How To Seduce a Gemini Man And Make Him Desire You

Smiling woman resting her chin on her hands as she thinks how to seduce a Gemini manAre you looking for ways to get hooked to a handsome Gemini man? Are you finding his attention hard to capture?

Do you know what this astrology zodiac sign is looking for in a woman?

Well, these, and other questions you may have regarding a romantic relationship with a man born with this astrology natal sign are answered in this article.

With this knowledge, you can learn how to seduce a Gemini man and have him eating out of your hand. But first, understand more about him.

Who Is a Gemini Man, And What Are His Characteristics?

The Gemini man is a guy born between May 21st and June 20th. This man comes under the zodiac sign of the twins which is ruled by the planet mercury and indicates a character who needs a partner rather than being a loner.

The Gemini man is usually very talkative, once he feels comfortable with new people and will not lack anything to share with you. They are often said to know something about everything and revel in holding a conversation that generally comes easily to them.

They are naturally curious and intelligent with an amicable personality which easily allows you to get along with them. However, the Gemini man is one who is continually seeking adventure and new experiences.

If you love traveling, then you will enjoy this part of him since he always seeks mental stimulation which he attains by visiting new places and meeting new people.

If you have the hots for a Gemini guy then I’m sure you, like me, understand how important it is to know how reacts in romantic situations.

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Tips On How To Seduce a Gemini Man 

Smiling woman in red dress pointing her finger and winking at the cameraNow that you know more about a Gemini man’s characteristics and some of his traits let’s see what will make his head turn when looking for his soul mate and lover.

The following are some of the characteristics your Gemini man will be considering when looking for a partner.

What Is The Type Of Woman That Turns On a Gemini Man?

The type of woman who turns on a Gemini man is one who is prepared to understand his sometimes complex characteristics of always trying to attain new goals in life.

The Gemini man is always looking for excitement in his life and it sometimes seems he is afraid of getting bored. His inborn nature makes him pursue new things to make sure that boredom does not affect him in any part of his life.

The Gemini man looks for a lady who is full of excitement and exciting ideas to add more color to his life. Because he craves to do and explore fun-filled things, a woman who shares his desires will be a perfect blend for him.

He seeks a woman who is open to adventure and exploration and who is open-minded in trying out new things. Anna Kovach explains more about how you can get more romantic reaction in her easy to read program called Gemini Man Secrets here. 

The Gemini man is an entertaining, loving, and out-going man. This man is all about fun activities, the parties, outdoor and wild sports, and any other thing that can make his blood rush with excitement. The Gemini man loves sports and outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and expeditions.

The man born in the horoscope sign of the twins will, therefore, be attracted to a woman who is energetic and ready to dive with him into the next activity without thinking about it twice. If you are looking to tie up with this man, you better have some energy.

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An Intelligent Woman

Smiling woman holding a pencil to her mouth watched by man in the background.The Gemini man, as we have already mentioned before, is intelligent, and this is a trait that he also finds to be attractive in the woman he would desire.

It is important that he sees you as a friend in a partnership rather than just a romantic connection.

The Gemini man looks for mental stimulation from a woman rather than just a physical attraction.

Of course, both are important but looks can be manufactured and this natal sign is all about an honest relationship with his partner.

The Gemini man will always need a woman beside him who is sharp and witty and can challenge him with her intellectual strength and prowess to win his admiration. He is not just about looks but brains too.

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A Woman Who Respects His Freedom

Yes, you read that right. The Gemini man frequently needs his own space and hates the feeling of being hemmed in. He is a free spirit and you must have respect for his freedom. A clingy woman is not anywhere in his preferences.

To stay well with this guy, and I am talking long term, don’t try and mess with his freedom. If you try to tie him down, and he is not ready, he will just back away and will be gone.

The Gemini man is attracted to an independent woman. He always cheers her up to pursue her dream and handle her life. The reason for this behavior is because the Gemini man will also demand the same sort of freedom from the woman.

He desires a woman who does not nag him and can also find happiness by herself with her own interests. Learning how to seduce a Gemini man is all about uncovering the hidden desires that he has for a woman. Discover more in Gemini man secrets here.

