How To Attract a Cancer Man And Make Him Love You

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Last Updated on August 16, 2021

I’m sure, you like me, and a lot of other women, are drawn towards the sexy charismatic man born with the astrological zodiac sign of Cancer.

If only, sigh, a guy with this star sign could be less reserved, it might give a woman more of a chance of understanding how to attract a Cancer man to want you.

Well, don’t despair, read on, as I am going to give you some tried and tested ways to get your Cancer man to become more attracted to you than ever!

Why This Zodiac Sign Is Slow To React

Most fire and air signs prefer a partner who is upfront and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Earth and Water signs, like Cancer, however, require tenderness and patience before they get serious.

They tend to be more practical and slower in developing feelings for others.

Cancer men, in particular, have a lot of defenses to permeate before you get to their gooey center.

But if you can manage to get through, you will not find a more sensitive, nurturing partner in the zodiac.

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How To Attract a Cancer Man – 4 Fun & Cheeky Ways

Cancer the crab is a water sign with its ruling planet being the moon. While Cancer man can appear to be emotional, even moody at times, he is great with people and takes his time to get to know someone. This is especially so if he is attracted to them.

He tends to be emotionally tied to past experiences and wary of opening his heart too soon and being hurt.

Feelings have to be right before making a decision.

If you really have the hots for a Cancer guy you should avoid coming on to him in a direct way.

He tends to have an image of himself as being the chaser after he has made up his mind.

Putting yourself on his radar will keep his macho feelings intact which will strengthen the bond of a relationship when you let him catch you!

Whether he’s the quiet guy at work or the hot barman in a nightclub, you first need to know how to make yourself the center of his universe.

A Cancer man responds better to subtle signals that make them feel a loving relationship is budding with you.

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Attract Him With Text Messages

One modern strategy that has proven to work very well for women who want to get attention from a man born under Cancer is via Text messaging.

With this kind of guy, you want to inform him that you acknowledge his Cancerian strengths so he’ll develop positive feelings around you.

You need to slowly break through his emotional defenses from within.

Everyone, these days has a cell phone, and using text messages in a subtle way can lay the foundation for a relationship without any possible embarrassing put-downs.

I say in a subtle way, because just texting without good reason or sending too many messages without thought, could have your Cancer man switching off!

However, if you like this idea of breaking down barriers to getting your Cancer hunk constantly thinking about you, I’m sure the following will be of interest.

Getting the messages right is all-important, so if you need a little help I suggest you check out a program called Text Chemistry.

This is a program developed by relationship expert Amy North that uses messages laced with words containing subliminal meaning, that can influence your guy’s thinking.

Whether you are trying to get a Cancer man’s attention for the first time or trying to re-spark his love after a breakup Amy has the exact words for your situation.

Don’t just take my word for it, You can watch Amy explain her psychological technique in a short video called Text Chemistry.

Decide for yourself if this will help you find the key to your guy’s heart.

Make Him Want You

A guy born with the zodiac sign of Cancer is actively looking for a woman to protect and nurture.

At times he can be self-protective and is likely a private and sensitive person.

Nevertheless, he wants to be the one taking care of you in the relationship.

Nothing makes him happier than surrounding you with his love and confirming all of your needs are accommodated.

By attracting him, you want to make him feel that you are somewhat dependent on him.

He doesn’t want to date an insecure woman, but he needs to know you cherish and adore him.

If you are very independent and self-serving, that could be a turn-off for him if he feels you don’t need him!

Telling him how much you admire him as a man and how you appreciate all the little things he does will make him feel appreciated, needed, and, in turn, will draw him to you.

However, don’t let him get too clingy.

Remind him that you also need space from time to time. He’ll appreciate your honesty.

I came across this great Youtube video which may help you to understand more about this emotional zodiac sign.

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Use His Characteristics To Your Advantage

This hunk is experienced in dealing with the emotional issues of his friends and family. He often has ties to the past that are hard for him to mend.

He may be in contact with an ex and friends who have long since given up any intimate relationship.

Your job with the Moon in Cancer guy is to balance his emotional sensitivity.

At times he can ignore his own emotional needs to cater to yours.

You need to remind him of how awesome he is for caring about you, but that he also needs to monitor his own emotional states as well.

Building a relationship with this guy is all down to really understanding his characteristics and what makes him tick.

If you think this man may be “The One” you need to know all about him and why he acts in a certain way.

I can highly recommend a book by relationship guru Anna Kovach who has helped scores of women to really understand their Cancer man.

You can read about everything you need to know in the book Cancer Man Secrets.

Understand His Needs

The Cancer man needs to feel that you are entirely committed, faithful, and loyal to him.

He tends to be physically possessive, so you need to objectively show him your devotion.

His main focus is security and a long-lasting relationship.

You may find him overly sensitive at times, especially depending on where his moon is located in his birth sign.

He takes many jokes to heart and is easily affected by the little things you do.

Always keep in mind how sensitive your partner is to the physical aspect of love, and you’ll find yourself catching his heart in no time.

The easiest way to get his attention is to be open and friendly, and show him that you are interested to get to know him, even if it seems like Cancer man ignores you at first.

Amy North has some great lines you can send by text to awaken a latent need for love which can convert to a desire for you.

Check out Amy’s video here to discover how her psychological love texts can have a powerful effect on raising the passions of your Cancer man.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a Cancer man can be moody at times for no apparent reason, so it is good to know about this and his other characteristics to avoid unnecessary upsets.

Find out all you need to know about how he thinks and acts in different situations.

See if you think Anna Kovach’s book will help you find your perfect relationship in Cancer Man Secrets.

Tell him you want hugs, ask him for help, support his endeavors, and bring up the good memories you shared.

You’ll be sure to attract his attention and will want you in no time!

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