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How To Seduce a Capricorn Man Through Text

woman lying on a bed smiling and reading a text message on her mobile phoneSeducing a Capricorn man may not be as difficult as it first seems. You just need to know a few tips which you can use when texting him.

Sending him carefully crafted messages through text can have a devastating effect on his subconscious mind and make him go crazy for you in no time.

Let me explain a little about a Capricorn man, first.

He is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Saturn. Therefore, he is diligent, rational and completely down to earth. He likes patient, observant women with a strong moral compass.

He is very ambitious and hardworking, and he adores when a woman understands this characteristic in him.

By and large, a Capricorn man is usually misunderstood because of his mature nature. Moreover, a Capricorn is one of the most mature signs of the zodiac.

Some may say that he can be boring and too serious about life, but it all changes when he gets comfortable around someone.

So, how to seduce a man like that through text?

It almost seems impossible, but that’s not true. I am here to tell you about how to succeed in not just getting a Capricorn man’s attention but also how to make him go crazy for you through text messages.

But, before I start, I want to recommend a very helpful product, called Text Chemistry. It’s based on sending messages through text that influence a man’s subconscious mind, which can make him instantly obsess over the woman who sent them.

It’s all about sending the right message with the right words. Its author is Amy North, a well-known relationship expert and her program tells you exactly how to do it.

Now, let us talk about seducing a Capricorn man through text. Here’s what you need to do:

Text messages to seduce a Capricorn man

Don’t be vulgar or dishonest in any way

Earth signs of the zodiac are usually pretty traditional and materialistic, and Capricorn men are sure about what they want. A Capricorn man dislikes superficiality, and shallow women are extremely repulsive to him.

Therefore, don’t try to turn him on by being too suggestive, or being too direct when it comes to sex and anything related to it. A Capricorn man likes it when a woman is decent and has a sense of dignity. He will read any messages that you send him and picture you in his mind.

He prefers elegant women, and being too open and too easy to get is far from that. I don’t say that you should be a prude. Just make sure not to sound cheap.

You need to know that a Capricorn man is rational and that he doesn’t fantasize much. He is practical even when it comes to his hidden desires.

Let him get to know you at his own pace. Then, when you get comfortable in one another’s company, you can be a bit more playful and adventurous. With a Capricorn man, slow and steady wins the race.

By the way, in this youtube video, you can find more useful information on what to do to seduce a Capricorn man.

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Show understanding and support

A Capricorn man will be head over heels for you if he realizes that you will put yourself out to understand his way of looking at the world. I have already mentioned that he is often misunderstood.

Listen to him when he speaks, and try to remember what he is interested in. Talk about things that both of you like, and compliment his accomplishments.

A Capricorn man is straight forward and has a simple outlook on life. He doesn’t care about his appearance that much, so you should aim for complimenting his talents, not his looks.

He will relax as soon as he realizes that he can talk about his interests with you. If you want to know even more about a Capricorn man, you can find it here.

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Smiling woman reading text messageDon’t pressure him

If he hasn’t replied for a long time, don’t get mad, he is probably letting your words sink in.

Never ever confront him about ghosting, because he probably didn’t ghost you anyway. He is just too busy with his work. Don’t forget how hardworking a Capricorn man is.

Also, he likes to set his own pace and he doesn’t like it when someone pressures or hurries him. Do not feel entitled to his time. That can be disrespected, and it’s a big turn-off for a Capricorn man. If you want to know what else can turn a Capricorn man off, then check out this article.

Let him take his time. If you two text each other frequently, he will reply eventually. If he, however, hasn’t replied for quite a long time, you can ask him if everything is okay. It’s okay to show that you are concerned.

If you are not sure when you should text him or what exactly to say, then read Amy North’s Text Chemistry. Women all around the world claim that it has helped them.

Be frank and keep it simple

Don’t make him read between the lines. It’s tedious, tiring and it may make him become uninterested.
Not to mention how much he finds mind games repulsive. Don’t try to manipulate him or to be cunning. That is the exact opposite of what he likes. There is no need for tricks, I assure you.

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Just be true to yourself. Don’t try to be funny and goofy just to entertain him. He is a serious guy, and he likes mature women. You should be light-hearted, though. A man as serious as he sometimes needs someone who is a bit different, so don’t be afraid to be open and positive.


All things considered; all you have to do to seduce a Capricorn man trough text is to get close to him. The more time you invest in your relationship, the closer you will get.

Just don’t try to push it. Remember, sometimes it’s not important how fast you get something. Let him take his time and set the pace. In the meantime, show him your best qualities. He will go crazy about you for sure because generally, he is very picky about women.

Let me just remind you of Amy North’s Text Chemistry. It can certainly help you with seducing a Capricorn guy through text. All in all, be patient, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to text him. With these tricks, I am sure that you will manage to make him go crazy for you.

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