How To Seduce a Virgo Man – 5 Ways To Put Him Under Your Spell

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Last Updated on January 11, 2023

1. Show Respect: Virgo men are highly analytical and value respect above all else. Show him that you respect his opinions and decisions, and he will be more likely to open up to you.

2. Be Patient: A Virgo man tends to take their time when it comes to relationships, so don’t rush things or pressure him into anything.

Learning how to seduce a Virgo man may take time, but he is worth it in the end. 

3. Be Honest: Virgo men appreciate honesty and directness, so don’t play games with him or try to manipulate him in any way.

If you want something from him, be honest about it and he will be more likely to respond positively.

4. Make an Effort: Virgo men like women who make an effort in the relationship, so show him that you care by doing small things for him.

Such as sending a thoughtful text message out of the blue, and understanding the main thing he needs to be happy with one woman.

5. Appreciate His Intelligence: Virgo men are intelligent and enjoy intellectual conversations, so engage with him on a deeper level by discussing topics that interest both of you.

How to Seduce a Virgo Man – So He Wants You

If you feel disconnected from your Virgo crush, I would like to give you a few insights on how to seduce a Virgo man.

A man born under the zodiac sign of Virgo tends to have a unique and practical approach to life and relationships.

However, if he is also Venus in Virgo then he will more readily follow his emotions. However, most women deem him as one of the ideal partners of the zodiac.

A Virgo man is generally a one-woman man, and learning how to seduce him in the right way will give you a partner for life.

When trying to seduce him, it is important that you exercise caution and patience.

Coming on too strong or being too pushy with him can turn him off, which will be contrary to your expectations.

To be successful in seducing your man, you first need to understand what makes Virgo men tick.

You need to familiarize yourself with the single most important ingredient that every Virgo man craves.

It is a deep-rooted hidden desire that he values above all else, even more than money or sex. It is a kind of need to be accepted for who he is.

The provider, the protector, and the guardian of a relationship with the woman he loves.

To explain this hidden obsession in more detail I would recommend you listen to a short video by relationship expert James Bauer.

James has spent years helping women across the world, and of all ages, by teaching them the secrets of how to seduce a man.

James Bauer has shared deep secrets about how you can tap into your man’s primal desires.

You can also start learning how to make your Virgo crush crazy for you and only you by watching James Bauer’s video here.

Finding time to watch the video will help you recognize the hidden superpowers within you.

You will also get insights on how to focus more on your man’s needs, thus being able to have outcomes that are more positive.

Close up of woman's face as she smiles while thinking how to seduce a Virgo man.

Tips a Woman Needs to Know To Seduce a Virgo Man

Learning how to seduce your Virgo guy the right way can increase your emotional connection and make him chase you.

When seducing him, avoid throwing yourself at him, or making him believe he’s too hot.

Virgo men like taking things slowly.

Therefore, slower is better when dealing with your shy and reserved Virgo crush because you won’t make him feel uncomfortable.

If he realizes you’re pushing too hard to get his attention, your seductive moves will not make him feel erotic or ecstatic.

The trick of how to seduce a Virgo man is being subtle with your advances.

Being able to meet his psychological and emotional needs is also highly important.

To make him interested in you, it is important that you try to win his mind and his heart will follow.

Since he does not like casual relationships, it is important that you make him realize you are a wife or girlfriend material.

Winning his trust, respect, and friendship can make him realize your worth, which can make seducing him extremely easy.

Relationship coach James Bauer has shared intriguing insights on how you can win your man’s heart.

In His Secret Obsession program, James talks about how you can make your Virgo crush obsess over you by tapping into his primal instinct.

Understanding your Virgo man’s deepest desire can help you turn him on, and create a deep connection with him.

To unravel your man’s deepest craving, which is more than wealth or sex, be sure to check out what James Bauer has to say here.

5 Ways to Seduce a Virgo Man and Make Him Crazy for You

Stimulate Him Mentally

The mind is one of the Virgo males’ erogenous zones. Virgo men also tend to gravitate toward intelligent women.

Therefore, the key ingredient of building a deep emotional connection with your Virgo guy is by seducing him intellectually.

If you are serious about learning how to seduce a Virgo man intellectually, understanding how he thinks is important.

Knowing what he stands for and respecting his opinions can make him want to know you more.

You can perfect your art by keeping up with current events.

By taking a particular interest in topics he finds interesting, you will be able to garner his attention and develop intellectual chemistry.

James Bauer also shares 12 surprising words that you can say to your Virgo to awaken intense feelings of love.

Create an Emotional Bond

Being able to form a true emotional connection with your Virgo man can unravel his deepest feelings of love and attraction.

You can accomplish this by being open about your needs and desires and allowing your Virgo man to help you full fill them.

Allowing him to meet your needs tends to awaken his hero instinct.

The realization that you see him as your provider and protector tends to make him happy.

Consequently, this realization triggers a series of emotional reactions in your Virgo crush, and deep emotional attraction.

Look Irresistibly Attractive

Being a perfectionist, you may have realized your Virgo man’s keen interest in his own physical appearance.

Virgo men are orderly in their dressing, and you can never go without noticing their neatly combed hair.

Being aware of your Virgo partner’s dressing preferences and adhering to them is important, particularly when trying to seduce him.

Your grooming is an essential element to a Virgo guy, and your outfits need to meet his standards.

When meeting him, be sure to adorn yourself with the feminine allure of some elegant jewelry, heels, and a handbag.

A unique light fragrance veering on nature is a great turn-on for this earth sign.

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Be Patient

As women, it is normal to want to rush a relationship, particularly when we are head over heels in love.

However, the best tip I can give you right now about how to seduce a Virgo man is not to be pushy, too needy, or even too attached.

I’m very particular about exercising patience because throwing yourself at him will make you look desperate.

Coming on too strong will make him pull away because it is a well-accepted trait of Virgo that he likes to take things slowly.

As you seduce your Virgo crush, it is important that you give him the impression that he is the one chasing you.

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Make Yourself Unavailable Occasionally

If you want your Virgo crush to be deeply obsessed with you, make a decision to spend time doing your own thing.

Your Virgo crush wants a woman who understands that he needs time and space to pursue his dreams and career.

If you don’t want your Virgo guy to pull away when you’re attempting to seduce him, do not distract him when he’s attending to important matters.

Instead, pay keen attention to his passions and hobbies, and offer him all the support he needs.

Learning to give your Virgo crush space can trigger deep feelings of attraction for you, and strengthen your emotional bond.

Final Thoughts

A Virgo man is not usually into casual relationships.

If you want to seduce him and develop a strong bond with him, it is important that you take time to understand his deepest cravings.

James Bauer has made this absolutely easy by teaching women how the male psyche operates.

By taking the time to watch his video, you will be able to learn how to seduce a Virgo man, as well as how to satisfy his deepest desires.

As a result, your Virgo crush will become so obsessed with you to the extent of wishing he had met you earlier.

Even as you practice skills from His Secret Obsession program by James Bauer, remember to be patient.

Also, remember that you can make your man appreciate you more by giving him space to pursue his interests, and dressing up to his standards.

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