How To Make a Leo Man Miss You

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Last Updated on November 11, 2021

Are you a woman who is tired of being ignored? If so, It may be time to learn how to make a Leo man miss you and appreciate you.

This article will teach you all the secrets that few know about making your hot-headed, stubborn, and confident Leo man want to pursue you like crazy! Read on for more details.

“People come into our lives for different reasons,” says Dr. Peter Pearson, author of The New York Times bestselling book Making Whoopie: “And they leave our lives for different ones.” But when it comes to love relationships with Leo men, there are specific steps women can take in order to keep his interest.

Understanding these 5 ways on how to make a Leo man miss you will draw you together as a couple.

Going through a breakup or just feeling your Leo crush is pulling away from you, can be tough. Wanting him to miss you, needs to be handled carefully as you don’t want to chance driving him further away.

A man born in the sign of Leo is attractive to many female star signs. This guy is often the center of attention, which makes him easily draw other women to him.

If you’re reading this then you are looking for ways on how to make a Leo man miss you, possibly to start a new relationship or to get him back after a breakup.

Whichever, it is, it is important to first reflect on the reasons why you want him to miss you.

A man born under the star sign of Leo is usually a very strong and confident person.

For the most part, he can get by on his own and he doesn’t feel like he needs a partner to complete him.

However, truth be told, every Leo man just loves to be in a relationship as long as it fits in with how he sees himself in the world.

Actually, he is the most romantic of all Zodiac signs and loves to have someone to spoil, but needs to feel it is his idea in getting into a relationship.

There are ways to make this guy miss you and want you back in his life, and I am about to tell you everything that you need to know in order to succeed in that.

Just keep reading.

But before I begin, I think you may be surprised to discover the main thing a Leo man needs in a relationship, which when provided creates the foundation to a long and happy union.

This short video explains what a Leo man wants from his woman, and it is not what you are probably thinking. Finding out more about this would certainly help you to get your Leo man to focus his attention and make him miss you.

Now, let’s work through some important steps that you need to take to get your crush to re-connect with you.

man about to kiss his woman after a breakup.

5 Ways On How To Make A Leo Man Miss You

  • 1 Re-Establish Your Self-Worth

If you have lost your confidence during your relationship, there is a possibility that it may have had an influence on his opinion about you.

If you want to make him miss you, you need to remind him of the good times you shared and when you had no doubts about the relationship.

Of course, never forget that having self-confidence is something you should work on for your own sake, not for the sake of others.

Love yourself, and you will literally shine.

The attraction that he had for you originally must be re-discovered.

Focusing on the things he loved about you when you first met will make the attraction even better than before.

If you think that your Leo man won’t notice it, you are wrong. He will want to get you back in his life for sure.

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  • 2 Become Attractive To Other Men, Too

Try posting more pictures on Instagram, for example.

You need to be wanted by other men, and make your Leo a bit jealous.

He needs to be reminded of what he had when he was with you.

And if you show him that many men notice you and want to be with you, he will start missing you instantly.

Also, you should definitely check out James Bauer’s program which explains what fires up his emotions so that he is content to stay with one woman.

With this information, you will know what exactly you should do in order to make him want to come back to you again.

  • 3 Be Fun And Try To Enjoy Life

This is probably the most important piece of advice that I can give you.

A Leo is the most playful of all the Zodiac signs. He wants to have fun not just in a relationship, but in life as well.

Maybe your relationship became a bit too routine or maybe you two just didn’t do interesting and new things.

But the causes of your breakup are not so important now.

When you get back together there will be plenty of time to discuss what happened and how you can stop the same from occurring again.

For now, let’s focus only on how to make him miss you.

If you’re worried that your relationship is on the rocks, or he’s not giving you the attention that he once used to, check out my article Leo man is ignoring you.

This astrologer is very open-minded, positive, easy to follow and she provides detailed information.

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  • 4 Let Him See You At Your Best

If you two still hang out together in the same place, try to be goofier, funnier, and more positive. Always smile and be in your element.

Always be pretty, as well. If you are sleepy or feeling under the weather, stay home and don’t go out somewhere he can see you.

You don’t want to seem boring and remind him of the bad things that happened between you two.

Tell jokes, but not about him or yourself. Unlike, for example, a Scorpio, this guy doesn’t think that self-deprecating jokes are funny.

And of course, he will probably find jokes about himself insulting or humiliating, especially if you tell them in front of other people.

Always protect this guy’s ego, no matter what.

Remind him of all the fun that you two had when you were together, and he will become nostalgic. I assure you that he will want you back.

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  • 5 Be Honest With Him And Step Back a Little

A Leo is a fixed zodiac sign. That means that he is a very loyal person and that he hates dishonesty.

Never be shady with him and tell him everything that is on your mind.

However, make sure not to tell him how you feel about him, you will get his attention and keep him guessing.

He needs to chase you a bit. Like any other fire sign, this guy loves to play cat and mouse.

If you are too easy to get, you will not be an interesting challenge for him.

A Leo man will want to hunt you, even if you are his former partner.

Don’t take that pleasure away from him, because you risk making things boring again.

A man born under the star sign of Leo is also associated with the sign of the lion with similar characteristics of being the king of the jungle.

Understanding a Leo man’s traits and characteristics will help you to know how he reacts in different situations within a relationship.

You may find it helpful to look at this article that delves deeper into his zodiac character.

Final Thoughts

I must tell you that making a Leo man miss you is easier than getting his attention.

So, if you have managed to attract him once, you are certainly capable of making him miss you!

Don’t forget to always try to look your best and be perfect in front of him.

Also, don’t forget to check out James Bauer’s program His Secret Obsession. You will not be disappointed, believe me.

If you manage to make other men fight for you, you will certainly make your Leo man want to be with you again.

Just follow my advice and you will make him miss you for sure. I believe in you. You will certainly manage to get him back.

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