How To Get a Leo Man To Chase You

man smiling as woman knots his tieSo, I assume, as you are reading this, you have the hots for a sexy guy born under the zodiac sign of the lion, and want to find out how to get a Leo man to chase you?

That’s not a big surprise, you know. It’s pretty easy to fall for a Leo because he is so confident, assertive, and always the center of attention.

However, the first thing you need to understand about a guy born under the star sign of Leo is the general make up of his characteristics.

Leo is a fire sign, and also the sign of the Lion. Therefore, his energy is aggressive, dynamic, and positive and he prefers to mix with people who are fun rather than a shrinking violet.

This guy is always on the move, with a craving for new and interesting adventures. He might sometimes be lazy when obligations are in question, though, but I guess no one is perfect.

A Leo man tends to have the biggest ego of all the zodiac signs, which can make him appear superficial, and even a bit fake at times.

All in all, this guy knows his worth and thinks he deserves the best. Don’t be scared of his self-assurance, though. I will give you some tips on how to make him chase you in no time.

Learn How a Leo Man Thinks

To become attractive to a Leo man is not just about how beautiful you look. Sure, looks are important but a Leo guy is also looking to be understood and appreciated for who he is by a woman who he wants a long-term relationship with.

To become the woman a Leo man dreams of and make him chase her she needs to know what makes him tick. Learning how he thinks in situations when he is in a relationship will make it easy for her to control his exuberant personality.

Before reading the rest of this article I recommend you take a look at the following, which will give you a greater understanding of the complex characteristics of the man born in the star sign of Leo.

Devoted astrologer Anna Kovach is a renowned relationship expert and has compiled a work titled Leo Man Secrets which gives a woman everything she needs to know about the characteristics of a Leo man.

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Ways To Get a Leo Man To Chase You

smiling woman making ok sign with her thumb and forefingerNow, let’s head back to our topic, and talk about how to get a Leo man to chase you.

Look Beautiful And Expensive

Always try to be as pretty as you can. I have already told you about a Leo man’s superficiality. Physical appearance is very important to him.

You need to put some extra care into your hair and your skin. Also, wear your best clothes. But something even more important than nice clothes is how you wear them. You need to be self-confident. You need to believe that you are beautiful, so I advise you to work on your confidence, first.

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Believe In Yourself

A Leo man doesn’t want a weak and insecure woman by his side. He wants a woman who can keep up with him, who can support him, and who is as strong as he is. Not stronger, but certainly not weaker. He doesn’t like it when someone overshadows him, you know.

When a Leo man chooses a woman, he makes sure that she is worthy of him. If you manage to show him that you indeed are, he will do anything to have you by his side. Therefore, try to become confident in how you look and act especially around him. To learn all about a Leo man check out Leo Man Secrets.

He will notice a woman who can stand up for herself, and who firmly believes in what she says. These are the traits of strong women. But you should work on yourself for your sake, not for the sake of anyone else. You should truly try to love yourself, disregard any frailties which will build your confidence.

In this youtube video, you can find even more information about what a Leo man wants in a woman. I personally like this astrologer very much. She is fun, easy to follow and she provides a lot of information.

As you can see from the above, that it’s important for you to know as much as you can about Leo men in general, in order to get along with your Leo man once he starts to chase you.

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Be Up For Action, And Be Fun

As I said, Leo is a fire sign. A man born under its influence hates routine and boredom. Show him how much fun he can have with you because the most important thing to a Leo man is to be able to have fun with someone.

He doesn’t like women who are too serious or too preoccupied with their careers. Try to relax. If you are anxious, try meditating or other relaxing pass times. Try to see life as a Leo man does. Go out more, and be more positive. If he notices how playful and goofy you can be, he will chase you for sure.

If you two hang out in the same place or with the same people, you can suggest something new and exciting, for example, going out to a place where no one has been before. He will like this a lot because you will seem daring and fearless with a taste for adventure.

If you are shy and quiet by nature, maybe a Leo man is not for you.  I don’t say you should be loud, but it is true that a Leo man likes women who are more noticeable. They say opposites attract, so don’t give up thinking he will not be interested in you. Just be aware that just sitting back will get you nowhere.

Texting Can Break The Ice

A product that is having great results for women who want a Leo man to chase them, or even repair a relationship after a breakup is Text Chemistry.

Relationship and dating expert Amy North has developed a system of subliminal words that can be sent by text to make a Leo man go crazy with desire. Messages that are absorbed into his mind that make him want to be with that woman.

Amy has produced a short video so that she can explain the process directly to you. This just may be the key to the heart of your Leo crush so listen to Amy as she reveals the power of Text Chemistry here.

woman's hands making a heart shape with her fingersBe Honest And Reliable With a Leo Man

This is an important tip. A Leo man is monogamic when in a relationship, and he doesn’t think about any other woman. He invests all his time and effort into his relationship.

Actually, believe it or not, a Leo man is the most romantic of all the Zodiac signs. Once he is into you he has a way of making you feel special and the center of his universe. You can find more about a Leo man when he is in love by clicking this link.

You need to show your Leo man that you are loyal and reliable. Be honest and direct with him. Never try to play mind games with him, because if he sees through you, he will literally erase you from his life. You might ruin every chance of ever getting him to chase you.

Of course, never forget to praise him and to give him compliments. Make him feel even better in his own skin. Treat him like royalty, but don’t overdo it. You need to know that false flattery is one of those mind games I warned you about. There is no need for manipulation, trust me.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the first thing you should do is to work on yourself, if you want to make a Leo man chase you. If you take my advice, you will get this guy’s attention quickly. He will start chasing you in no time, believe me.

Understanding his characteristics and how he reacts to relationship situations can be found by reading Leo Man Secrets. This will help you prepare for when he starts to chase you.

A Leo man needs someone who can keep up with him, so show him that you are a real prize. If you treat yourself like a queen, then he will, too. It’s just how it is. How you see yourself is how others see you as well.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are enough. You are worthy of this guy. When he realizes that, he will start chasing you immediately. You just need to put a little effort into showing him who you really are. Good luck!

Dreaming Of A Future With A Leo Man?

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