How To Attract a Taurus Man Through Text

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Last Updated on June 17, 2023

Are you looking for a way to make a lasting impression on that special Taurus man in your life?

Do you want him to feel more than just attraction, but also a deep connection with you?

If so, then you’ll be excited to hear that texting can be an effective way of winning his heart!

Here are some tips on how to attract a Taurus man through text and keep him interested in a relationship with you, and only you!

If you’re looking for answers on how to attract a Taurus man through text, it can be a bit of a challenge.

But don’t worry, using the right approach and the right words as explained here, you’ll have him under your spell in no time!

Read on for some top tips on how to captivate a Taurus man through text.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Be Patient: Taurus men are known for being slow to warm up, so don’t expect an immediate response when you text him. 

2. Compliment Him: Taurus men love compliments, so make sure to give him plenty of them when you text him. Focus on his positive qualities and let him know how much you appreciate them.

3. Be Subtle: Don’t come on too strong when texting a Taurus man; instead, take a more subtle approach by dropping hints. This video explains a great way to do it.

4. Show Interest in His Interests: Showing interest in the things that he’s passionate about is a great way to get his attention and make him feel special. 

5. Make Plans: Once you’ve established a connection through text, it’s time to move things forward by making plans to meet up in person or go out on a date together. 

How to Seduce a Taurus Man Through Text

Using text messaging has now become an accepted way to communicate in our modern world.

Almost everyone has a cell phone which makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, however, if misused it can become a nuisance.

Sending text messages that have a meaning and are relevant is always welcomed but sending texts that are needy with no foundation quickly makes the recipient turn off!!

If you have had a breakup with your lover or you want to attract the attention of a handsome hunk, text messaging, done properly, can be a great way of learning how to seduce a Taurus man through text.

Carefully worded texts have the power to be absorbed into a man’s subconscious mind, making him desire the woman who sent them.

Messages that trigger romantic emotions in a man’s brain make it difficult for him to stop thinking about the woman who texted him.

Amy North is a relationship expert who has studied “the text effect” on a Taurus man and produced a program with detailed wording to use in a variety of situations.

If you are meant to be together, he will naturally want to chase you to make you his own.

If you want to create more passion and desire in your relationship.

Or maybe seduce the Taurus man of your dreams, you might find it helpful to listen to this video in which Amy explains her technique of Text Chemistry here.

 I was skeptical when I first heard about Amy’s system but bowled over with feedback from many women who have had great success in creating a lasting relationship with a Taurus man.

Don’t just take my word for it! If you want the love and passion of a Taurus man, you need to get inside his head and sow the seeds of desire.

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 6 Tips To Seduce Taurus Man Through Text

Before we delve into other ways of how to seduce a Taurus man through text, it is important that we first talk about the key issues that will make you successful.

With that in mind, you need to have good knowledge about his likes and dislikes, his personality traits, and generally, what makes him tick.

For instance, Taurus men tend to gravitate towards intelligent, patient, beautiful, and confident women.

Additionally, Taurus men love compliments, and they also prefer to do the chasing rather than be chased. They also have a great sense of humor.

By paying attention to the above ideas when texting a Taurus guy, you can be able to win his attention and keep it.

Let us now go deeper into some fun ways that can help you captivate the bull via text messages.

The following will help you understand more about your crush and also how to text a Taurus man so that he responds to you.

woman lying down trying to seduce a man with her cell phone

Flirt With Him

Have you ever flirted over text with a guy you really had the hots for? Do you believe you can win the Taurean’s attention over a text?

Well, flirting is a perfect way of expressing your interest in the bull, provided you’re not too obvious or crass.

Texting flirting can help you capture his attention and make him think about you the whole day, regardless of what he is doing.

You can stimulate your man’s curiosity by sending him fun, cheeky, and even naughty texts about what you will do to him when you meet him.

Taurus men have a sensually active imagination when it comes to sex. If you can stimulate his mind in this way then he’ll likely be hot for you later when you’re in bed with him.

You can also make the bull want you even more by reminding him about the fun times you’ve had together, particularly moments that will arouse his desire for you.

Compliment Him

Just like women, Taurus men also love receiving compliments.

What’s more, complimenting the bull over text will not only brighten his day but also make him appreciate you.

You may want to compliment your Taurus bull about his physical appearance.

