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How To get An Aries Man Back After a Breakup

couple laughing while lying downYou had a fight with your Aries man and broke up. Now you don’t know what you should do to bring him back?

It’s okay, don’t worry. We have all been there at least once in our lives.

But you already know how stubborn an Aries man can be, and that it won’t be easy to bring him back. However, it’s not impossible, though.

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Let’s get back to our topic. I am here to help you get your man back, so, what should you do to get your Aries guy to want you back after a breakup?

Tips on how to get an Aries man back

Don’t make him jealous

There is a reason for me to mention this first. Women frequently use this trick to lure a man out of his shell by trying to make him jealous or playing mind games with him.

This doesn’t work on a male with this star sign, though. Aries is a fire sign. He is like a flame itself; Passionate, brave, and a hero in every sense of the word. He dislikes sly and shady people, and he can read through any false intentions very easily.

So, a very big mistake is to try to make him jealous. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet that has immense aggressive energy. When an Aries guy gets mad, it’s in an instant, and it’s usually pretty turbulent.

He has no intention of fighting with other men for his ex-partner because for him, it means that he can’t rely on her anymore. He needs a stable partner, and if he sees her flirting with other guys, he would probably think that he can’t trust her anymore.

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Be distant at first

After your breakup, don’t sit around just wishing he will contact you. Give yourself time to think about what went wrong and what could be fixed. If you are true to yourself with what was actually at fault you can take action to repair the rift. During this time, do not talk to him. Make him wonder what is actually happening with you.

Determined woman looking straight aheadAries man is sometimes so hard to please and easily gets bored, so make sure he knows that you are not an easy touch who will just fall at his feet. Remember he is a fire sign and needs to be challenged. But you need to send him a few hints, though.

Aries man does not dwell in the past. He focuses on the here and now and he needs to know that you will not be gone for good and that you two could work things out.

Be pretty

As you probably already know, an Aries man likes feminine women that are pretty and take care of their looks. Do your nails, dye your hair and style it in a casual way. But do not go overboard and look tarty.

Go shopping, retail therapy is a great tonic for a girl. You will feel better and you will reward yourself with some pretty clothes. Go to places he often visits with a view to bumping into him by accident! Make him think of the good times you shared, this will make him want you again.

Of course, you have already done things like this at the start of your relationship with him, but try to take things to a new level. Think back on anything he complimented you on before. Wear the same color dress or the perfume that he likes.

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Be brave

The secret of re-igniting your relationship is being able to discuss the things that led to the breakup. To be able to do this you need to break down the barriers of who was right and who was wrong.

If you are not sure how to approach him, you can take a peek in Amy North’s “Text chemistry”. It could help you figure out the signs that he is sending to you. Also, in this article, you can find a lot more about Aries men when angry. It’s very brief and reliable. I recommend that you should check it out.

By being brave, I mean on calling him out to talk about everything. Go somewhere nice and quiet where you won’t be disturbed and grab a coffee.

Do not blame him for everything, nor take the blame yourself. It doesn’t matter whose fault everything is, try to frankly state out the problem. Be objective and direct. Do not make him read between the lines, because it can irritate him and he could leave.

By the way, the good thing about an Aries man is that he does not hold on to grudges. It will make things much easier for you if you show him how mature you are at wanting to resolve any problems.
Also, if he is over you, he will let you know directly. He has an honest nature and does not want to pull the wool over your eyes.

In this youtube video below, an astrologist explains the biggest signs that can tell you if an Aries man is truly over you or not even before he tells you.

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You should know that if you lied to him, cheated on him or betrayed him in any way, he will probably close his heart for you. Aries man is like a “knight in shining armor”, because of his characteristics tricks just don’t work on him.

He might even get mad at you for trying to control or manipulate him, so take your time and let him see you have the potential to be the woman of his dreams. Leave all your tricks aside and be exactly who you are. That is your safest bet.


As an Aries, he is a true “baby of the zodiac”. He is curious, without fear, and he wants to know and seize everything. In addition to that, his reactions are sometimes sudden and can be turbulent.

He is a romantic guy, even if he is a true fire sign and the most masculine sign of them all.

Fire signs can be open and they can let someone get really close to them. If you were close, you can get close again. Be something he needs. Be distant, but there. Be brave and strong, but show him how much you care. Be prettier than ever.

Try listening to Amy North’s video in which she explains how to get your man back as fast as possible. It could be helpful.

And don’t be scared. An Aries is hot-headed but he will listen to you and what you have to say. If he wants to work on your relationship, he will embrace you and be open.

If he doesn’t then you probably couldn’t do anything in the first place. He had probably made his decision even before. You don’t know until you try!

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