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How To Make An Aries Man Miss You

woman resting her face on her hands looking sadMaking an Aries man miss you could be quite a job, depending on the reason you are trying to make him think of you.

Getting more attention from him will be easier than if you have wronged him and want him back. But I am here to try to make it easier for you to understand how he acts.

An Aries man is the first sign of the horoscope. He is a fire sign and his ruling planet is Mars, which makes him a dynamic and sometimes volatile character.

This means he is usually very energetic, adventurous and brave. He fears nothing and for him, there are no boundaries in life.

He is actually a really straight forward type of guy, but that doesn’t make him boring. He just knows who he is and what he thinks, and he is not afraid to state his opinion out loud.

He tends to be a true adventurer, and you may or may not be surprised to know how much energy it takes just to keep up with this man in life.

If you are trying to start a relationship with an Aries guy or if the two of you have broken up and you want to make him miss you, then this article will help you understand some of his characteristics.

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How to make him focus on you again, then? It’s pretty simple, so let’s begin.

Getting an Aries man to miss you

Become more unavailable

The biggest mistake that you can make is to send him loads of messages or write about him on social media. He would think that this is too much and he would only feel irritated.

If you broke up, don’t send messages at all. If he texts you, play it cool and do not reply immediately. You need to make him start to wonder why you are so quiet and uninterested, and this will play on his mind.

An Aries man is a man of action. He needs to face challenges all the time, so if you are standing right in front of him and show that you are available anytime, you are easy prey.

He won’t even bother chasing you or thinking about you. You need to be a bit mysterious and distant. An Aries man wants a challenge.

So, that means you shouldn’t hang out too much in places where he spends a lot of time. He might think that you are stalking him and he would find that rather bothersome.

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woman smiling giving a thumbs up signMaintain a positive attitude

Show him that you can live without him. Do not get depressed and suffer because you are not with your Aries man anymore. Go out with friends show him how strong you are.

Reward yourself and make sure he notices that. You could do something new. You could travel alone or go with your friends somewhere. You can even start a new hobby. Just try to show him that you can do just fine without him.

Of course, always be friendly with him and smile a lot. He will definitely miss you more when you display a positive attitude.

You should also understand how an Aries man reacts in a breakup. Because of his fiery temperament, he can blow hot and cold, making it difficult to work out how he really feels about a woman. You can find out more about this Here.

Maintain and improve your appearance

Make a change. You could dye your hair or make it a bit shorter. You could apply a bit more makeup and paint your nails in his favorite color. Anyway, your goal is to look as pretty as you can.

An Aries man is the most masculine sign of the horoscope, and he is naturally attracted to feminine women.

Of course, every man loves to see a pretty woman and have her by his side, but this is more than true when talking about an Aries man.

When he sees you shine even brighter than before, he will realize what he has lost and certainly start missing you.

You can even gain or lose weight if you want. Do whatever that makes you feel better in your own skin and that will boost your self-confidence. Show him that he has lost more than he thinks he has.

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What to do moving forward?

You must not become too distant, or ignore him completely. He just needs to understand that you can stand on your own two feet without him.

Remember, never show him that you are hurt and be friendly. You can send him a casual text or even talk to him in person.

Approach him with a smile and be brief and direct. Tell him that you are in a hurry but you wanted to ask him how things are going for him and if he is feeling ok? If you are not sure what is the best thing to say, James Bauer’s new product can help you, so you should check it out.

This will make him wonder even more. You will become a challenge for him again because he will not be able to figure you out at all.

If you want to text him instead of approaching him, be brief as well. Here are some more tips on how to make him think about you again. This article can be helpful to anyone, especially for women who were in a relationship with an Aries man.

After texting him some carefully worded messages, if he replies faster than before, that’s a good sign. Maybe this is the time to suggest a friendly chat over a coffee in town? Take it slow with him.

An Aries man’s characteristic is usually explosive and impatient, but make him slow down a bit with you.

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It’s not that hard to make him miss you and want you again. If these ploys don’t work on him, then maybe he is over you. In this youtube video, an astrologist explains the signs that tell you an Aries guy is over you.

Do not worry. As a fire sign, he is very passionate. Even if he gets bored easily, it’s easy to excite him again. James Bauer’s program can definitely help you in that.

Be brave and approach him after some time, but don’t forget to devote more time in yourself and your own happiness. You will shine, and he will notice that and realize what he has lost.

Become the best version of yourself. An Aries man always respects a strong woman, and you indeed are strong. Show him that and he will wonder why you two have ever split up in the first place.

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