For instance, you can tell him how his sensual lips, thick hair, signature scent, masculine body, and sense of fashion make you go gaga.

Additionally, you can also let your Taurus crush know that you are proud of him for how hard he works.

Acknowledging your bull’s efforts will not only motivate him but also make him feel respected.

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Be Yourself

The greatest way to capture the Taurus man’s attention over text is to be yourself.

The male born under this zodiac sign admires honest women who are not afraid to reveal their true selves.

With that in mind, it is important that you let your Taurus love know who you are from the very beginning.

You can stimulate his interest by telling him about your likes, dislikes, and interests.

Be confident and vocal about what turns you on, as well as your turn-offs.

Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Be you, and make it clear to the bull that you are comfortable in your own skin.

If you put on an act just to impress your Taurus guy over text, you might kill your chances of winning his heart.

Taurus men love engaging in intelligent conversations. He finds an intelligent partner to be very attractive.

With that in mind, you can seduce a Taurus man with words and intellect by asking him questions that will stimulate and open up his mind.

You can ask the bull questions that will allow him to share his wisdom and advice with you.

You can also learn how to flirt with your Taurus man through text by asking him questions that will encourage him to tell you about his interests, dreams, goals, and achievements.

The secret is to flirt with intent by engaging your Taurean crush in worthwhile, deep, honest, and stimulating conversations anytime you write him that text.

To discover the exact phrases that will make your Taurus crush obsess over you and want to develop a deep meaningful relationship, listen to a short video in which Amy explains a technique for capturing his heart by text.

Make Him Laugh

Have you heard the adage, “Laughter is the route to anybody’s heart?” Well, humor is sexy. What’s more, men love women who laugh at their jokes, and the bull is no exception.

That said, if you want to win the bull’s attention over text, responding to his jokes is a great way of making your bond stronger.

Additionally, sending him some funny texts can make your crush like you.

You can crack relevant jokes that revolve around your conversation or try to bring out the humor in a situation that has recently occurred.

Send Him A Photo or Two

If you want your Taurean crush to pursue you, send him a flirty, sexy, yet subtle selfie of yourself.

The best selfie is one that reveals your feminine features considering that Taurus men tend to gravitate toward femininity.

Additionally, you can send him a photo of you doing what you love such as gyming, cooking, or any other hobby that you believe will capture his interest.

The secret is to send him a photo that will make him eager to be with you.

Avoid sending photos that will give the wrong impression! At the start of a relationship, they need to be humorous, and not sexually suggestive.

When you get to know your Taurus hunk more, that is the time to send him more intimate pictures.

Do Not Double Text

Taurus men love doing the chasing.

They do not like to be pushed because they love to take things slowly. What’s more, they like women who are patient just like them.

With that in mind, when you send him a text, it is important that you wait for him to reply before sending him another one.

The worst mistake you can make when flirting with the Taurus guy over text is to make him feel like you are coming on too strong. So, exercise your patience when texting him.

The YouTube video below is a great video from a relationship coach, Amy North.

In the video, she gives you five conversational flirting tips you can use in conversation or in a text message to make a guy much more attracted to you.


Final Thoughts

After reading this article, I hope you will agree with me that learning how to attract a Taurus man through text is easy.

Particularly if you understand his likes, dislikes, personality traits, and the kind of woman that he desires.

When texting your crush, it is important that you exercise patience, and be yourself.

Patience is important because the last thing you want to do is to send him one text after another.

To keep a Taurus man’s interest in you it is critical that you text him with care.

Understand the correct way to make him focus on you, by sending carefully crafted words that will make him desire you. Find out more here.

Additionally, if you want to capture his interest, it is critical that you start complimenting his strengths including his physical appearance.

Do you like the way he smells, his big muscles, or how hardworking he is? If yes, be sure to drop him some genuine compliments.

If he has been sending you funny texts, but you have been ignoring them, it is advisable that you start showing interest in his jokes.

Remember, a Taurus man admires a woman with a sense of humor.

Additionally, if you are yet to send him that sexy selfie, run to your gallery and press the share button.

When all is said and done, stimulating his mind with deep and meaningful conversations will certainly carry the day.

When dating a Taurus man be sure to take things slowly at first. He is a guy who does not like to be rushed or pushed.

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