4 Cancer Spirit Animals Related To This Zodiac Sign

The Crab Spirit animal

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

The Crab represents the zodiac sign of Cancer which is one of the water signs. When they feel threatened or molt, they bury themselves in sand to avoid being washed back into the ocean.

They are rarely direct and tend to withdraw and bury their emotions to avoid being emotionally washed away. For this reason, Crabs are a great choice as Cancer Spirit Animals.

However, the Crab is not the only animal that personifies the astrological sign of Cancer.

Here are the 4 spirit animals that represent Cancerians.

Connecting with spirit animals

Cancer Spirit Animals

Here are the spirit animals most commonly related to the zodiac sign of Cancer:

The Crab

The crab

While the crab is known as one of the Cancer Spirit Animals, it actually has many more characteristics.

A crab is an ocean-dwelling creature that carries its protective shell on its back as a kind of shield and home. It represents protection, loyalty, and courage. A crab embodies all of these qualities.

While the crab symbolizes a lovable, devoted partner, it can be a challenging companion. A Cancer mate is likely to be standoffish until they’re smitten with them.

If you’ve been in a relationship with a boundary-less Cancer, chances are you’ve suffered heartbreak and breach of trust. Because of this, you may need a lot of reassurance from a loved one (for more info, see our article on Cancer relationship compatibility).

While the crab is intense and desperate, it can be difficult to reveal that part of themselves to others, so you’ll have to be patient and understanding.

The crab has a hard shell on the outside. Just as the human Cancer creates a shell through psychological armoring and emotional coping mechanisms, the crab is also very protective of its family and dependents.

However, these qualities also make the crab a clingy creature. As such, a crab in Cancer may be a metaphor for a Cancer who struggles with letting go of people or situations.

Despite its small size, the crab has many predators that will try to take it out. It has to be constantly adaptive to survive. A crab can adapt to any environment by changing its posture to hide from predators or pounce on unsuspecting prey.

It is also a symbol of strength and patience. You may feel a claw coming towards you if you’re a procrastinator or have a poor self-image. The crab can help you face and overcome fears.

In addition to being a spirit animal for Cancer, the crab can be a helpful companion throughout your life. It can help you deal with stress, anger, and unhappiness.

Because of its symbiotic relationship with water, the crab can help you cope with new spiritual abilities, but patience is required. If you choose to channel a crab, keep it close to your heart.

It is not just the Crab that is associated with Cancer, others for instance include the following: –

The Woodpecker

Woodpecker spirit animal

The Woodpecker is a Cancerian Spirit animal that is known to encourage the discerning nature of the Cancer person. This spirit animal teaches us to take advantage of opportunities and to follow patterns that will lead us to our destiny.

When we are aware of the woodpecker in our dreams, we have the courage and determination to make the most of these opportunities and realize the positive outcome. Often, the woodpecker also guides us to build a deep connection with mother earth.

The Woodpecker animal spirit is associated with the western zodiac sign of Cancer. As a natural nurturer and promoter of decomposition, the woodpecker has an important place in the forest. The woodpecker’s beak is used to multiply mushrooms, which regenerate and balance the environment.

The woodpecker is also a fighter against death and transmits life. It can be a solitary animal, which is why this spirit animal has a great deal of meaning.

The woodpecker spirit animal seeks to bring balance into the world and to protect those around us who are weak. The woodpecker also encourages us to be creative and innovative.

As such, the woodpecker is a spirit animal for Cancer that encourages openness and acceptance. In addition, embracing change is important in the spirit world and brings good fortune.

With its wisdom, the woodpecker also reminds us to march in unison with nature.

The Woodpecker is an animal that appreciates family. Despite its independence, woodpeckers have big ambitions.

They seldom rely on others to complete their tasks and are often prone to misheard customary phrases. Despite this, however, their deep sense of home and compassion make them great caregivers and parents.

Since Cancer is considered an emotional sign, Cancerians can be easily hurt by emotions. Therefore, as a Water element, the Woodpecker is also incredibly vulnerable when it comes to the emotions.

The burdens of others affect the Woodpecker’s mood and happiness. This can cause this animal to be moody, which can make the person around him or her feel a lot of pressure.

Possibly surprising to some, is the next Cancer spirit animal, the Elephant.

animals and their answers

The Elephant

Elephant spirit animal

When you are in the presence of your Elephant spirit animal, you may feel focused on other things. Intuitive and compassionate, the elephant will understand that we need to take care of those around us.

Those of us who are sensitive to others will see an elephant’s loyalty and compassion, which are indicative of our own inner strength. This spirit animal is also associated with pride, dignity, and power.

The elephant spirit animal represents strength, power, and loyalty. Dreaming of the elephant can represent new and improved relationships, and even long-term unions.

This zodiac animal also encourages personal development, including improving relationships, forming friendships, and acquiring new skills. This spirit animal brings people water and food and helps them remember the good things in life.

The spiritual significance of the elephant relates to the development of one’s abilities and revealing of their true selves.

The elephant is known to be emotional, and its meaning can be applied to a Cancer’s desire to be more sentimental. The elephant is also associated with emotional intelligence and can recognize when a fellow elephant is hurt or distressed.

If a mate has passed away, an elephant will display a broken heart. They will stop eating and even moving. Grief will remain with them for a long time.

Another Animal that has a positive influence on a Cancer is the frog. Its association with the moon and its nocturnal habits make it a perfect guide for Cancers.

The Cancer spirit animal also represents family, but the frog is especially important for the Cancer in your life. Cancers tend to be very loving, but they can also be easily taken advantage of.

When thinking about spirit animals in relation to your birth sign, it is important to study the traits rather than the size or environment in which they live. Which brings us nicely on to the Rabbit.

The Rabbit


The Rabbit is one of the Cancer spirit animals which characteristics mirror that of the sign. Cancer is a sensitive and shy sign that finds associations with amiable animals.

Like the crab, the rabbit shares Cancer’s sensitive disposition. It is very loving and caring and will do anything for its family, no matter how difficult it may seem to be. It also tends to avoid situations that might make it feel threatened or overpowered.

In spirit animal lore, the rabbit is one of the most ‘victims’ in the animal kingdom. As one of the spirit animals of Cancer, it can encourage us to become more loving and accepting of ourselves.

The rabbit totem can also indicate the birth of a new love. It can help us make major decisions in our lives with clarity and calm. In addition to being an animal totem, the rabbit can also give us a sense of direction.

As the Cancer spirit animal, the Rabbit is an incredibly sensitive critter. It often hides from conflict and is very diplomatic in its dealings.

They prefer to live a modest and conventional life. It can be a good companion for Cancers seeking a balance between the needs of themselves and others.

A woman in love will often dream of the Rabbit’s appearance in dreams, which is a sure sign that the real thing is becoming ever closer.

Final Thoughts

Another animal spirit guide that shares the characteristics of Cancer is the chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and share the qualities of Cancer natives. They are generally peaceful creatures.

They are also good caregivers, taking care of their family and dependents. If you’re a Cancer, this animal could be your spirit animal. It’s a wise choice. You’ll be happier and healthier.

All the above Cancer spirit animals are different in size and shape, but it is the way they live that indicates an emotional connection between us.

Connecting with spirit animals

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