How To Seduce a Cancer Man Through Text

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Last Updated on August 18, 2021

Are you wanting to attract the attention of a sexy guy born under the astrology zodiac sign of Cancer?

Or maybe you want to spice up a relationship that is waning, or even get your Cancer crush to re-focus on you after a bust-up?

Every relationship situation is dependent on good communication.

So many times, a word said out of context, or a look that gives the wrong impression, all lead to misunderstandings.

Texting, done in the correct way can convey exactly what you feel and create a pathway to happiness.

Whatever your situation, If you want to seduce your Cancer man, then texting can be the perfect way to start the ball rolling to make him want to chase after you.

Ways To Seduce a Cancer Man Through Text Message

Everyone these days has a cell phone, it has become an essential tool for everyday life.

However, persistent intrusions by marketing companies have made it a tool that needs to be used with care.

Most people don’t have the time or the interest to read through irrelevant gossipy messages and just press delete.

So if you want to start a fire of desire in your Cancer crush you need to learn the words you can send that activate romantic thoughts in his brain.

Effective Text Messages

Getting the right tone and content of your message is crucial in having the desired effect when trying to seduce a cancer man through text.

Your words, when he reads them need to resonate with his subconscious mind to create a longing for you.

You can tell a lot about a guy from his horoscope sign.

An amazing best-selling author and relationship expert has produced a program called text chemistry and how it works on a man’s subconscious mind.

This program encompasses the messages that can make men want you as well as how to open up a shy guy who likes you.

A further section covers the more delicate subjects of sexual attraction as well as the messages that will get a Cancer man back after a breakup.

If you would like help on exactly what messages to text for your situation you can listen to a short video that explains in detail the power of Text Chemistry.

Woman smiling while holding a cell phone as she texts her Cancer man

6 Stages To Seduce a Cancer Man Through Text

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man or you simply have your eye on one, you can learn how to seduce a Cancer man through text in this article.

Start Off Sweet

Cancer men are very sensitive and love to be taken care of and you can set the scene for this perfectly via text.

This means that you should start your messaging off as sweet as possible.

You want to show how much you care about him and this is going to make him think about you all day long.

Text him something simple to show him that you are thinking of him, this could be something like “Hey *name*, just been thinking of you so thought I would text to find out if you are doing OK?

“Let me know if you want to hang out soon”.

While you are not exactly at the flirting stage in this kind of message, it is the first step to seduce a Cancer man through text.

If you need a confidence boost with exactly what to say, you can get some great ideas from watching this short video on Text Chemistry.

Compliment Him

A Cancer man loves to be pampered, so you need to give him lots of compliments and make him feel the love.

Women underestimate just how much men love to get compliments.

It’s really important in boosting his self-esteem/confidence and this is going to make him feel even more attracted to you.

You could text him something like “you looked really cool last night” or “you really make me laugh”.

Think about the best traits that he has and compliment him in this way.

He is really going to appreciate it and it’s going to make him have a massive smile whenever he thinks of you.

Whether you are in a relationship with him or you are still getting to know your Cancer man, this is an extremely effective trick and something you should do in everyday life, as well as via text.

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Take The Flirting Up a Notch

Both of the previous steps could still be seen as just friends, so you need to take things up a notch and make it clear that you are flirting if you want to seduce Cancer man through text.

Cancer men love women who know what they want so you need to make it clear that you have this trait. A text message like “You, me, a glass of wine, cuddles – sounds good?”

We all know where a night like this leads and he is going to be happy about what you have in mind.

You could also tell him what you wish you were doing with him right now, without making it too risqué.

Something such as “I wish we were kissing and I was running my fingers through your hair right now”, would be perfect.

Send Him Cheeky Photos

Men are very visual, and Cancer men, in particular, love this kind of stimulation to spark their sexual appetite.

It’s important to leave a little something to the imagination and with that in mind, you only need to send photos that you are comfortable with.

Take some sexy photos in your lingerie or perhaps just in a revealing dress.

If you are feeling particularly naughty, you could send a topless selfie but with your arm covering your breasts.

You want to tease him enough so that he is still wanting more, but you also want to make sure that you look sizzling hot!

To seduce Cancer man through text, you need to show him exactly what is waiting for him when you are together.

If he is feeling the chemistry, you should expect to get a photo in return or even just a message about how amazing you look.

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Don’t Get Too Hot Or Heavy

While you want to make him fantasize about you, it’s important to flirt rather than sex-text.

While sexting can be nice occasionally, it doesn’t build up that tension that leaving a little something to the imagination does.

Less is sometimes more but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it perfectly clear what you want from him. “I wish your hands were running all over my body right now” can be much more effective than getting overly graphic.

Only you know the stage you are at in your relationship so you have to weigh up if your messages are too strong. You don’t want to frighten the daylights out of a shy Cancer man.

Listening to this short video on Text chemistry will give you the exact wording to make him go crazy for you.

While Cancer men like to experiment, they don’t like girls to come on too strong at first.

Can you sext from time to time? Absolutely, but you’ll find the strategy mentioned here is much more effective and specially tailored for a Cancer man.

Keep Him Waiting

After you send a naughty text and he replies, always keep him waiting for a little bit until you send off another reply.

While you do want the conversation to flow, you also want to tease him a little.

Perhaps you could ask him, “do you know what I wish I was doing to you right now?”.

When he asks you to elaborate, give him radio silence, at least for a little while.

Perhaps you could then come back with a sexy selfie.

When a Cancer man finds a woman they really want, they are extremely loyal and this is going to make him even more hooked on you.

I recently came across a YouTube video that I thought might help you in understanding more about your Cancer crush.

It goes into more detail about the traits and characteristics of a Cancer guy so I hope you get something from it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the tips that you have read in this article are going to be very beneficial in showing you how to seduce a Cancer man through text.

There is something so unique about charming him with your words and Text Chemistry delves much deeper into this about texting and how it can build sexual tension.

If you have a Cancer man in your life right now and you want to make him want you more than ever, practice the tips that have been mentioned in this article and you will have him exactly where you want him.

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