How To Keep An Aries Man Chasing You

woman smiling as man looks at her from behindDo you have the hots for an Aries man, but he is slow to show his interest or seems to be cooling off you?

Do you fantasy dream of him holding you in his arms having chased you to become his perfect partner?

You, like me, have been smitten by the charms of an Aries man, so you need to act to make sure your crush is not snapped up by another woman.

An Aries guy is recognized as having a fiery personality. He portrays confidence in being a ‘Man’s man’, which can sometimes seem quite aggressive.

However, when a woman takes his interest who knows how to push his ‘emotional buttons,’ he has the characteristics to become the most desirable sign of the zodiac.

A relationship expert who has studied this type of masculine characteristic in an Aries guy is highly regarded dating coach James Bauer. He has discovered why a man acts the way he does and more importantly how a woman can use this knowledge to make him desire her.

James has discovered an underlying need in an Aries man and produced a program which he has titled His Secret Obsession, in which he uncovers a hidden characteristic in an Aries man that is overlooked by most women.

This one yearning desire in a man, when released, will focus his attention completely on the woman who understands it. You can listen to James as he explains his method in a short video here.

Top Ways To Make An Aries Man Chase You

An Aries man has an easy outgoing personality that he lets shine through when he is confident that he knows a person. He is a guy who cherishes the widely held beliefs that a man does the chasing in a relationship.

It is very important that a woman, no matter how much she fancies him, does not come across as too keen or easy.

Generally, an Aries man is initially attracted by looks. Not necessarily the stunningly beautiful model looks, but someone who dresses smartly with well-groomed hair and makeup.

His attention is always aroused by a woman who is confident, diplomatic and charming but also a little vulnerable and mysterious. This will bring out his natural instincts to be the protector.

Once you have caught the attention of an Aries guy you need to step back and play it cool. This is something that takes care as you don’t want to seem standoffish or give the impression you are off-limits.

Throwing the odd glance his way will entice him to try to find out more about you. He needs intrigue to become interested so being a little mysterious will make him chase you.

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Aries man compatibility

man with ring proposing to womanThere is much said about star sign compatibility and this definitely has a bearing with the male Aries sign.

Men born under the sign of the Ram have outgoing personalities and tend to be viewed as the bad boys of the zodiac.

Some female star signs tend to be considered more compatible than others but the key to a relationship with an Aries man is to understand his character.

The Aries man’s reputation is one of being controversial and direct which is partly why he has been tagged with the bad boy label. But hey! This image is usually very attractive with many ladies so make sure you keep his attention is also something that needs focus.

To make sure you know how to get a complete commitment from your Aries man, listen to expert James Bauer as he explains His Secret Obsession here.

Falling in love signs of an Aries man

It is generally accepted that it is quite normal for an Aries man to be flirtatious. If he has designs on you he will go out of his way not to embarrass you by making eyes at other women. He is not the type to try to make you jealous so if he likes you he will be trying to win you.

If your Aries man is into you he will go out of his way to show it. It is important to him that the world views him as a man and he will go the distance in protecting you from any danger.

He will always offer to see you to your car or walk you home for instance. This characteristic also brings out the gentleman in him, by opening doors or shielding you from the rain.

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When an Aries man is falling in love with you he will want you to know it but strangely will hold back in saying it. This is nothing to worry about as this is just part of him accepting his new positioning and developing into a couple.

When an Aries man is fully committed he will treat you like a princess and prove to be a loyal and considerate partner.

Below is a Youtube video that will give you some extra pointers on how an Aries man reacts in a relationship. The main thing is to keep an open mind and pick up on the telltale signs he is showing you so that you can gauge his interest.

Getting an Aries man to commit

An Aries man usually has a very strong character and will be drawn to a woman who is independent and confident. In the initial stages of a relationship, he will want to appear like a knight in shining armor protecting his damsel in distress.

However, as the relationship progresses he will want to see that you are capable of being independent.

Because of an Aries man’s fiery nature, he will need a partner who is capable of balancing the emotions if they get out of hand.

A woman will need to be able to slow things down so that when her mate calms down she will be able to logically discuss any problem with him. An Aries man will not be dictated to so it is important that a woman does not try to force his commitment.

The Aries guy is usually full of life and is attracted to women who can keep him on his toes with humorous banter. This is the type of thing that builds long-term respect and makes a relationship last the distance.

An Aries man loves a sassy woman who is prepared to stand her ground and fight her corner without malice. He will appreciate someone who can see the funny side of life.

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Final thoughts

An Aries man has a strong character that is attractive to many female star signs of the zodiac. But only the woman who truly understands his complex hidden characteristics is in with a chance of getting an Aries man to commit to her.

To capture the heart of an Aries man and make him want to keep chasing you listen to a short video by James Bauer titled His Secret Obsession.

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