When a Libra Man Ignores You – What Should You Do

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Last Updated on April 4, 2022

You are probably wondering why the Libra man who swooped in to charm your socks off is now nowhere to be found?

It may surprise you that it is not an uncommon theme for the Libra, nor is it necessarily the death of your relationship with him either, especially if you know what to do when a Libra man ignores you.

Why a Libra Man Ignores You

What happened to your Libra man? The one who seemed easygoing and so much fun? Why is he suddenly ignoring you and being distant now?

It does not make a whole lot of sense, but when you understand the Libra man, it is a little less confusing.

He is Flimsy

The Libra man comes across as dominant, yet at the same time soft and sweet. He is masculine while being strangely in touch with his feminine side.

By all accounts, you would expect him to be someone who you can rely on, a strong-willed guy who will stand his ground and stick to his guns.

And he can be that man, however, one negative aspect of Libra is that he can also be unreliable and indecisive.

The guy might have no idea what it is that he wants in the first place, making it impossible for him to stick to anything. If he is that type of Libra, then you can bet that he flip-flops in most of his relationships.

This is not all bad news. Most Libra men who pull the disappearing act really just need some time to work things out.

What it Means When a Libra Man ignores You

It means something is missing from the relationship, and that something could be the main thing he needs in order to have a purpose in life as a man.

It is a deep emotional obsession that most men have but rarely talks openly about. Unless they have a Ph.D. in male psychology and masculinity needs.

This emotion in a Libra man is overlooked by most women because they don’t understand it until it is sometimes too late. Once you know about it, it’s really simple to use it to your advantage.

If you want your guy to show the love and the attention you deserve, you need to look into the underlying reason which is explained in a video by relationship expert James Bauer entitled His Secret Obsession.

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You Hurt His Feelings

Libra is not a sensitive, over-emotional sign by any means. The man is rational and shoots straight from the hip. This is strange because when he gets hurt it could seem just the opposite.

The Libra man does not forget, nor does he forgive that easily. In this sense, he is the Scorpio of air signs, only less vengeful. Mostly, you will never even know that he is upset or what it was exactly that you have done.

The Libra man is usually highly diplomatic and prefers not to rock the boat. So, if you did something to upset him, he will deal with it passively, like ignoring you for example.

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Your Libra Man is Busy

Libra deals with balance in all aspects, and his life’s theme is to learn the art of it. It only makes sense then that Libra is a sign of self-improvement.

Believe it or not, this can take up a lot of his time, and also lead him to distance himself from others on occasion to focus.

Sometimes his need to recalibrate and improve is his own failing. His indecisiveness, procrastination, and tendency to indulge often knock things out of whack for him, then it becomes his mission to fix it.

His other extreme is to socialize and have fun 100 percent of the time. Either way, the Libra man knows how to keep himself busy.

Regardless, if he still likes you but is acting distant at the moment then he will still be thinking about you. In his own way, Libra man will miss you. It will just take time for him to come back around again.

It Is a Surface Level Attraction

Libras are connoisseurs of everything beautiful. They are highly aesthetic beings who love the world of art and comfort and pleasant surroundings.

But this overindulgence in what is visually pleasing gets him into trouble as far as his relationships are concerned.

He is attracted to people with physical beauty and sometimes he fails to see beneath the skin.

If this is the reason for your Libra man’s sudden disappearance, it does not mean necessarily that he does not like you or your personality. Perhaps he never gave himself the chance to know you in the first place.

He is not Interested

One of the great tragedies of our existence is that love is not always reciprocated. Just when we swear we have met the one, reality slaps us in the face as we watch him heading for the front door.

Libra men have their types, sometimes that type is himself. But like any sign, there are people with astrological differences who we cannot seem to relate to no matter how hard we try.

Sometimes our zodiac opposites can seem like they are from Mars and speak a different language.

If you want to give it all you’ve got to make it work with a Libra man, you have to understand this “greater” emotion that he needs satisfying.

It’s an obsession he can’t explain but provides the key to his heart when a woman understands how to unlock His Secret Obsession here.

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How to Get a Libra Man to Stop Ignoring You

Sometimes your Libra guy just needs a wake-up call to get him to stop ignoring you. Ring his alarm by trying some of the tips out below.

Talk to Your Libra

Talk to your Libra man because the Libra male appreciates honesty.

Even though you are upset with him for bailing on you, and probably will not believe this, he is fair, just, and strives to do what is right.

He can however be a little self-absorbed without even realizing it and maybe is unaware of his actions or their consequences.

It is important not to accuse him or engage him in a war of words. This will upset the diplomatic Libra who will only take so much conflict before he shies away.

Send Him Flirty Text Messages

The Libra man approaches flirting like a sport, one in which he is a skilled master. It is truly an art form for him and he sees it as a dance- a push and pull, or a back and forth.

This dance heats things up by building attraction and passion, even more so if you can give him a run for his money.

Shoot your guy a flirty text, but make sure you bring your A-game. Be smart, witty, challenging, and most of all, fun.

If you would like a little help with the phrases you can text that trigger his mental G Spot and activate his subconscious desires for you, I can recommend Text Chemistry by relationship guru Amy North.

Help Him to See the Good You Bring to His Life

This can be done in a bunch of subtle ways, or you can go all out and be blatant and straightforward, whichever suits you best.

What is important is that you can get the point across without looking like it is what you are trying to do.

If he can see you are someone who adds value to his life – more specifically, that you help bring balance and harmony to it – he might just recognize you as a good choice for him, almost like you make him feel complete.

Brush Up on His Interests

The Libra man loves to talk and connect with others. What better way to do so with someone than to have common ground? For instance, something that he is passionate about?

Get your Libra man going again by showing him you can hold your own in a conversation about his interests, and a bonus if you are a good listener because we all know that he needs one.

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Be Patient

Whether your Libra guy has left to go work on himself, hang out with other people, or he is trying to make up his mind about the relationship, the best thing you can do is to be patient with him.

I know, this one can seem difficult, and it might not be what you wanted to hear. But Libra is represented by the scales of justice and the scales must tip. When he regains his balance and direction, they might just tip in your favor.

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Final Thoughts

How the Libra man can go from the life of the party, the charming guy who stole your heart, to be like a ghost is straight-up baffling to those unequipped with the knowledge of his inner workings.

By understanding, this “greater” thing he desires in a relationship you will secure his love and devotion. Become the only woman he ever wants. This video explains exactly how to do it.

Once you understand why your honey is M.I.A., it is a lot easier to know what to do when a Libra man ignores you so you can get him to stop once and for all.

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