How To Turn On a Pisces Man And Make Him Crazy For You

Woman turning on a Pisces man

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

5 Key Takeaways

1. Be romantic: Learning how to turn on a Pisces man involves connecting to his emotional side. It’s important to show your affection for him in a gentle and loving way.

Compliment him on how thoughtful he is to let him know how much you appreciate him.

2. Get creative: Pisces men love creativity and will be drawn to someone who can think outside the box when it comes to romance.

Try something new or unexpected in the bedroom, such as role-playing or experimenting with different positions.

3. Show your vulnerability: Pisces men are attracted to women who are open and honest about their feelings.

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side; this will make him feel closer to you and more connected on an emotional level.

4. Make it sensual: Pisces men enjoy a slow, sensual approach when it comes to sex.

Take your time exploring each other’s bodies and don’t rush into anything too quickly; this will help build anticipation and make the experience even more enjoyable for both of you.

5. Talk dirty: Talking dirty is a great way to turn on a Pisces man as he loves hearing his partner express her feelings. Words like these will send him into raptures for you.

Understanding How to Turn On a Pisces Man

Understanding how to turn on a Pisces man is the key to a sensual, loving, and more importantly, lasting relationship.

Do you feel like your Pisces man is constantly playing hard to get? It’s time for a little nudge.

Pisces men are the type of guys who will want you to show interest, but they’re also the first ones to say “I love you” provided you know how to push their emotional buttons.

The key to turning on these romantic creatures is getting their attention and keeping it.

Who knows what is going through the head of a Pisces man when it comes to romance?

Well, relationship expert Felicity Keith certainly does, especially when it comes to his sexual thoughts, feelings, and desires!

Felicity teaches some very controversial but highly effective techniques that hundreds of women have been using to turn their men on and ignite the passion in their relationships.

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Now, let’s try to explain this man’s complex nature.

How To Turn On a Pisces Man And Raise His Passion

Here are eight sexy tips that you can use straight away to turn a Pisces man on sexually. Some of these tips are dynamite, so use them with caution!

Become His One, True Desire

That can give you trouble from time to time.

A Pisces man is a dual sign, with two fishes swimming in opposite directions, which sometimes gives him a dual nature. Occasionally, he really doesn’t know what he wants.

He would have no problem sleeping with complete strangers but also looking for a deep connection with someone at the same time.

So how to know what he wants from you?

If you really want to make him go crazy for you, become mysterious and a bit unavailable.

A Pisces guy wants to know that he has won you.

To keep him, you need to show him that you can turn him on as no other woman has ever been able to do before, just like how Felicity Keith explains in this short video here.

Let him dream about you as you tease him. If you have a more serious relationship in mind, you should definitely allow the emotions to flow.

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Become His Fantasy

As you already know, a Pisces man is a dreamer.

He likes to create alternate realities in his head and live in them.

Sometimes, it can be used by you, in a sexual way. Try to find out about his wildest fantasies, but don’t ask him directly.

Not even that he won’t tell you, but you will literally ruin your chance to surprise him with it.

Anticipation is the secret of an exciting relationship. You can become a master of anticipation by learning how to push your Pisces man’s emotional buttons to create a desire for you and only you.

Be as creative as you can, and try to guess what he fantasizes about. Is it a dominant lady who will lead the game, or is it some kind of role-play?

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Be Dominant

Show him how powerful you can be. Emit as much feminine energy as you can, and cover him in it. A Pisces man tends to idealize his partner.

Every woman he likes must be better than any other in this world. If you accept that role and perform it well, he will just go crazy for you!

For him, you will be a Goddess who conquered him but is still slightly unreachable.

A Pisces man is usually laid-back and doesn’t take the initiative in most things, so don’t be afraid to take him by the hand confidently and lead him in the world of pleasure.

Confidence With Oral

One of the most effective ways of stimulating passion is by using oral techniques to take your guy to new levels of sexual pleasure.

However, many women avoid taking the initiative due to embarrassment and lack of confidence.

Learning how to do oral the right way can bring a new dimension to your lovemaking and also show how much you care about raising pleasure for your man.

If you want proven techniques that will drive him wild for you, then this sex guide for Women will tell you the exact tips and tricks that will blow his mind.

Talk Dirty To Him

Implement ideas in his mind. You don’t need to be direct.

You can even be romantic it all depends on what kind of relationship you two are in.

If it’s only the passion that is the attraction, then be as wild as you want.

You can even start talking about a fantasy about you two doing certain things.

Don’t tell the whole story, though.

Let him think about it and finish it himself.

He will make a lot of different outcomes in his mind because he loves to make stories in his head. So let him enjoy thinking about you.

You can even play with him, looking him right in the eye and biting your lip or smiling devilishly.

Do not forget to still hide under the mask of a good girl.

If this is something that you may find embarrassing, don’t worry because relationship expert Felicity Keith has covered all the groundwork.

This video takes you by the hand and explains how to turn on a Pisces man sexually and make him want you.

Be Passionate

A Pisces man will not take human connections lightly, even if it’s a one-night stand for him.

He has respect for every woman that he has physical contact with, so make sure that he remembers your touch, and maybe he will even crave more.

Show him how deep physical contact is for you, and that you value every single eye contact or smile that you share with him.

Learn how to give and receive sexual pleasures that will create a bond between you that will alleviate any need for him to wander into the arms of another woman.

Play With Him a Bit

Teasing him would be a good idea. It is highly possible that your Pisces man is pretty submissive at times.

He generally likes to change his roles, but sometimes he just enjoys it when a woman is driving him crazy.

Since you are probably already idealized in his eyes, that will not be hard to do at all.

You can “accidentally” touch his neck or shoulder while doing something near him, just make sure that it’s not that obvious.

Let it be your little secret, and make him wonder about it.

Compliment Him

A Pisces man hates criticism, and he can really lose interest if he feels like he is not appreciated by his partner, so much so that he might even consider ending the relationship if it continued for too long.

Giving him a few compliments will really boost his mood and make him want to do even more to please you.

The truth is, although your man is a water sign, he really can be wild when it comes to physical contact.

Show him that you see it inside of him, and if you don’t know how exactly to do it then use this method here.

This youtube video is brief and contains a lot of ideas that you can use to turn on your Pisces man.

Parting Thoughts

It’s hard to understand a Pisces man and we all know that. It’s because he seems to swim in opposite directions at the same time.

Depending on the stage of your relationship, it’s hard to know whether you should shower him with emotions and affection or try to become his little devil.

All in all, the best bet is to be out of the ordinary and away from boring stuff. If you want to be his princess, combine both sides.

If you only want to him for some casual fun, you can use any of the tricks that I have already mentioned.

For some additional ideas. This program contains some startling methods that will get any man obsessing over the woman who knows how to use it.

You should know that flirting and being mysterious with a Pisces man can be nothing but fun, so enjoy your little games with your Pisces love interest.

With patience, you will gradually learn the quirks in his character that will make him go wild for you.

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