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How To Attract An Aries Man & Keep His Interest

Man giving woman a bunch of flowersAn Aries man is a man of action and full of energy, this is one of the reasons women sometimes find it difficult to attract his attention.

He has an active and enquiring mind and loses interest quickly if he feels he has nothing more to learn about a person or a situation. He just can’t sit in one place, and he is constantly searching for new adventures.

It’s sometimes hard for him to find a girlfriend he really wants to be with because he wants someone who can ignite his passions but also handle his fiery side. He needs someone who is just as active as he is and will also give him space when he needs it.

One good thing about dating a guy of this star sign is that, for the most part, you can usually tell what he’s thinking and where he’s at emotionally. You can ask him whatever you want to know and he will most likely answer you directly. You don’t have to read between the lines with him as he is usually frank and straightforward.

So, without further, ado, here are my top ways to attract an Aries guy.

How to become an attraction magnet

If you have the hots for an Aries guy and want to know how to get him to focus his attention on you then a great trick is to use a few subtly flirty text messages.

When you text a guy in a cute and fun way but with a little ambiguity, it gets him wondering exactly what your message means.

For example, if your text can, on the one hand, be perceived as an innocent message, but on the other hand can imply that you think he’s hot then he’ll keep thinking about your text (and, therefore, you) to try to figure out the hidden meaning behind your text.

After a short time he’ll find himself thinking about you more and more. When this happens, it’s natural for a person to start to wonder if they have the hots for you.

It’s all about human psychology. We’re basically wired to respond to curiosity and intrigue.

If you’re wondering exactly how to do this then renowned relationship coach, Amy North explains exactly how it’s done here.

It is highly recommended by women who tried it, and it can teach you all kinds of ploys that you can use in texting an Aries man.

Many women have been amazed and delighted with how men started chasing them after receiving just a couple of text messages. I recommend you listen to the video to see if this is the magic you are looking for.

Top Tips To Attract An Aries Men

An Aries man is happy with a simple life, but he is not boring at all. By simple, I mean that all his cards are open. He doesn’t overthink things and he always knows what he wants. You can find out more about his traits and characteristics Here.

Avoid any kind of mind games

Be flirty but do not play games with him. He really hates it when women try to manipulate him. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and no patience deceitful games.

An Aries guy doesn’t like “to be pulled around by his horns”. That means that he doesn’t like it when a woman tries to use him in any way. He needs a woman that will stand by his side. He wants an honest and confidant woman, someone who has no need to be in charge in a relationship.

He needs an equal partner, but, be careful though, don’t just approach him and say that you like him. He prefers when situations regarding romance are a little bit more complicated. He revels in the thrill of the chase so don’t come across as gushing or too keen at first.

I can recommend this astrologist who has a very good youtube video about an Aries guy in love. Also, she talks about all kinds of ploys that you can use in order to attract your Aries guy. She is punctual and straight to the point.

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If you plan to seduce him with any sly plan, he will see right through it and you will never have the chance to make it up to him. If an Aries man loses his trust, that’s it. There is no going back.

Just be who you are, and don’t be afraid to show him your trusting nature.

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Embrace your femininity

He likes feminine women, but adventurous and powerful. He needs to see that you are capable of going to all kinds of adventures with him and capable of following him. It’s not all about having a lot of energy. Show him that you are smart and that you have strong opinions.

You should also know what physical traits an Aries guy likes about women. Of course, every man loves to see a pretty woman, but an Aries guy finds physical appearance very important.

Try to be as pretty as possible. Wear your best clothes. Do your nails and take care of your hair, for example. He will certainly notice you.

Amy North’s new book can help you if you don’t know how to use your feminine powers in order to attract your Aries guy.

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girl pulling mans hand in a fieldDisagree with him sometimes

Mind stimulants such as little quarrels or arguments can actually get him attracted to you.
He really respects when a woman has a strong opinion and that she is not willing to change it so easily because of other peoples’ influence.

Charm him with your strong and positive spirit. If you disagree with him, say it openly and tell him why.

Do not be afraid of his reaction. Sometimes he can seem angry or irritated, but he likes it when someone challenges his ideas. Not because he likes to argue just for the sake of arguing, but because that means that you truly believe in what you say.

Be simple, but creative

He is easily entertained but also gets bored easily.

You need to constantly give him new challenges, ideas and be energetic enough to do all kinds of things with him. This will not just attract him, but keep him by your side as well, and that is what really matters.

Be open about liking him. Look at him, compliment him, but do it frankly and without expectations. He likes it when women are modest and simple, so try to show him how much you respect him.

But don’t forget, don’t be so easy to get. You should never chase an Aries guy. Let him chase you instead.

Final Thoughts

Truth to be told, an Aries man is not complicated at all. He knows who he is and what kind of a woman he wants.

But there is the harsh truth about him as well: he is not for everybody. For example, if you are not the same or at least similar to him when it comes to heated discussions or even arguments, you could get drained by his intensity.

But don’t give up. He is a man capable of loving his partner deeply, and when he settles down, he is the most fun and desirable man you could be with. It’s hard to get bored with an Aries man.

If you need to throw some fuel on the fire and create feelings of attraction in him then check out Amy’s text message attraction system here.

Her methods are a great way to break the ice, create a connection and spark feelings of attraction in him that will get him to chase after you.

Have fun with it and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

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