How To Seduce a Sagittarius Man And Make Him Want You

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Last Updated on August 16, 2021

Learning how to seduce a Sagittarius man will help you understand his characteristics and create a pathway to fun intimacy and a fulfilling connection.

The Sagittarius man has vast reserves of energy, which he channels into his passions, interests, and anything new. And the fun side to this trait of his is that you can also get him to channel this energy towards you.

Due to his boundless energy and powerful presence, Sagittarius man is popular with the opposite sex. Therefore, I advise you to get straight to seducing him before another woman takes his eye.

Understanding his traits and characteristics is all-important in appreciating how he reacts when it comes to matters of the heart.

Getting him to notice you is easy, but seducing a Sagittarius man needs a little understanding of his unique character traits, and how his mind operates.

Something that should be at the forefront of the mind of any woman who has the hots for a Sagittarius man, is by understanding his complex personality.

Leading relationship and dating expert Anna Kovach has studied this zodiac sign and developed a program called Sagittarius Man Secrets, which I think you will find really interesting.

How To Seduce a Sagittarius Man – 5 Ways To Make Him Desire You

The signs of the zodiac are divided into four categories:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

Of course, the sign of Sagittarius relates to the element of fire and, therefore, is a fire sign.

As you can probably imagine this is where your crush gets the masculine fiery energy that constantly pushes him to be interested in adventure and new discoveries.

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Getting a Sagittarius Man’s Attention

The red-blooded male born in the sign of the centaur archer is very much the hunter.

He is drawn to a woman who is confident and presents a challenge to his enquiring mind.

This guy will be attracted to a woman who dresses well and has an air of mystery about her.

Attention from a fire sign like Sagittarius Man is usually from a woman’s physical assets, so make the most of what you have.

Avoid being trashy or too revealing, and make sure your hair is well-groomed, nails polished, and a subtle perfume to arouse his other senses.

If you have broken the ice and he has started to ask you questions avoid telling him your life story but just feed him snippets about yourself to keep him interested.

Try to keep him guessing, which will make you seem all the more mysterious.

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Seduction By a Sagittarius Man

This star sign is one that generally needs companionship and is not destined to be alone for his lifetime.

It’s just that he is not necessarily looking for a partner because he has so much else always going on.

If you want to date him then you need to present yourself as desirable to the Sagittarius man.

Sagittarian men usually make loyal and committed partners who prove to be honest and considerate lovers as well as good breadwinners.

Because of their free spirit, they hate to feel caged or stifled into commitment.

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Learn To Enjoy His Interests

A Sagittarius man has a wide interest in topics, some of which can be a bit way out!

He is also taken with anything that has a sense of adventure.

Even if you are not interested in sports, for instance, asking him questions about the rules of a particular game that he enjoys will hold his interest.

If you show any interest in something he knows about, he will revel in the opportunity to explain everything to you.

Just make sure you stay focused because he will switch off quickly if he sees you are just trying to trap him into a meaningless conversation.

Your Sagittarius crush is into sports and physical activities that satisfy his exuberant personality.

Link these interests with travel and your guy is really in heaven.

If you want him to see you as a long-term partner show him your knowledge and desire to see new places around the world.

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Avoid Killing His Ardor

A Sagittarius man’s enthusiasm can be peaked by getting involved with the interests that I have indicated above.

Alternatively, he can be easily deflated by someone who is domineering and narrow-minded.

This star sign is very perceptive and is quick to pick up on someone who is trying to be something she isn’t.

Don’t think that by just feigning false enthusiasm for a world of adventure that he won’t see through you. Just show interest without going over the top.

A relationship with this guy will definitely not last if it has been built on tricking him into a situation.

Being a home-loving girl is fine, your man will appreciate some home cooking and nurture, but be prepared to be out at night rather than curled up in front of the TV.

Crushing his freedom and expecting him to stay in with you will quickly put him on the run.

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A Committed Relationship

A Sagittarius man is happy to be in a committed relationship with a woman who trusts him and understands his need to feel free.

He will be happy to stay with a partner who supports him in a new interest or project without coming across as needy or implying he thinks less of her.

Try to avoid bringing negativity into any conversations that will drag your Sagittarius man down. Overall he is an optimist and always sees things from a positive perspective.

Life is always full of problems but a man born with this star sign gets frustrated with a negative thinking partner.

Many people believe love is destined to happen, and that the zodiac holds the key to finding our perfect partner.

This Youtube video is recorded by an astrologist who explains the power of the universe in a fun and entertaining way.

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Final Thoughts

You can easily get his attention and intrigue by remaining a little mysterious. He finds this challenging in a fun way, and will greatly enjoy unraveling the mystery of who you are.

He wants to feel that you are part of a Sherlock Holmes mystery in which he slowly uncovers your hidden secrets.

Although he will find you interesting if you show a liking for the sport, adventure, or other physical pastimes it is important that you don’t try to change your natural personality just to be with him.

He respects a person who has her own beliefs and stands up for what she believes in.

Always keep some of your true self hidden which will always give him a challenge and keep him interested.

Get to thoroughly understand his characteristics to know exactly how to seduce him. Sagittarius Man Secrets will help you with this.

By following these tips you can become the most interesting project of his life and make him seduce you.

Need More Help Seducing a Sagittarius Man?

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