Mars in Scorpio Man – What He’s Like

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Are you drawn to a mysterious and intense man? If so, you may be interested in getting to know a Mars in Scorpio man. These men are passionate, driven, and highly focused on their goals.

They are willing to put in the hard work needed to get what they want and have an uncanny ability to read people.

Although they may come across as aloof at times, those who take the time to get close to them will discover that Mars in Scorpio men are loyal, devoted partners.

Read on to learn more about what makes this zodiac sign tick!

5 Key Takeaways

1. A Mars in Scorpio man can be intense and passionate, often driven by strong emotions and desires.

2. They can be very possessive and jealous, but also fiercely loyal to those they love.

3. They are often drawn to the darker side of life and may be attracted to taboo subjects or activities.

However, a woman who understands what a Scorpio man must have in a relationship can make him her ideal partner. 

4. Mars in Scorpio men have a great deal of inner strength and determination, which can help them achieve their goals if used properly.

5. These men need to learn how to manage their emotions in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by them, as this could lead to destructive behavior.

These men are passionate lovers who know what they want out of life.

If you think you can handle a Mars in Scorpio man then keep reading to find out more!

When you think about a Scorpio male born with this zodiac star sign combination some of the things that should come to mind include.

Determination, unwavering desire, self-sufficiency, sex, control, honesty, jealousy, and revenge. These are the traits that accompany a Scorpio man with this placement.

In this article, you are going to gain insights into the Scorpio Man and his personality traits. Please keep reading.

The Personality Profile of Mars In Scorpio Man


Mars in Scorpio is a planetary set up at the time of the birth of a person born under the star sign of Scorpio.

Men born under this combination are generally self-assured and assertive.

They believe in themselves and it is their desire that energizes them to select a goal and work towards achieving it.

A man with this Scorpio setup never gives up easily, and once his mind is made up, it will take a lot of persuasion to change it.

He is someone who seems to have incredible levels of energy and unwavering desires.

No matter how long it takes to accomplish a task, he just never gives up.

This is a trait that is deep-rooted in his character and relates to relationships as well as career ambitions.

In other words, this Scorpio guy never associates himself with easy success.

In fact, he is the kind of person who will normally pursue goals that other people find impossible.

If you win the heart of a male born under this zodiac star combination he will want to make sure you are happy in the center of his universe.

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Scorpio males are often spontaneous at the beginning of a journey, but they later become methodical.

They tend to take their time in getting to know a woman before revealing any true feelings.

Getting it wrong really affects him and he will go out of his way to make sure he is not rejected and hurt later on.

Scorpio guys with this combination of star signs are a perfect match for any sports activity or profession that requires endurance and focus.

Once he has analyzed a situation or even a potential relationship and satisfied himself that his goal can be achieved, there will be no stopping him.

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Scorpio man man being kissed by woman while laying on the grass

Scorpio Man In Love

The zodiac constellation of Scorpio man with a Mars placement can give an indication of how he acts when falling in love.

He tends to have a more traditional view of his position within the relationship.

A man sees himself as a protector and a provider to the woman he loves and has a deep-rooted obsession to be seen as a hero figure in her eyes.

I don’t mean a knight in shining armor, galloping on a horse to save his damsel in distress from the wicked baron.

But what he desires most is to be appreciated for all the little things he does for the woman he loves.

There is a subtle technique in creating a balance between telling him to do things and allowing him to do things for you without asking.

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Secretive and Controlling

Scorpio men with the addition of Mars in their natal chart have a great need for privacy, control, self-protection, and even secrecy.

Unfortunately, if these traits are too pronounced then they can often prevent him from expressing himself freely.

He is the kind of man that wants his lover to perceive him as magnetic, powerful, prudent, resilient passionate, and sexy.

All these characteristics come naturally to him but sometimes he can withdraw into his shell if any of these traits are questioned.

He dislikes change and he does not trust easily.

Therefore, he tends not to reveal any important information about himself until he is able to trust the woman he wants, which sometimes gives the impression of acting mysteriously.

In addition, a Scorpio male may sometimes seem to avoid proceeding with something he strongly believes in. This definitely does not mean he has given up on it.

He just fears that he may lose control of someone else, but it may well be for just the short term.

He can have a tendency to try to manipulate situations to his advantage.

Of course, every zodiac sign has its positive and negative qualities.

However, if these negative traits shine through too strongly then it can lead to a breakup.

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Scorpio men are associated with passion, high sex drive, and romantic desire.

Sexually, this zodiac sign is well known for its magnetism and prowess while in between the sheets.

His lovemaking style is not very experimental until he has established the likes and dislikes of his partner.

As the relationship progresses and he is surer of his footing his true desires rise to the surface and can be open to being adventurous and kinky.

Sexually, this Scorpio guy wants to experience every little bit of his woman and wants her to respond in the same way.

Scorpio man wants a woman who is physically endowed. He also tends to feel enthralled by a woman with a shimmer of darkness and sexy eyes.

What’s more, this combination of Scorpio star signs is often very methodical when he wants a woman.

In the bedroom, he wants to try new sexual experiences and he does not mind having sex the entire night.

He will be keen to show how much she means to him by making sure she enjoys the experience and is sexually satisfied.

A woman with a low sex drive may find a Mars in Scorpio man too overwhelming.

However, rather than be put off ask herself if she has ever been with another man born under this star sign.

He could well be the person to show her sexual enlightenment.

If his girlfriend has the same passion, she will certainly enjoy sexual encounters with him.

Loyalty and Commitment

Scorpio males desire loyalty, truth, and honesty. They never compromise. What’s more, he hates mind games.

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He wants a woman to be up-front and honest and not play games in trying to get more affection by trying to make him jealous.

If he suspects that you are playing mind games, he will do everything to find out the truth and then confront you with it.

Once you lose his trust, he will never trust you again.

If a male with this star sign combination believes you’re hiding something from him, he will not stop digging until he unveils what you are hiding.

He will want to find the underlying cause of your behavior or betrayal so that he can retain his power and control.

What’s more, hearing about your betrayal from a third party will not only lose his trust but also his sense of power.

If he finds himself in such a scenario, he will start planning for revenge.

Scorpio men with their placement on Mars do not forgive easily nor retain friendship after being betrayed.

Therefore, when a relationship ends, they rarely look back.

Final Thoughts

From the information above, it is no doubt that Scorpio men with this combination of zodiac star signs are intense and focused.

However, when a Scorpio guy finds his perfect match, he will be an irresistible man for that woman.

If you are dating a boyfriend with Mars in Scorpio, you need to make him feel balanced and safe so that he does not feel the need of having to try to control you.

A sense of security and balance will certainly make him loyal, show his trust and he will commit to you forever.

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