How To Make An Aries Man Miss You

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Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Aries men are notorious for being very stubborn and not wanting to show their feelings, but if you want to know how to make an Aries man miss you and crave your presence, here’s what you need to do.

  • First off, make sure he knows how much he means to you.
  • Secondly, don’t be afraid of making the first move – because that is usually all it takes! There is nothing like a woman who knows what she wants (and that includes her man!)
  • Lastly, play hard-to-get; this will drive him crazy with desire for you!

How to Make an Aries man miss you in 3 steps could seem like quite a job, depending on the reason you are trying to make him think of you.

Aries guys have a very fiery nature and are known for their active imagination so don’t be offended if you’re not the only thing on his mind.

There may be several reasons why you want to make this passionate fire sign miss you. Maybe you are in a long-distance relationship?

Or you are currently going through a breakup or perhaps you’ve already broken up but are wanting to get back together again?

Regardless of your reason, there are some things you can do to get an Aries man to arouse his feelings to make him miss you. This will make him think of you when you’re not around and also create a yearning to be with you.

An Aries man is the first sign of the horoscope.

He is a fire sign and his ruling planet is Mars, which makes him a dynamic and sometimes even a volatile character.

If you’re going through a breakup with him then you no doubt already know this…His fiery nature often means that for him, there are little or no boundaries in life.

He has an expansive view of the world and is often looking for the next big adventure.

For him, his sense of adventure can be fulfilled in many different ways from indulging in extreme sports to being in a passionate and steamy relationship.

He is actually a really straightforward type of guy provided your judgment does not get clouded by romantic emotions.  

He knows who he is and what he thinks, and he is not afraid to state his opinion out loud and stubbornly stick to his guns.

Due to his warrior-like spirit, fiery nature, and the fact that Mars, the planet of war, is his ruling planet, his sense of masculinity is at the core of his character.

He wants to be seen as the strong hero type and will relish any opportunity to take on the role of the hero or savior.

Think, “knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress.”

This is actually an important part of male psychology when it comes to relationships.

If a woman can make a guy feel like her hero then she is meeting one of his core values at a deep level regardless of if he is consciously aware of it or not.

When a woman can do this, her Aries crush will feel a sense of value and fulfillment in a relationship akin to the feelings of love.

Relationship expert, James Bauer describes it as a guy’s “secret obsession”.

According to James, if a woman can make a guy feel this way, then she’ll always be on his mind and there is nothing he won’t do for her.

In this article, I will share more tips you can use to get him to think of you, miss you, and want to be with you.

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How To Make An Aries Man Miss You

Whether your Aries man is ignoring you, he seems more distant than usual, or if you haven’t seen each other for a while, here are five effective tips to make an Aries guy miss you.

Subtle Texts To Make Him Miss You

If you don’t see him that often or if you’ve broken up then chances are your communication is likely to be very limited.

Clear communication is critical in order to make any relationship work. But how do you get around this if you don’t see him all that much or if you’ve broken up..?

An effective way around this is to use text messages.

Regardless if he replies to you or not, he will definitely be reading them and that’s all you need to get him to start thinking about you.

However, text messages can be easily misinterpreted.

The last thing you want to do is to send him a message that gives him the wrong impression or that makes you come across as needy or desperate.

This will only push him further away.

Fortunately, relationship coach, Amy North has a very clever and effective text message method designed to subtly take advantage of male psychology.

Amy has taught this method to hundreds of women who have used it to get their men back after a breakup and put them on the road to a more happy and fulfilling relationship.

Amy explains her method here so you can see for yourself if it’s right for you.

Become More Unavailable

The biggest mistake that you can make is to send him loads of messages or write about him on social media.

He would think that this is too much and he would only feel irritated.

If you broke up, don’t send messages at all.

If he texts you, play it cool and do not reply immediately.

You need to make him start to wonder why you are so quiet and uninterested, and this will play on his mind.

An Aries man is a man of action.

He needs to face challenges all the time, so if you are standing right in front of him and show that you are available anytime, you are easy prey.

He won’t even bother chasing you or thinking about you.

You need to be a bit mysterious and distant. An Aries man wants a challenge.

So, that means you shouldn’t hang out too much in places where he spends a lot of time.

He might think that you are stalking him and he would find that rather bothersome.

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Maintain a Positive Attitude

Show him that you can live without him. Do not get depressed and suffer because you are not with your Aries man anymore.

Go out with friends show him how strong you are.

Reward yourself and make sure he notices that. You could do something new.

You could travel alone or go with your friends somewhere.

You can even start a new hobby. Just try to show him that you can do just fine without him.

Of course, always be friendly with him and smile a lot. He will definitely miss you more when you display a positive attitude.

You should also understand how an Aries man reacts to a breakup.

Because of his fiery temperament, he can blow hot and cold, making it difficult to work out how he really feels about a woman.

Make Him Miss You Through Your Appearance

Make a change. You could dye your hair or make it a bit shorter. You could apply a bit more makeup and paint your nails in your favorite color.

Anyway, your goal is to look as pretty as you can.

An Aries man is the most masculine sign of the horoscope, and he is naturally attracted to feminine women.

Of course, every man loves to see a pretty woman and have her by his side, but this is more than true when talking about an Aries man.

When he sees you shine even brighter than before, he will realize what he has lost and certainly start missing you.

You can even gain or lose weight if you want. Do whatever makes you feel better in your own skin and that will boost your self-confidence.

Show him that he has lost more than he thinks he has.

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What To Do Moving Forward To Make Him Miss You?

You must not become too distant, or ignore him completely. He just needs to understand that you can stand on your own two feet without him.

Remember, never show him that you are hurt, and always be friendly. You can send him a casual text or even talk to him in person.

Approach him with a smile and be brief and direct.

Tell him that you are in a hurry but you wanted to ask him how things are going for him and if he is feeling ok?

If you are not sure what is the best thing to say, James Bauer’s new product can help you, so you should check it out to see if this is the answer you have been looking for to achieve true love.

This will make him wonder even more. You will become a challenge for him again because he will not be able to figure you out at all.

If you want to text him instead of approaching him, be brief, or use the advice that Amy has suggested above.

The tips in this article can be helpful to any situation with an Aries guy.

After texting him some carefully worded messages, if he replies faster than before, that’s a good sign.

Maybe this is the time to suggest a friendly chat over a coffee in town?

Take it slow with him.

An Aries man’s characteristic is usually explosive and impatient, but make him slow down a bit with you.

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If these ploys don’t work on him, then maybe he is over you.

In this YouTube video, an astrologist explains the signs that tell you if an Aries guy is history.

Final Thoughts

The fiery Aries man can have an active imagination and often loses himself in a fantasy world.

Sometimes you need something that will help you make him focus on you, and that is triggering his hero instinct.

If you can trigger his hero instinct you can become the center of his universe, and then you’ll never be far from his thoughts.

Be brave and approach him after some time, but don’t forget to devote more time to yourself and your own happiness. You will shine, and he will notice that and realize what he has lost.

Become the best version of yourself.

An Aries man always respects a strong woman, and you are indeed strong. Show him that, and he will wonder why you two have ever split up in the first place.

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