of the receiver. Which is the first of 6 tips on how to get a Sagittarius man back after a breakup?

I obviously don’t know if this program will help your situation as everyone is different. However, I am impressed enough with the feedback from many women to recommend listening to a short video in which Amy herself explains her method.

Before reading the rest of this article you may find it helpful to listen to Amy here in Text Chemistry.

Moving on, I hope the following information will help you re-build bridges and find happiness again.

Ways To Get a Sagittarius Man Back After A Breakup

woman in hat and scarf looking very independantBe Independent

As I’m sure you have found out in the past, your Sagittarius guy is very independent and this is one of the traits he looks for in a woman within a relationship.

No matter how hurt you are feeling at the moment you must be strong and show him you are capable of moving on if need be.

The man born under Sagittarius with its sign of the Centaur archer is very much the hunter and wants to assume the role of choosing who he is attached to. He is his own man and because of his adventurous spirit wants to call the shots.

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Allow Him Some Space

As I have stated above your Sagittarius crush is a free spirit who relishes the freedom of will and expression. It is always tempting to push yourself onto him because of his outgoing personality and zest for life.

The Sagittarius guy has an eagerness to want to explore every opportunity that life offers him so you have to allow him this freedom to discover you.

This is why you need to give him time to re-assess the situation but also let him know you are still available to him.

Show him you are independent and a challenge and find a way of reminding him of the good times you shared. Possibly Amy North’s Text Chemistry can help you with this?

Try To Work Things Out Together

If you can open up communications with your Sagittarius guy you may well find another of his characteristics coming to the surface. Although he is confident and independent he is also a person who is not destined to be alone in life.

Finding a relationship with the right woman will show him, to be honest, reliable, and true to the one he loves.

It is definitely better to try to find a way of talking things over and becoming friends before attempting to establish a romantic connection. If you can do this you may well be surprised at the reasons in his mind that caused the breakup.

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man smiling as woman knots his tieControl Any Jealousy

Because a Sagittarius guy has a very extrovert and outgoing personality he tends to act as a sort of magnet to different people.

He tends to be the type of guy who is easily approachable and has a wide circle of acquaintances.

This can make some women resentful that he is not showing them enough attention.

There is a balancing act to be achieved in a relationship with a Sagittarius man.

Allowing his natural personality to shine through and at the same time not being taken for granted and falling in with everything he wants. Just remember, jealousy is a major topic of any dispute with a Sag guy.

Don’t Play The Guilt Card

In the majority of cases, a breakup is caused by two people drifting apart over time and taking each other for granted. Even if the split was caused by another person coming onto the scene, distractions may have arisen from familiarity.

If you want to get your Sagittarius man back you need to rise above blaming him for everything that has occurred. Even if it is you who has caused the split it is sometimes all too easy to convince yourself that he was to blame.

Avoid the blame game, concentrate on the positives, and try to start again learning from experience.

I recently came across this Youtube video which explains how a Sagittarius man acts in a breakup. This may give you some more tips to understand your particular situation.

I hope it helps to give you some guidance in re-establishing your relationship.

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Final Thoughts

Being involved in a breakup is sometimes a life-changing experience. The realization that you are on your own rather than with someone who has always been there to support you can be traumatic.

This is a time to be as strong as you can because life always moves on.

If you have decided that your Sagittarius guy is the one, then you need to shake off the despair and depression and decide on a plan of action.

Resolve to become more independent by becoming more positive. You are a beautiful person with so much to offer.

Change your attitude so that if you make contact with your Sagittarius man he will see what he has missed out on.

No matter how serious the reason for the break, with understanding on both sides, anything can be given a second chance. Take a look at Amy North’s video on Text Chemistry which may give you some new ideas for breaking the ice.

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