Venus In Scorpio Man Turn On’s

man kissing a woman in a straw hatAre you wondering what turns on the Venus in Scorpio man? This term relates to the position of the love planet Venus when a Scorpio man is born.

His characteristics are related in part to both signs which makes him an intriguing guy to get to know.

Well, the turn-ons for Scorpio men with this combination are mystery, intrigue and emotional depth.

The star sign is enhanced by the romantic Venus which makes this particular guy attractive to a lot of women.

What’s more, being in control is also a turn on for this Scorpio male, so a woman will need to be on the ball in not letting him take complete charge of everything. They also love women who can challenge them without fearing to relinquish their control.

If you are dating a Scorpio man with this mixture of star sign, it is important that you understand his Venus sign with regard to his romantic attractions.

With that in mind, this article will give you insights on what turns on a Venusian Scorpio male. Please keep reading.

What Turns On a Venus in Scorpio Man


Trust is a big factor for a Scorpio guy and even more so with a man who has the connection of Venus in his star sign. Therefore, this guy wants a partner who will be an open book as far as being straight forward and honest.

A Scorpio boyfriend tends to fall deeply in love with a woman who is willing to be vulnerable around him which will bring out his naturally protective instinct.

In other words, he sees his position as provider and solver of problems for someone who has shown their love for him. He wants a woman who in time, does not mind sharing her deepest secrets with him.

What’s more, he wants a woman who does not make him feel vulnerable or exposed, which is a big turn on… He tends to gravitate towards a woman who is able to create a nonjudgmental and safe space for him. This, in turn, will bring out similar qualities in him

Loyalty and commitment

Attracting a Scorpio guy with this combination of star sign involves showing him that you are a loyal and committed woman. A Venusian Scorpio male does not want a woman who will have eyes for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. He wants to feel that you have eyes for no other man and are prepared to give yourself to him totally.

In other words, if you want to win the heart of this Scorpio guy, it is important that you make him experience a deep emotional bonding. He needs to perceive you as a woman who is willing to spend the rest of her life with him.

He does not want a woman who wants to be with him because of sex and superficial romance. If you want your Scorpio crush to believe that you love him, he needs to perceive you as a woman who is deep, emotionally.

man kissing woman who has her head resting on his kneeFeminine and sexual energy

A man with his Venus sign in Scorpio will be attracted to a woman who has seductive energy flowing. He wants a woman who has sex appeal and sexual chemistry.

In other words, he wants a femme fatale who can entice him with her intense sexual energy. The Scorpio male wants a woman with an overtly sexual appearance.

What’s more, a guy with this Scorpio combination tends to gravitate towards a woman who is not afraid of his passion and high sexual libido. In addition, a woman who is able to reciprocate the sexual favors or role play in the bedroom is a huge turn on for him.


Anything intriguing is a turn on for the man with this star sign. Scorpio men are always fascinated and enthralled by darkness. They are usually highly interested in horror, the supernatural, death, and at times the occult.

Therefore, if you want to attract a man with Scorpio combination of star sign, you need to show him that you have an interest in the supernatural or the occult.

With that in mind, to entice your Venusian Scorpio crush, you can buy him a novel that features dark stories. What’s more, you can invite him over for a night date and probably watch a horror movie together. He will certainly find the night fascinating as this usually appeals to his hidden fantasies.


Venusian Scorpio guys love mystery. Therefore, a Scorpio male tends to get attracted to mysterious women. He enjoys chasing after a woman who is capable of arousing his curiosity. This does not mean playing games in trying to make him jealous, this is something he does not like.

He needs to feel that indeed, there’s something challenging and mysterious about you that will keep him interested for the long term. Although Scorpio men love digging for information, they still feel enthralled by a woman they know nothing about. Because of their inquisitive nature, they find a mysterious woman a challenge.

Therefore, if you want to keep him interested in you, it is important that you avoid disclosing too much information about yourself. In addition, your dress code should not reveal too much. What I mean is that it is important that you leave something for his imagination…

A Scorpio guy is excited to be in the company of a stunning woman. This does not mean a stunningly beautiful model type. A woman who dresses smartly, and definitely not tartily will draw a Scorpio man to her. He is very much interested in the personality beneath the surface and the challenge of uncovering the mystery within.

Final Thoughts

Scorpio men with this combination of star sign tend to get attracted to women who are passionate, deep, enthralling, unforgettable, mysterious, loyal, and committed, just to mention, a few traits that he is attracted to.

So, if you want to attract a Venusian Scorpio man, it is important that you understand how his Venus Sign that was present at the time of his birth influences his outlook on love and relationships.