Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You

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Last Updated on August 16, 2021

Have you got the hots for a guy with the zodiac star sign of the Archer?

Are you having trouble reading the signs a Sagittarius man likes you but maybe too shy to approach you?

Possibly it is hard to fathom out if a shy Sagittarius man likes you as he sometimes struggles in analyzing his own feelings.

A Sagittarius guy usually has a confident outgoing personality with a spirit for adventure, so it is doubly difficult to understand why he struggles when it comes to romance.

This star sign is known to want to be sure of a situation before moving forward and this may be giving the impression of shyness.

It is not uncommon for women to come up against this situation with a Sag guy.

You, like me, feel we don’t want to make the first move or do anything to put him off if he just needs time. So, how do we find out if he really likes you enough to start a relationship?

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Typical signs a Sagittarius man likes you

He Will Want To Share His Love Of Adventure

The zodiac sign for Sagittarius is associated with adventure and excitement, especially in the male.

When you break down his initial reserved barriers a sure sign that he likes you is sharing stories of distant places.

He will want to share his travel stories with you and will be looking to see if you share his enthusiasm.

Not only does a Sag man have a love for travel and adventure, but he is also heavily into physical activity.

This tends to include a healthy interest in most sports as a spectator and lots as a competitor. Outdoor activities like running, mountain biking, or skiing.

Anything that tests his physical capabilities and that includes events in the great outdoors, so he can use his abundance of energy.

A feeling of freedom is at the top of a Sagittarius man’s wish list.

They deplore conformity, so if he sees you are on the same wavelength as him which will encourage him to invite you into his world.

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The Comical Sagittarius Man

The man born with this star sign is known to have a flare of being a natural comic.

When he feels relaxed around you he will want to make you laugh.

Although a conscientious person the Sag guy has a tendency to be able to surf over life’s everyday problems.

You will know if he likes you because he will be looking for ways to establish your sense of humor.

Your Sag crush is a person who keeps up with topics of interest like politics but always manages to bring in a satirical slant on it.

Try to contribute to his amusing banter and it will raise you above any competition.

Men born in Sagittarius usually have an exciting, adventurous nature and a quick wit.

They are quick to see the funny side of a situation with sarcastic humor that is matched with a sharp intellectual brain.

Your crush will want you to see his comical outgoing nature but also make sure you are aware of his intelligence.

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Sharing With The Sagittarius Man

The characteristics of a Sagittarius man make him the type to share his life with a special somebody, he is not destined to be alone.

When he is sure of his ground he is confident, outgoing, and fun-loving.

He also has an intelligent and analytical side to him which makes him slow to open up until he knows a person.

With so many interests it is sometimes difficult for a person to gain his attention but when he does he will go out of his way to make you feel special by including you in his pleasures.

You may never be able to get him to totally focus on you but you will benefit from sharing.

The seemingly shy nature of a Sagittarius guy can sometimes be made worse if a woman tries to force herself on him.

He needs to feel completely comfortable with any approach so take note of how Amy North explains the way forward with Text Chemistry.

Because of your Sag’s thirst for adventure and new interests, you will probably not be surprised by his interest in books on a variety of subjects.

He may have a habit of buying books that are displayed in his home to reinforce his image of being involved in projects in some way.

This is a part of his life he protects from the outside world so if he offers to lend you a book to read it is a sign he has taken to you.

Finding out your reaction to the contents will give him another clue to who you are and how you may complete his life.

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The Spiritual Belief Of a Sagittarius

This sign is associated with the desire to seek spiritual enlightenment, especially with a slant on the meaning of life.

Your Sag crush may not be particularly religious but may have an interest in the possibility of life after death.

Anyone who believes in the hereafter is also aware that souls can join in second life.

When he likes you he will want to find out if there is also some greater spiritual connection.

He may well ask you to join him in some star gazing to try to comprehend the meanings of the universe.

To him a relationship should be forever, he is looking to you for honesty and a similar outlook.

If you would like to know more about the traits and characteristics of a Sagittarius man, you may find it helpful to look at this youtube video.

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Final Thoughts

On the face of it, a Sagittarius man may appear to be complicated and unapproachable, but this is far from the truth.

He may initially be reserved with meeting new people, which makes him seem shy, but show him your honesty and he will like you and do the rest.

Breaking down the initial barriers of shyness with your Sagittarius man can be done with the help of Relationship coach Amy North and her program Text Chemistry.

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