How to Seduce a Gemini Man Through Text

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

A man born between the dates of May 21st and June 20th comes under the astrology sign of Gemini which is represented by the image of the twins.

This gives you your first indication of one of his characteristics which is that he was born to be connected to one person.

Learning how to seduce a Gemini man through text is a simple way to sow the seeds of desire in his mind.

The Gemini male is generally regarded as being well-balanced and very adaptable to any situation that he finds himself in.

He believes in honesty which makes him slow to show his feelings until he is sure that his good nature will not be taken advantage of.

I’m sure, you like me are drawn to a Gemini guy because of his charismatic personality and optimistic outlook on life.

In fact, a male with this zodiac sign is one of the most in-demand by women because of their consideration in romantic partnerships.

However, if he is holding back, you need to tread carefully so that he isn’t pressurized.

He is a guy who wants to feel he is in charge of his life, so everything you do needs to look as though it was his decision.

Using text to seduce your Gemini man is a great way of getting him to think about you.

Carefully crafted words in a message can act as attention hooks, which have a powerful subliminal effect on his thought patterns, making you his obsession.

Whether you want to seduce a Gemini man through text to get him to ask you out on a date, or even repair your relationship after a breakup, it has to be done with the right words.

You need to make him fantasize about you so he feels he cannot be away from you.

How To Seduce A Gemini Man Through Text

I’m sure you have had a similar experience that when you are in love with a man you are always thinking about him.

No matter how many other people around you, your brain is always aware of where he is and other women he is talking to. Also, hoping he is thinking about you?

It, therefore, stands to reason that the more you think about him, the more your attention is on him, the more infatuated and in love you become with him.

So, getting your Gemini crush to think about you is the key to making him fall in love with you.

Someone who has studied a man’s thinking patterns and who has had great success in helping women find true love with a Gemini man is relationship expert Amy North.

Amy has developed a system of words that can be sent by text to make a man fantasize over the woman who sent them.

Sending the right words in a text message can cause psychological triggers in a man’s brain to be activated.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to Amy herself in a video as she explains the simple power of messages sent through Text Chemistry. See if this is the key to your happiness.

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How Do I Turn On a Gemini Man Through Text?

You can easily turn on a Gemini man through text by sending carefully chosen words that connect with his subconscious mind.

Men born in the zodiac sign of Gemini are usually very competitive and seem to be hard-wired to try to win at everything they attempt.

Therefore, it is important not to throw yourself at him, because this will only result in a one-night stand.

A Gemini man has an emotional side to him which is depicted by the twin in his character.

He is attracted to situations in which he can use his problem-solving brain.

This is why he is also drawn to women who have an air of intrigue and mystery about them.

Sparking your Gemini guy’s imagination with a little subtle innuendo will make him want him to find out more about you.

Not just everyday surface stuff but the things that are closest to your heart.

If you want to turn on a Gemini man you need to make him use his brain to discover all about you.

A relationship with a Gemini man can be achieved, or you can relight the flames of desire in him after a row or even a breakup.

Provided you use the words that are psychological triggers to his brain and emotions. Find out the exact subliminal messages to send.

The Importance Of Sending The Right Text Messages

Sending the right words in a text act as psychological triggers in his mind, which are referred to as attention hooks.

These are extremely important because they connect directly with his brain and his focus system.

The right message with the correct wording will give a mysterious angle to his thinking.

His senses will automatically be intrigued to want to understand more about the real you.

Making sure you send a message with the right wording will win his heart and avoid losing his attention.

When a Gemini man likes a woman, he pays her endless compliments in a way that satisfies his need to know all he can about her.

If you have had a relationship with a Gemini guy and it seems to be cooling, it is probably because the intrigue has vanished.

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Building Intrigue Into a Text Message

You know when you read an exciting book and the author keeps feeding you tantalizing clues to who the killer might be?

The same with suspense movies, the Hollywood screenwriters use these same psychological triggers to keep your attention.

Using text messages in the right way will make him think about you.

If you have been involved in a breakup it will allow you both the time to think about things rather than a face-to-face encounter.

If you want to get his attention it can be done subtly with the correct words.

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Using the right attention hooks in a text message with the right words will force him to think about you, and to wonder about you.

The proven wording provided by relationship expert Amy North will make him fantasize about you all day.

There are other ways as well to seduce a Gemini man and I have found a YouTube video with tips that I hope may help you.

Texting is the start of drawing him into your world and making him fantasize about you. When you have got him thinking about you the rest is easy.

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Final Thoughts

When seducing your Gemini man through text, you are trying to send him words that will make him imagine you in his mind.

If you send him too many irrelevant texts or ones where it seems you are trying too hard he will probably just switch off.

Remember, Gemini men always want to feel in control so it is vitally important to send messages with the correct wording that relates to their brain patterns and overall thinking.

If you want to know how to do it right listen to a video as Amy North explains her Text Chemistry.

Don’t be surprised if you get inundated with attention from a Gemini man who you have only wished to be in the past.

Or, don’t be shocked if your ex starts calling you ‘To give things another go’.

Feedback from many women who have used the above tips is amazed at how something as simple as Text Chemistry has the power to change a Gemini man’s emotions to one of desire.

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