Passionate, Charming And Social

woman with her arms around the shoulders of her Gemini man both smiling as they look at each other.The Gemini man is generally very passionate about life and would love to have somebody who can share in this passion.

He loves a woman who shows optimism and who always looks on the bright side of life.

Apart from just being passionate, a Gemini man needs a woman who is social and attractive to him.

You should be a lady who dresses well rather than dressing down. A natural look rather than over the top makeup that gives an impression of falseness.

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What a Woman Can Do To Seduce The Gemini Man

Flirt With Him

The Gemini man is one that loves flirting, and this is something, that if done in a subtle way can be used to draw him to you. However, you need to be a good flirt to be able to seduce the Gemini man and you should prepare to match his game even though he is a master of this craft.

You should tease the Gemini man and play a little bit hard to get and see him respond to the game he loves best. If this is something that you don’t really feel confidant about, then you may want to take a look at a system called Text Chemistry.

As the name suggests this is something that you can use to send carefully crafted words, by text, that interplays with his subconscious mind. Designed by relationship guru Amy North a system that uses subliminal words to make a Gemini man obsess over the woman who sent them.

This proven technique can relight the fires of passion in a Gemini guy if you have had an argument or even a breakup. The power of the system can also be used to sow the seeds of desire in the mind of a Gemini man. Listen to a short video in which Amy explains her Text Chemistry here.

Give Him His Space

Gemini man playing guitar while woman leans on his shoulder and smilesThe Gemini man cannot be tied down no matter how hard you try. If you are trying to attract and seduce a Gemini man, then give him his space.

You will need to trust him by himself outside there without you beside him. Do it right and he will want to commit to you for good.

As I have said before, the Gemini man is a good conversationalist about most topics. This ability makes him spark instant attraction from other people since he is exciting and also very entertaining.

You need to try to improve your conversation if you want to seduce the Gemini man. He is not looking for a woman who is too narrow -minded but just someone who is interested in current affairs and topical issues.

The Gemini is a man who is easily attracted to any new information and news. Introducing him to a few friends and being able to match up to his enthusiasm in conversation is a deal sealer for you.

Be Unpredictable

The Gemini man is a quick thinker and a good conversationalist. He tends to have the answer to the question, and offer a solution to your problem before you finish explaining it to him.

You need to match his interest in the topics he brings up with questions and a keen interest in what he is saying.

There is one way of capturing his heart, to make him want you, which at times can leave him off balance since he loves taking charge. Be unpredictable. To discover how to get your Gemini man to commit, read this article by relationship astrologer Anna Kovach entitled Gemini Man Secrets here.

Change plans suddenly with him and be suggestive towards him. The element of surprise with the Gemini man will leave him thinking about you longer and spark his interest in you. The next thing you know, he will be chasing after you.

I have included a YouTube video that I hope helps you in your quest for finding love with your Gemini crush. The video is easy reading and gives info on 10 things you should know about your guy.

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Go With The Flow

Spontaneity is one of the critical strengths of the Gemini man. He loves doing his things randomly and would like someone who can go with the flow. The Gemini man is, at times, indecisive and changes his mind quite often.

The Gemini male prefers someone who is not rigid in schedules and plans. So, it is essential for you not to have fixed ideas with him, rather be ready for anything that may come through his mind. The Gemini man loves someone who will go with the flow.

Final Thoughts

Show your Gemini crush that you can be a spontaneous individual, and he will start showing interest in you. Take a look at Anna Kovach’s astrological insights which have helped scores of women achieve the relationship they desire. Gemini Man Secrets here.

A man born under the zodiac sign of Gemini sometimes takes a long time to show his true feelings. He is very conscious of treating a woman with respect, and although usually very outgoing can be a little introvert in matters of the heart.

If you are struggling to get the attention of your Gemini heartthrob, or you feel he is losing interest in you, take a look at a video by Amy North called Text Chemistry. Amy explains this simple technique that can make it easy for you to seduce a Gemini man.

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